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  1. Many thanks Lennart, rebuilding the catalog file indeed took ages, but the backup is working again!! Thanks again for you advice. - Jaap
  2. Thanks for your reply Lennart. Repairing the catalog file did not do the trick, unfortunately...
  3. Sorry for the multiple posts, but I guess this is also interesting: When I click "Verify" to verify the media set, I also get a "Needs media" message...
  4. And in the "Members" tab in the "Media Sets" window, I'm seeing: Space Used: 717.7 GB Space Free: 2.9 TB Space Total: 3.6 TB So there should be enough space...
  5. Hi All, I'm running Retrospect 10.5.0 (145) on a Mac Pro with OS X Server to backup my local server volumes and some clients. I have 2 main backup scripts, one for a daily, nightly backup to a local hard disk, and one for a weekly backup to a hard disk which I connect to the Mac Pro every Monday and take home with me. The weekly backup script runs without issues. The daily backup script all of a sudden start to say "Needs media" even though the local hard disk with the media set member (1 have only 1 member) is accessible in the Finder and also in Retrospect itself. When I click "Choose Media" next to "Needs media" and point to the member and click "OK", it still says "Needs media". In the dialog for locating or adding a member it says "Use at most 3006 GB or 80 percent". The backup drive which holds the member has 3.23 TB available on the 4 TB hard disk. Very grateful for any ideas! Jaap