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  1. ... which I have no idea how to disable this feature for a specific drive. Nor can I figure out how to designate one of these drives "removable". The system seems to want to recognize them as fixed, and that's that.
  2. DrStern

    Disaster Recovery Test?

    ... for your response. Just so you know, in the situation I was just describing, I made the Emergency disk after the recycle backup had executed, and it was based on that back-up. When I ran the recovery disk, it defaulted to the correct backup set, but then asked for files from the set that existed before the recycle. You have described how I expected the software to act. Here (above) is how it did act. So, we've neither answered the question of "why" (the problem) nor the question of "how" (for testing) so far. Thanks again.
  3. Is ther a way to test the disaster recovery process, to be sure all needed backup files are present in the backup set? Last time we had a recycle backup, and I re-did the Disaster Recovery Disk, I wound up needing it. When I ran it, I was stunned when it asked for older backup files than existed on the recycle set. Anyone have any idea what that was all about? Fortunately, I had made a copy of the old backup before the recycle ran, to protect against just such a situation, but I don't want to have to continue to do that. We don't have infinite space here... Any help / suggestions appreciated.
  4. I will study and attempt to implement the problem. However, I am not running Exchange 5.5, I am running Exchange 2000.
  5. ... I have written to support about this problem a couple of times, but have not yet received a response, so I figured I would post it here, and see if anyone else has any ideas... This problem has persisted, even after applying the new update to the 6.5 version. When I attempt to apply a license to my Exchange server, I get the following error message: "Retrospect has encountered a Serious Error: Assertion Failure at 'elem.cpp-855'" "A log of this error has been written to the file 'assert_log.utx'" (obtainable at http://www.copi.com/.dantz/assert_log.utx) "Please tell Dantz about this problem." The above is a direct quote. My instructions to contact you got more explicit in the attached utx file. Now some background: I just upgraded from Retrospect 6.0 to 6.5, due to the "blue screen of death" error from open file backup issues. Under both installations, my components have included: Retrospect Multiserver Disaster Recovery Open File Backup Exchange Agent The software is running on a workstation running Win2kPro/SP3. I am running MS Exchange 2000 - I thought I was running SP3, but apparently I was not (I definitely am running MSXS-SP3 now -- more on that later.) Exchange is running on a Win2k Server box, running SP3. There is an oddity about my Network and workstation logins, due to some inherited IDs and a desire to maintain my desktop. I log into my workstation LOCALLY using the same user name that I use on the network as a super-administrator. I have never had any problems from this really, but thought I should mention it. Immediately after installing/upgrading the Retrospect program from 6.0 to 6.5, I entered the software, and set it up to run using my network/all-everything administrator & backup-operator account when it runs. Then I upgraded all of the client installations, including that on the Exchange Server. Then I attempted to license the Exchange Server, and got the error paragraph quoted in the opening of this post. (Bear with me here - I think I know what you are going to say next, and I have addressed it. Sorry to be re-emptive, but I have had esperiences before with tech support folks offering quick pre-fabricated solutions that I have already tried and told them about, and then they've disappeared. Of course, that has never happened with Dantz.) If you were thinking I should go back and follow the instructions word-for-word in building a user account for Exchange Agent, well, that's what I did next. Everything from setting the user account up on the Exchange Server/Domain Controller, to making sure it was a member of each and every group mentioned, to setting up its mailbox, to priming that mailbox with a message - I did it. Then I set up Retrospect to run using this new user account. and re-started. Then I attempted to license the Exchange Server again - and got the same result. (I figured I would, since the user account I had it using before had all of the necessary components and then some for backing up the network and Exchange.) Then I tried all sorts of permutations of the above - I changed login accounts from a local to network (domain administrator) account for logging in as a user. I added a few more high-powered admin memberships to the designated Retrospect account. I re-booted. .. ... and I always got the same result. Most of the times, I elected to have the file sent to Dantz. And so now I am here. Please help.
  6. Thanks for the response. I have already tried this, several times, in several different orders. Every time I try to shut down the drive this way, I get a message that the device cannot be stopped right now, and that I should try again later. This happens, no matter if I have selected the drive itself, or some subcomponent. There are no other applications that access this drive. Isn't that strange? As far as the security issues, I am it, as far as IT. I have no secretary - and no employees who are knowledgable enough or curious enough to get into the system on that level, so I don't really care too much. My main reason for wanting to be able to take the disk off-site is to protect against fire or physical theft.
  7. .... whenever you establish contact with a customer, where any specific problems regarding that communique cannot be addressed through the forums, offer an easy-to-find (and clearly identified) response pathway. I tried responding to the message in question directly at first, but when no response was forthcoming after several hours, I was convinced that it would not go anywhere. The message itself had a phone number, but no other way of contacting Dantz, except the base url of this website. I also tried responding through private channels to those who had contacted me through those same private channels, but found those channels blocked. Of course, I understood that you would not want specific license codes announced on a public forum, which is why I didn't list any. All I listed was a file name (and I deliberately omitted the path to getting that file. The bottom line is that I would have preferred to go another Internet route, but there was none that I could identify with any reasonable effort. When Dantz is good enough to contact a customer through private channels, it is this customer's opinion and personal experience that offering a return pathway that functions is sometimes beneficial, and is something Dantz may want to consider in the future. Thank you again.
  8. I have Retrospect Multi-Server 6.0, with Open File Backup, Exchange Agent, and Disaster Recovery. I've already described the problem I had when I entered my serial number for Disaster Recovery, and the upgrade system told me that serial number did not go with any software feature at Dantz. (But I reiterate here, just in case anyone wants to take a stab at it. However, that is not the main thrust of this message.) In any event, I did receive an upgrade to version 6.5 - a file which I assume contains all of the components I was already licensed for, now in version 6.5. However, there are a few issues with my upgrade message that have me confused. In my message from Dantz Order fulfillment, there is a table with all four components listed in column one, and new serial numbers for each listed in column two. Column 3 provides a path for obtaining the upgrade file that corresponds with each feature, and this is where it gets weird. - First of all, the only row with any entry in column three at all is the first one, which is for the main Retrospect Program. Does this mean that all of my component upgrades are contained within the Main program upgrade file? - Secondly, this main program upgrade file is referenced in column one as being "ESD Retrospect Multi Server UPG WIN 6.0" and it has a name "retrospect_60.exe ". My understanding is that this is supposed to be version 6.5. None of the other column one listings use "6.0" in their descriptions - they all list "6.5". Naming convention to the contrary, is that understanding correct? - My third point is really a rehash of my first one, and that is, even though I have item descriptions and serial numbers in each of the other rows, there is no column three file URL to go with them, nor are there any directions for obtaining those components. So other than obtaining the file listed in row one, column 3, there are no other files I need to obtain for a full upgrade of my system, as listed at the top of this message? - There is one other point that may not be important, but as long as I am here, I wanted to repeat it from an earlier message, and that is, I went to the upgrade purchase page, and entered all of my serial numbers for each component. Each of them took, EXCEPT the DISASTER RECOVERY MODULE. When I entered that serial number, the upgrade system told me it was not a valid serial number. However, I triple-checked against my records and against the listing from inside Retrospect, and the serial number I entered was indeed accurate. Does this portend problems for my upgrade? Thank you for your help. Hopefully, by getting all the issues out there at once, I won't have to keep pestering people.
  9. I bought a system in good faith 2 months ago, expecting it to work, and it does not. Rather than ask for a refund, I wait for the promised solution, which is then offered up for $439? Also, I purchased the open file backup a couple of weeks after I bought the main program, so does that leave me out in the cold? Hopefully, someone at Dantz will come to their senses. Thank you. (Incidentally, when I put my serial number for the disaster recovery module, I got an error message that it was not legit. I double-checked, and it is.)
  10. I purchased my backup software (spending a fair sum in te process) two months ago, and it has never worked as advertised, so I signed up for this list that promised a solution. Now the solution is an upgrade, for which I am supposed to pay another $439? This can't be right. Am I missing something?
  11. Would it be possible to post a link to this sign-up? I've had problems with Open-File backup from the get-go, and I think I signed up for it. However, I have yet to get any announcements. Either nothing has happened, or something happened to my sign-up. (Maybe my MailWasher thinks its spam?)
  12. DrStern

