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  1. Thank you both! Both suggestions worked. I have now created several Custom Selectors and added them to my scripts. Scott K.
  2. Hello, I created a script with the following selectors: Include Files Matching: Selector: "All Files Except Cache Files" But Always Exclude Files Matching: Enclosing Folder, Name Does Contain, Office 2004 Identities When the script runs, it backs up all the cache files and the folder Office 2004 Identities with all it's contents... Anyone have any ideas on this one?? Retrospect 6.1.126 on a Mac Pro 10.4.8 Backing up my local boot drive to an External AIT2 Turbo. Thanks, Scott K.
  3. Hello all, Hope some of you may have some info on this strange issue... I have a simple Normal Backup Script on an older 10.3.4 OS X Server, running 6.0.193 of Retro. AIT2 ATAPI drive internal on a MDD G4. I have a schedule to prevent the script from running from 8AM till 10PM. When the script does it's scheduled stop at 8AM, the tape is ejected every time! I have other servers on other sites performing similar backups without this issue. Thank you in advance for all your assistance on this. Scott K.
  4. Already did the uninstall, re-install... No go. Still will not send Emails, even though all the settings are correct. I can send & receive Emails, no problem with an Email client from this system. Very weird issue! Thanks, Scott K.
  5. Does anyone use this Email Notification feature??
  6. Hello, I have Retrospect 6.5 Server on a Windows SBS system. I am no longer receiving Email Notification. Was working, suddenly stopped. Has anyone else seen this, or have a solution? Thank you, Scott K.
  7. CallMeDave, thanks for all your input on this issue. I do appreciate it. I did indeed run that last test. As a matter of fact I have done that test since I began using every Retrospect version in OS X. If I completely stop using Retrospect, my systems can stay booted for months without any slowdowns. Bring Retrospect in, with retrorun running, and it slows down after on evening. Run Retrospect without retorun: no slow downs for over one week of nightly script runs, so far. Retrorun IS causing something to slow down my G4 & G5 systems. And, killing it after a script run does not fix it. I think it is a combination of retrorun, Retrospect and other applications or processes that are open on my systems. Also, many others have reported these issues on MacFixIt.com and other forums. EMC/Dantz needs to get to the bottom of this. Retrorun should be able to be run without affecting the performance of the OS. Thanks, Scott K.
  8. In addition what I and many of my clients I service would like to see is a fix to the slowdown of there systems from retrorun in an Enabled "automatically launch Retrospect" scenario. This has been an ongoing issue since OS 9 versions of Retrospect. Leaving Retrospect launced all the time is not a great option. Thanks, Scott K.
  9. No. The speed hit occurs just after the script finishes, and Retrospect quits. Once it is quit, the slowdown begins. If I Kill retrorun, it is still slow. Only a reboot, will bring the system back to full speed. If, however, I disable "automatically launch Retrospect", quit Retrospect, launch it again. Then kill the retrorun, and leave Retrospect launched, it will NOT slow down. I don't understand, why retrorun needs to launch it one disables "automatically launch Retrospect". Is there something else retrorun does? Because I Kill it, and Retrospect runs fine for days. Also, as I noted before, retrorun does get killed upon quitting Retrospect with "automatically launch Retrospect" disabled. My bad on that one. Sorry for any confusion. Thanks, Scott.
  10. CallMeDave, Thank you for the reply... Just to let you know, retrorun is NOT Killed when Retrospect quits, when "automatically launch Retrospect" is disabled. It stays alive. Which is odd, I think. Also, I did just run the following test, as you wanted: - Configure Retrospect for auto-launch; run once and quit. - Confirm that retrorun is alive, and Retrospect is not running. - Test for speed. - If speed is slow, kill retrorun. - Test for speed again. Answer: speed never got slow. It slows only when Retrospect actually runs a script sequence with retrorun running. If I launch Retrospect, leave it open, Kill retrorun, and let the script run, all is fine. NO slowdown. I have been doing this for several days now. No slowdowns at all. So, it seems it is retrorun causing this slowdown issue, only if Retrospect runs thru a script sequence. Thanks, Scott K.
  11. Folks, this issue is NOT fixed with 10.4.3... While it IS much better, it is not entirely gone. If I remove retrorun from startupitems, and disable "automatically launch Retrospect" from Special->Preferences->Notification, I see absolutely NO slowdowns. I can reliably reproduce this issue. If I run MPEG Streamclip, and batch transcode a bunch of movies, I can transcode at 2:1 speed all day long. Right after Retrospect runs, it slows to 1:1 or slower. If I don't run Retrospect at all for several days, MPEG Streamclip never slows down. If I disable "automatically launch Retrospect", launch Retrospect and leave it launched, and kill the retrorun, MPEG Streamclip never slows down either. I ran retrospect for several days like this, with no slow downs. I leave retrospect launched all the time, and go to Terminal and kill the retrorun PID. For some dumb reason, even with "automatically launch Retrospect" disabled, Retrospect still kicks ON the retrorun. So, confirmed, it IS retrorun causing this. system config: G4 MDD 1.25DP, 2.5GB RAM, External AIT2 FW drive, Retrospect 6.1.126 Thanks, Scott K.
  12. I am doing a test tonight without retrorun active. I will start script manually. Will post results. Thanks, Scott K.
  13. Yes, after quitting Retrospect, the system is dog slow. Beachballs galore in every application. If i stop using Retrospect completely for several days, there is no problem. No slow system. Also, I tried in Safe Boot mode, no change, still slow. Also, I swapped out tape drive twice, no change, still slow. Also, I tried backing up to a hard drive. No change, still slow. Have not tried 10.4.3 yet. Will do that today, and let you know... Thanks, Scott K.
  14. If i run Retrospect, the computer is slow after running, yes. Seems like a memory leak... first system: G4 DP 1.25GHz, 2.5GB RAM second system: G5 DP 2.0, 3GB RAM Both 10.4.2, Retro 6.1.126 No Norton at all on either system. Have not tried alternate destination for backup. I suppose I could. You have a hunch that it is related to the tape drive??