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  1. Hello, After installing Hamachi VPN software on my Retrospect server, it cannot connect with any of the clients. I think that new network connection installed by Hamachi is causing a conflict, but how do I resolve that? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem with a backup set that I'm trying to restore files from. Somehow, I must have accidentally added a full backup into the schedule, and attempted to reclaim the tape space by erasing the tape. Now, the backup set says "tape erased" when I get through the restore, so I don't get all my files. "No problem" I thought, I'll just recreate the backup set from tape." So I did, and still get the same error. How can I recover from this? Thanks for your help! Dan
  3. That's a good idea, but isn't really how Retrospect is supposed to work - is it?
  4. Hello, I made a script where I add each client individually to the script. Some clients have external USB or External SATA drives, which I unhighlight in the client section as I don't want those backed up ever. Retrospect still backs them up. I am using 6.5 Multi-Server (6.5.336). What must I do to not back these huge external drives? Thanks, Dan
  5. BTW, deleting history and logs did wonders for my config65.dat file size - down to 868KB. Thank you!!
  6. OK that did it - thanks for the suggestion. I'll try removing the history and logs sections to make the file a little smaller, as was mentioned in the other thread from yesterday & post how well that works too. BTW, I found that a more up-to-date config65.dat is located in c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\Retrospect, thougth I don't know why that happened. Thanks - that's much better now! Dan
  7. Hello, For the last week, it looks like Retrospect has been forgetting its settings every time I close and reopen it, causing me to readd clients and reset my script. I looked at C:\Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect\config65.dat, and it's at 158MB large and updated as of last week. I don't know what I could have done to make it behave like this. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dan
  8. Perfect - thank you! That works great! Not exactly an obvious technique though - perhaps a UI recommendation for your programmers?
  9. Hi, I've got a significant problem with my tapesets here - it appears that after I loaded in an old tapeset into my Exabyte 1x10 Autoloader drive (for a restore), I loaded my current tapeset in, and when I tell Retrospect to scan the library media, it cycles through the tape slots and won't load in a tape to scan. I checked the message board & saw that if I move the files \Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect\config65.dat and config65.bak to a different/safe locale, I can run Retrospect, reenter the license key, and run a scan to observe that now the tapeset gets loaded. But where do I go from here? This does me no good if I need to redo my client settings and scripts from scratch now. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dan Gapinski
  10. I am not sure what you mean by this statement: "Have you tried using ASPI instead of NT passthrough or vice versa?" - I don't understand the context you are using these terms with. I have been trying to make drivers for the different media types (DVD+R, and DVD+RW). I haven't used different brands yet.
  11. I should also add that when I do try to make my own driver, the drive pops out the disc about 20 times or more if I keep going with it, asking me to put in a blank CDRW disc or a different disc if I want to use that. Hope that helps & thanks again, Dan
  12. Hello, I read the documentation about making your own CD/DVD driver in Retrospect 6.5 (very cool), but I cannot get the drive to run. I thought that perhaps I should try removing the current driver, and then trying to have Retrospect make a new one, but noy joy there. I still get error 100 "device rejected commands" when backups run. Are there any other drivers that need loading in Windows? I upgraded the firmware when I got the drive and did not install any other software. Any suggestions? Thanks a ton, Dan
  13. ashembers

    509 error on all Red Hat 9 clients

    I see what the problem was. I have been using the 6.5.105 client. I upgraded to 6.5.108 and upgraded the Retrospect server to the latest download as well. It seems to work fine now - they must have fixed it. Thanks for your help everybody! Dan
  14. ashembers

    509 error on all Red Hat 9 clients

    I could really use a pointer here. What might you try in order to get this working? Are there any known conflicts, problems with the current kernel? Please do not let the answer end with "unsupported". Help me think this through. Dan
  15. ashembers

    509 error on all Red Hat 9 clients

    So are you saying, the RPM install doesn't support RedHat 9 or compiling from source won't either? Have you tried anything with 9? It has been out for 6 months now. Thanks, Ash