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  1. The more I learn about it, it's looking like hard drive would be too unreliable to depend on as a backup drive considering it is a mechanical device and prone to failure. Although I have heard that hard drives have been known to be reliable for up to 20 years. I might use a external drive as a backup to my tape solution. That way I can restore quickly from the drive if I have to but I don't need to count on it.
  2. I currently use Retrospect 5.0 with a Lacie Firewire tape drive to backup about 5 desktops/laptops and a network fileserver drive that we use to share our documents. The max tape capacity that can be used with this drive is 35 gigs uncompressed. I've found that the 35 gigs I've got is not going to cut it for all of the media files we use in our office. 35 gigs will probably be the minimum I'll use. Someone has suggested to me that I switch to firewire hard drives instead of tapes. This solution is appealing to me considering the size of the drives and how relatively inexpensive they are now. Any ideas or best practices anyone could suggest?
  3. I found an old backup tape that I'm hoping has some missing data on it. I no longer have a catalog in retrospect associated with this tape. How can I view the contents?
  4. I finally have solved this issue. Among other things, this had to do with reinstalling a client without removing the password from the previous client. Therefore the new client had not been logged in. Thanks for the help and suggestions.
  5. The client is on and the server is The router is They all are on the same subnet.
  6. The ibook can ping back to the server machine. The Firewall is on, but port 497 is open. I've attmpted access with the Firewal off as well, but no luck. No third party firewall. However, I did notice that the machine is pulling the ip Is there something about that which could be the problem? The router is
  7. One of my clients uses all of the same preferences and setting as the rest of us, however is a -1028 error for Retrospect. I have tried to ping the client from the server and realized that it got nothing as well. The client is a OS X 10.3 iBook over ethernet with the 5.0540 version. Why would this client be different than the rest? Maybe I should run a permissions repair?
  8. Oh yeah. I totally forgot about that. Thanks.
  9. Actually. Sometimes it's the simplest things. It turns out that the Firewire cable had gone bad somehow. After replacing that, I'm in good shape again.
  10. When my backups are initiated, they always hang very early in the process if not immediately. The script begins, and then all progress on the backup stops. Cancelling the backup usually does not do anything and I then have to force quit Retrospect. At that point, I have to turn off the tape drive and restart it in order to eject the tape. Since this seems like a hardware issue, I sent the drive (AIT) back to Lacie. They sent it back with this report: "Erased and updated the U2&I2 boards firmware. Tested the drive on both firewire ports and the usb port with 30GB back-up. All tests passed." What to do now?? This has been pretty frustrating.
  11. Actually, it's only files not showing, which makes sense considering I clicked subvolumes. So, can I just select a file?
  12. I have a file that I want to backup from the one windows (95) machine in the office. However, when I attempt to define the file for backup it doesn't appear in the folder under Retrospect. The file is "My Documents" on the PC, but it (and most others) simply don't show under Retrospect. Anything I could be missing?
  13. So basically, you are saying just add a script to runa backup when the laptop is predicted to be on the network. There is no way that Retrospect will "notice" when a laptop connects?