    Open File Backup - Retrospect 6.0 Single Server

    I just now checked the affected machine (a domain controller/echange server on a small and simple 4-server network - a quick glance and it appears every drive on the machine is affected.). I noticed the service "Retrospect Helper" was not turned on, even though its startup was "automatic". Then I noticed that the "helper" was set to use the "System" account. I changed the retrospect "Helper" Service settings to use my "Super Administrator" account name (basically the account I use when administering anything on the network, which has rights to everything.) I don't know if that will make a difference. Do you? Is this error also a known bug in the program affecting some machines for unknown reasons, despite its error code difference? I noticed the error code itself is not listed in Retrospect's help file.
  13. ... I wish I had time to heed them. Since network management is only a minor sideline for my business, I just have to make do. Right now, I'm using Exchange agent, along with Retrospect/open file, and Disaster Recovery. My network is very small, and if I had to rebuild it, that would not be a terrible loss. So if I ever need these backups, and they don't work, I do have another plan that will at least retain my critical messages and contacts list (what's left of it after the catastrophic loss I suffered about 6 months ago.) I've started making copies of all the critical messages and contacts into a separate box on my local machine, through Outlook (local). If I have to rebuild, I can copy these items back into the new machine's server. It's rough, but at least I can rest knowing I won't lose the most critical items. Such an approach wouldn't work for anyone who is a serious Exchange user, but we're pretty casual with it here. (Thank goodness.)
  14. All I can say is be careful. I had a miserable failure using MS backup with exchange that led me to purchase Retrospect in the first place. I could not re-create the Exchange database on a re-built machine to save my life. If you have never tried to restore an Exchange system this way, I would recommend that you do so on an extra (non-production) machine, just do test your methods under non-critical circumstances. If it works for you, great. If not, you may want to reconsider.
  15. I have a relatively small network (4 servers and 6 workstations being backed up, 3 thin clients being ignored.) I have been trying to keep things simple by scheduling a single backup set for the entire network. I have Exchange Agent installed on the server/Retrospect client that runs Exchange Server. I have Open File Backup installed and operational for my backup operation. I understand that for restoration purposes, Exchange agent is the way to go for Exchange Server files. However, the question is will the use of Open File Backup cause any problems? If this is a problem, then I need to divide my network's backup operations into multiple sets, and my scheduling, tracking, and backing up the backup all get more complicated. If it is just a matter of using the files produced by Exchange Agent to put the final touch on an Exchange Server restoration, then I have no problem. Does anyone know for sure which it is? From the tone of the documentation I can't tell for sure.