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    Why is client deferred

    Hi Nate I did reboot and remove client from the client database. Nobody is using the workstation when the backup is performed. Thanks softek
  2. Running Retrospect 7 on Windows SBS 2003 and Retrospect Client 7.0.107 on Windows XP SP2 client. One client is not backed up - in the proactive activity monitor the status is "deferred". The message "Deferred by backup client user" is shown briefly in the summary below. On the client 'normal schedule' is selected for proactive backup. I even tried to reinstall the client. Backup for this client worked last week and we had no crashes or software changes. Thanks softek
  3. Well!? - I used ver 6.0 on a Windows 2003 Standard Server for about a month with few errors (mostly -1101). After upgrading Retrospect to ver 6.5 (Value pack) I see error -511, -515, -519, -1101 or -3102 every day. Thanks for Proactive backup - it took 4 nights to back up a client with ca 30 Gbyte to a hard disk. When I installed ver 6.0 (Windows 2000 server) I had a lot of -519, so we changed drivers, cables, switch and all NICs in order to get rid of the error. Now I can try again. Henrik Bech
  4. To get rid of persistent -515 and -519 errors I replaced all cables, all NICs and the switch. In the process I upgraded the server from Win 2000 to Win 2003. Now the backup completes every time, but I get the following errors: MapError: unknown Windows error - VssWEnumWriterMetadata: GatherWriterMetadata failed, winerr -2147024809, error -1001 and File "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr0.dat": can't read, error -1020 -1001 means "Unknown Windows OS error", but since -2147024809 = 80070057H I see this error as a Win32 "Invalid argument" error. It might be unexpected and unhandled, but not unknown. -1020 "sharing violation": Should this occur with Open file option? What can I do to get rid of these errors? Henrik Bech
  5. On most large backups I see one of the error codes 508, 515 and 519. We use removable harddisks for backup. I have not spottet the problem yet - all hard disks and file structure are OK, a new switch is installed, cables replaced and moved around, BIOS updated and drivers replaced. Next is replacement of net-cards. No other programs reports problems on the LAN. The question is: I know the backups are not perfect, but can we use whatever is backed up? After a few days the backup runs without error - will this backup be clean? Thanks Henrik
  6. henrikbech

    Unattended shut down problem

    Thanks - I tried, but could not make it work. In the last few days I have done some experimenting with external scripts and a retroeventhandler.bat with the following few lines does the trick: @echo off if not {%1}=={EndSource} goto :exit if /i "%~2" LSS "Rotation " goto :exit if /i "%~2" GEQ "Rotatioo" goto :exit psshutdown -k -f :exit The utility psshutdown is downloaded from www.sysinternals.com. In this batch file, only Retrospect scripts with a name beginning with 'rotation' triggers shutdown. On the server, 'EndSource' is replaced with 'EndScript' and psshutdown has a few minutes delay.
  7. In unattended preferences I checked shut down, but when the backup finishes the clients (Win XP and 2000) are still running, while the server (Win 2000) shows a screen with the message "It is now safe to shut off the computer". No power is saved this way. I am new to Retrospect, but I expected that the PCs would be shut down after the backup. Thanks Henrik