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    Error -540

    OK. True confession time. See my previous post on this subject (#100421 dated 10/02/07). The working retropds_linux86.pdu, dated 06/28/2006, is one I received from EMC Tech Support on 07/13/2006 in response to SR #1-7495104. Let me know if you need any more details. Todd.
  2. ninman

    Error -540

    I had this problem when I initially upgraded to version 7.5 back in March of 2006. I submitted a service request (SR #1-7495104) and after a few months of troubleshooting received a replacement copy of C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.5\retropds_linux86.pdu, dated 06/28/2006. This fixed the -540 problem with all my Linux clients. Subsequent Retrospect 7.5.xxx updates installed newer versions of retropds_linux86.pdu. In each case, up to and including 7.5.387, the -540 error returned after installing the update. Restoring the 06/28/2006 version of retropds_linux86.pdu has so far fixed the problem. It would appear that the fix from SR #1-7495104 may not been incorporated in subsequent releases. Todd.
  3. Quote: Multiserver is having a problem which, so far, has been confined to Mac OS X clients. The log reports, "Can't read state information, error -519 (network communication failed)". This wouldn't be much of a problem if Retrospect's recovery from the error were what it normally is for a -519, namely to go on to the next client in the script. But instead, this event causes execution of the entire script to abort. Yesterday this meant that only 5 of the 80 clients were visited, which makes this a serious problem. So far I have seen this with 2 clients. It happened several times with one client when Retrospect attempted to backup a mounted DMG volume. It happened once with another client when backing up Macintosh HD:Applications:Retrospect Client:Retrospect Client.app:Contents:Resources:retropds. I can find nothing about what "can't read state information" means, or what I should do about it. I don't know if the network communication failed because the state information became unreadable, or if the state information became unreadable because the network communication failed. But I need to do something about this. I'm having a problem very similar to this one posted over 3 years ago. The symptoms are: 1. The log reports, "Can't read state information, error -519 (network communication failed)" 2. The backup script does not continue on to the next client, but simply stops. 3. Retrospect Windows Multi Server 7.5 (various versions up to 7.5.387) 4. Occurs on Mac OS X clients (6.1.130), but only on Intel Macs. 5. Stops after backup pass completes, before verify pass starts. 6. Does not fail consistently, but is more likely to fail with a full backup than with an incremental. Tim - Was this problem ever resolved? Has anyone else seen this problem? Thanks. Todd Ninman.