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    Retrospect 7.5 Released

    Quote: Hi I don't have a number for you but this may help: In 6.5 and 7.0, Retrospect has to open every single file on disk to collect security information to build the snapshot. This happens regardless of if you are doing a full or incremental backup. Retrospect 7.5 only needs to open new and changed files when creating the snapshot. Obviously that will drop the snapshot creation time dramatically. I've talked to people who went from 9 hours to 3. Your mileage may vary but it will be _much_ faster. FWIW Matching is much faster too. Thanks Nate As a preliminary followup, we've seen our nightly backup times go from 8-9 hours to 3-4 hours under Retrospect 7.5. 1.3 million files, of which 550,000 are in a single source volume. So far so good!
  2. zeplar

    Retrospect 7.5 Released

    Any general percentages available on the "Greatly improved performance when backing up Windows file servers"? Speeding up the snapshot creation speed would be the biggest factor in our decision to upgrade, since we're currently at 9.5 hours nightly for all of the snapshots under 6.5.
  3. We just received several internal Dell PowerVault 110T SDLT 320 with our servers. Ours were recognized by Windows and Retrospect as standard Quantum SDLT 320 drives. After installing the recently released firmware and driver, the drive now appears in the Device Manager as a Dell PowerVault, but the Windows driver provider is still Quantum Corp, and the properties still lists Quantum as the manufacturer. Although we haven't done extensive testing with it yet, we haven't encountered any problems using Retrospect 6.0 (clean install, no driver update). Still, according to AmyJ's reply to me on March 23, the drive is not officially supported. So if you too have a rebranded Quantum, I'd guess that it may work with Retrospect 5.6 or later.
  4. Actually, when I do a search for Dell, the only SuperDLT drive listed is the 132T tape library. The 110T DLT4000 and 110T DLT7000 are also listed, but no mention of the rest of the 110T product line. Dell's INFOBrief does not list Retrospect, but points to a compatibility list that would seem to imply it is supported.
  5. Hi, I was not able to find this specific model in the compatibility list. According to Dell, we're getting a Dell PowerVault 110T SDLT 160/320GB, part # SDL2NI [340-8293]. Because it is not listed, will Retrospect 6 refuse to work with it? Or will I be able to somehow force Retrospect to use it, knowing that it is not officially supported? Thanks!