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  1. thank you. I was able to trace the problem to a previous installation of Norton Internet Security 2008.
  2. I am attempting to trace the source of a connectivity issue on my computer. Although my web browser is functional programs with update functions cannot reach respective software servers. I would like to know the ports / protocols used by Retrospect, to help me narrow in on the problem.
  3. I run as the 'specified user' but it is the administrator account for the server. Attached is the screen print for activity monitor.
  4. jhal

    Can't launch Retrospect

    Hi, this is same issue I have with disk to disk on sbs 2003. Are there any services I could stop to reset the program (would be less inconvenient than restarting server). Thanks.
  5. I also have problem with activity monitor. On a media unavailable (per email notification), the activity monitor screen is corrupted (no text on dialogue box) Is there a way to upload a pdf of the screen to this forum? sbs 2003, disk to disk install.
  6. jhal

    Is this a valid backup to a slave drive?

    This is a user forum and not tech support so you may have to wait up till a week. Did you have compression enabled? Could explain difference. Seems reasonable.
  7. Thanks for the offer Nate, however I should be ok. I have kept a close watch on the dual layer writers supported by Dantz, and I am a reseller so I keep my eyes open. By the way, keep up the good work!
  8. Nate, I want to purchase a new dvd drive, dl, that is driver supported by Dantz. One of the main problems I have is that by the time a driver is produced (for say a sony dvd) they are already out of season and off the shelf. I have tried to out guess the "new" drives that may be supported by Dantz, and have twice selected a models which were skipped over by Dantz. Is there a contact in tech support that could advise me whether there are any dl drives (currently available for sale) for which Dantz is underway or committed to producing a driver for in the future? (I really prefer not to have to custom configure). Glenn.
  9. I second GoAWest, as the functional impact of 'look ahead' is to provide a warning on quitting retrospect. This warning will examine the currently available media and determine if media is missing for scripts for to be run in the 'look ahead' time period - 4/12/etc. hours. It then simply provides a message saying everything is probably ok or you are missing a specific backup destination. Anyway, this has no impact if you follow the methodology laid out by GoAWest. The advice in message 47987 is a good work around as is Nate's advice in 43664 if you cannot get the kinks and conflicts worked out with retro launcher.
  10. Nate is a whiz, but I think he slightly misread your situation. You have gone from me to xp home, and you are saying xp home cannot read the files stored by retro 6, presumably formatted on 'fat32' disk. I would have thought that you could read the files since XP should read both fat/ntfs. It may simply be a matter of rebuilding the catalog by choosing TOOLS/REPAIR CATALOG/RECREATE FROM FILE BACKUP SET. However I am unsure if this is the problem. Perhaps Nate can take another look at this?
  11. jhal

    Can Retrospect Restore Partition Tables?

    are you asking whether one can separately reset partition information, or separately restore only a corrupted mbr?
  12. Unfortunately this is a process of elimination, next confirm whether you have firmware updated. See the link at http://www.memorex.com/service_support/software_display.php?id=456&dl=p Seems to have several versions of firmware for your model, so it is important to get the right one. (you also have rdu 5.3 installed?) After the update, try toggling the secret prefs <ctrl> <alt> <p> <p> and look for /execution/use nt passthru. Change the option (i.e. if it is checked, uncheck, and if it is unchecked, then check it). My drive works best with it checked. Once you change this option, you need to close Retrospect and restart it to test if it helped.
  13. Do you have nero or easy cd installed? Both of those software programs have a drag to disk program that is normally installed in a "full" install. These "drag to disk" programs are the culprit for many problems, not just with retrospect, as they install drivers that supercede the system drivers and often grab complete control of the device. You did say that you have no other dvd or cd software running, however take another look for these programs because they load with the system and it is not obvious that they are loaded. If you find you have one installed, do a complete uninstall of the nero/easy and then custom re-install nero/eash without the 'drag to disk' program (such as InCD).
  14. jhal

    need help creating a disaster recovery CD...

    So out of curiosity, GoAWest, what media and program do you use for longterm backup?
  15. jhal

    Can't successfully back up to DVD+RW media

    I would agree with restricting write speed, and I would also recommend trying another media. I recently bought a supply of bulk dvd rw's that have a failure rate of 15%, and have been returned. It is not sufficient to accept a media brand because nero or easy can write to it. Retro is very particular, and has more write verification. I have good luck with verbatim & sony brands, but I am using a different brand of writer, and there are peculiarities within writers, so try a few different ones. If this device is not native supported, you may wish also to redo the custom config (limiting the +r/+rw format) if the last time it was done with less than 5.3 rdu installed.
  16. Hi, I also use a 530, but I use write once +r. I had similar problems, but could not nail it down to one specific thing. Here are the steps I used: - ensure that you install latest firmware update from sony (21C): http://sony.storagesupport.com/dvdrw/dru530adwn.htm be careful to follow instructions on firmware update to first disable dma and then update and reboot. after update, you can enable dma, and reboot again. - now you need to run the custom configuration again in retrospect (ensuring you have installed driver 5.3.103 before hand (you can verify in the retro log) I always recommend minimizing the number of formats that you custom configure (i.e. if you use dvd, do not configure for cdrw/cdr) because on some drives it slows down throuput. My personal choice for data reliability is +r. I am hoping (although it is only a vague hope because they appear to have "skipped" this model and have moved to a dual layer sony) that there will be native support for this drive sometime in the future.
  17. jhal

    need help creating a disaster recovery CD...

