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  1. No. I was able to prevent it by preventing the external drive that it was backing up to from sleeping. I'll have to stop doing that to see if any release since then has made a difference.
  2. The last full backup for a particular Mac with version 14.x took around 18 hours to complete. The current full backup of the same Mac with maybe 5% more data has taken nearly 25 hours and it's only 1/3 of the way done! WTH? RetrospectEngine is being quite a pig, using 1.66G of RAM. Anybody else seeing 15 being severely slower than 14.x?
  3. It was the media request timeout pref. My guess is that it was always on (not sure when or how it got turned on) and set to 20 minutes, but it never worked before 15, so it wasn't causing a problem. All the email prefs are on and working, except it did not send a waiting for media email. I've been in contact with tech support and have reported that problem.
  4. No, it doesn't have to be erased. Like I said, the previous version properly prompted the user via email when it was to start a new media set. The user would then come to Retrospect, select the current task in the Activities pane, and click the Choose Media (I believe it's called) button down in the Summary pane. Now with 15 it seems like Retrospect is trying to do that on its own, but failing.
  5. I always have the latest version, so the last version was whatever came before 15.0.0. And I was wrong about using file media sets. I'd used them for so many years that I forgot that disk media sets are now the way to go, and that's what I've been using since, I dunno, whenever they appeared and replaced files. After Retrospect tried to backup again, I noticed that there was a new media set "Tube [010]" for this backup in the Media Sets, but it had an empty circle instead of the normal green checkmarked icon, and there was no trace of it on the disk. It's like Retrospect tried to create the set, but failed to add a member to it or even create any part of the file/folder structure.
  6. Every 2 months, my backups switch to a new backup set as part of the schedule. I use file backup sets. Since "upgrading" to 15.0.0, the wait for media step now times out and fails instead of letting the user choose a new backup set when they get around to it. That's really lame. Also, look how long it took to find the files; over 5.5 hours. It never took that long before. + Normal backup using Tube Script at 2018/05/06, 20:00:00 (Activity Thread 1) 2018/05/06 20:00:02: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set Tube [009]... 2018/05/06 20:00:00: Use new Backup Set: Replaced with Tube [010] - 2018/05/06 20:00:00: Copying TubeDrive 2018/05/07 03:35:07: Found: 3436579 files, 770796 folders, 759 GB 2018/05/07 03:35:21: Finished matching 2018/05/07 03:41:23: Copying: 3280991 files (694.9 GB) and 10324 hard links Media request for "1-Tube [010]" timed out after waiting . [*] ArcDisk::arcExportSessionFile: unexpected value of ArcCatalog::m_lastvol 0; can not write session file 2018/05/07 04:01:30: Execution incomplete Remaining: 3,280,991 files, 694.9 GB Completed: 0 files, 0 B Performance: 0 MB/minute Duration: 08:01:29 (08:01:15 idle/loading/preparing) Here's the previous full new-media backup from the previous version of Retrospect: + Normal backup using Tube Script at 2018/03/04, 22:00:01 2018/03/04 22:00:01: Finished scanning backup set data files To Backup Set Tube [008]... 2018/03/04 22:00:01: Use new Backup Set: Replaced with Tube [009] - 2018/03/04 22:00:01: Copying TubeDrive 2018/03/05 00:38:24: Found: 3383778 files, 750859 folders, 733.6 GB 2018/03/05 00:38:37: Finished matching Only just over 2.5 hours. With version 15, a 2nd backup started at 23:00, but it only lasted a few minutes, so that wasn't what caused 15 to be more than twice as slow.
  7. I just contacted support. BTW, isn't this forum supposed to notify me via email of replies? I've received none. If not, that's very annoying and unlike most forums. I see a Notify switch below this edit box that is off. I'll turn it on, but that should be the default behavior!
  8. Since "upgrading" to 15, I get error -1011 often, and the entire backup fails. If I then run the same backup manually the next morning, it works. Bug? (Obviously, since earlier versions never did this.)
  9. Mac Thunderbolt port Firewire 800 adapter hard drive. No hubs, just 3 FireWire 800 drives connected in series to the adapter. No on other cables. They've been working fine for years. Only in the past few months has this problem started. Some problem with permissions or something.
  10. Hmm. A restart fixed it. Now another external has the same problem. This must be the same problem that periodically caused Retrospect to fail because it couldn't write to the File media sets on that drive, and only a reboot would fix that.
  11. At the suggestion of Retrospect support, I'm switching from the very buggy File media sets to Disk media sets. So I tried to create my first one. I want it to be in the same folder where I've always kept my backups, on an external 4TB drive. I can create the media set, but then it wants me to choose a location for adding a new member to the set. I choose the Backups folder on the external drive. It says "Path not found or access denied". What's up with that?
  12. My previous report was on the "Retrospect bug reports" board. Are you saying that one is only looked at by users and Retrospect CS doesn't look at it to help better their own products? At every place I've been a developer, some portion of the staff followed and interacted with public forums, from CS all the way up to engineers and management. I was assuming the makers of Retrospect were wise enough to do that as well.
  13. Just adding a comment so I can follow this topic, because the Follow This Topic button isn't working (OS X 10.10 in Safari).
  14. Retrospect 11.5.3 keeps failing to run scheduled scripts. It'll run for a few days, then just fails without warning. Of course, I don't notice the lack of emails for a few days. This is very bad. I thought I asked for help about this before but got nothing. Tonight I launched Retrospect to check on something and noticed that nothing was running. It then started running today's scheduled scripts, except they never got around to actually doing anything - just sat there saying "Preparing to execute" for half an hour, which is much longer than they normally do that step. So I stopped them, but they never stopped either. Not even logging out and back in would fix that. I had to reboot, and even then I had to force it to shut down because something (and I'd bet ten bucks that something was Retrospect) was preventing it from shutting down. Fix this crap.
  15. sjmills

    See files in backup

    On Mac, I found it in the Past Backups area, where each backup has a Browse button on the right. Clicking it reveals a modal sheet that says it may take several minutes, yet it sat there for over an hour on a backup that claimed to only have 347 files in it. This area doesn't show all backups, only (from what I can tell) the most recent for each backup set, and only those that aren't currently busy. Retrospect continues to confuse.