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  1. Any more news about this? I was very disappointed not to see the DVR-105 in the latest driver update for Macs. Is there some sort of technical problem that is delaying the release of a driver? I don't know what percentage of Macs ship with SuperDrives, but it's kind of annoying that Retrospect doesn't support the "stock" Apple DVD-R hardware. David
  2. Hmm. I posted this once before, but it appears to be gone now. It looks like this board had problems earlier today, so maybe it got lost in a server restore. Anyway, I'm using: 1GHz 17" iMac A new model Superdrive : A Pioneer DVR-105 OS X 10.2 Retrospect Express 5.0.238 Driver Update 3.4 It appears that the new Superdrive is not supported: I cannot find it on the hardware list and I cannot get Retrospect to recognize it even though it shows up in visible devices. Is this correct or am I misconfiguring something? If it is just too "new" a drive I'm hoping that someone @ Dantz has an expected driver release date dince this is "stock" Apple hardware. Has anyone else gotten this drive working? Workarounds anyone? David