    You need to choose the bottom option, "record disk from image" on the file menu (not create a data disk). Good luck.
  18. jhal

    Error -530

    first things to check are whether new firewall software has been installed, either zone alarm, etc. or built-in in XP service pack two. De-activate the firewall and restart computer, then see if problem is gone. If this is the problem, you need to decide whether you need firewall (i.e. do you have a hardware router with firewall) and can turn it off, or if you need it, then you need to set up rules to allow communication for ports used by Retro. If it is not firewall, then there are other things to try...
  19. jhal

    "Incompatible" restore set that was working.

    Is the device supported natively or did you create a custom driver? If your custom driver was created in an earlier version of 6.5 and/or an earlier version of the driver update, sometimes you will need to "recreate" a driver, however be warned this may have an impact on current cd data sets, so you should back up any custom driver files before trying this.
  20. jhal

    Disk erased?

    Retrospect probably uses a proprietary packet writing scheme. I have not tested dvd repair products specifically for this purpose, but here is a link to a product that claims to deal with this type of writing. http://www.softarch.com/us/products/filerecovery/filerecoveryutilities.html You may have already tried something like this, however hope it works.
  21. jhal

    Usability of Retrospect 6.5 f. Windows

    Selectors can be used but as you are a new user, they take time to understand the boolean and how it is implemented in Windows. Dantz supports rw media. I do not like RW because compared to write once it has lower reliability. Also, in most instances for back up strategy, a strong argument can be made for having backups spanning a larger period of time, so that one can go back to earlier versions of a file, particularly on data files or program configuration files. For my business, I store data files, with daily backups of changes, on write once media since 1997. With RW eventually you are recycling, relabling, and potentially rewriting over the wrong disk. So for me, write once, fill it up and store it, has less potential for error. I apologize if my comments caused concern re: dantz support of RW, as I was reflecting personal preferences.
  22. jhal

    Usability of Retrospect 6.5 f. Windows

    For item 1 on 9-14-4 post, you should experiment with defining sub-volumes in the configure section, which I believe will limit the scanning to the top of the subvolume. Rather than create selectors, creating subvolumes is much simpler. Hopefully your files are separated enough to do this. Perhaps you can use this approach for item 2, 9-21-04. Creating a script also allows several of the volumes to be used as sources, or you can create a group of volumes. For item 1 on 9-21-4, my personal preference is to avoid rw media, and just use good +r media if your dvd will take it. RW media can have additional negative aspects above and beyond the formatting. good luck.
  23. jhal

    cannot backup to dvd

    When problems crop up trying to create a custom driver for DVD, there are several things that can be conflicting with the process, but two items you can try that frequently pop to the top of the list: - make sure that there is no packet writing software that is interfering with Retro when a dvd is inserted. This is software that lets you "drag & drop" files in windows to the dvd. - next, try changing the default interface in Retro Secret Preferences<ctl><alt>pp. Select "use NT passthru" in the Execution window, OR if it is already selected, then uncheck the preference. REMEMBER: need to close Retro and restart Retro after changing preferences. There are a number of other things you can try if the above does not help (such as aspi updates Intel App Accel removal), but these are the first things to try. And if you want to really fine tune, I have found best performance on a custom driver by just configuring one dvd format for backup (+R). I find that RW is cumbersome due to format and erase, especially since DVD's are now less expensive. Certainly some dvd writers are a bit painful to get going but once it is working, it will stay that way.
  24. jhal

    Archive Flag Selection NOT WORKING

    as archive bits can be set by other software, so why not use 'catalogue' feature of retro instead, which backs up based on whether the file is previously in the backup set, which is a more bullet proof method than relying on archive bit.
  25. I am also considering going with a dual layer shortly and would approach your question based on past experience with optical storage. I am currently operating two different dvd drives (both sony), one supported natively and one not. The self configuration seems to produce a reasonable driver but performance issues seem to develop once you configure it to use multiple media types (cdrw/dvdrw +-). I found that the custom driver seemed to work fastest set up only for one media type. It is likely that you may use different media types due to cost of dl dvd's, therefore I would recommend sticking with Sony 700a, for which there is built in support (no custom driver required). Drives that use same mechanism still have different id strings, so a drive with the same mechanism (but different manufacturer) as supported sony 700a is likely to require a custom driver. However you choose, please advise how it works.