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  1. I backed some files up to CD via retrospect express. Now I need to pull a few off. I've done this sort of thing before but with DAT tapes. I find the files I want to retrieve and hit "Retrieve". It asks "are you sure" I say yes then it says no disc is inserted. So then I search the software to try and find which disc I need to insert (there are about six in this case) and NOWHERE does it say which disc I need to insert, just the name of the backup. So I go ahead an insert the first CD of the bunch. It spins for a second and shoots back out. I'm guessing it's because the CD is in Retrospect format. Anyway, I keep trying to retrieve, but it wont work. It says see "help under the window menu" so I do and get a resulting message "Help is not available". I really need to get files from my backup. I've checked my extensions and all the retrospect ones are there. How do I get the files?