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  1. Hi, I updated to Retrospect 6.1.126 and used the latest 6.1.107 client updates on all of my OS X clients (five of them 10.3.9, two of them 10.4.2, one of them 10.4.2 Server). I was getting that "Net Retry" message on the 10.4.2 Server computer when trying to back it up, however the regular 10.4.2 machines worked fine. I found this very helpful thread and removed the troublesome retropds.log file on the 10.4.2 Server and reapplied the client updater via the network, restarted, but it didn't solve my issue. So on 10.4.2 Server I searched via spotlight for all files named "retro" and deleted all of them, killed pitond, emptied the trash. I restarted 10.4.2 Server and downloaded the latest 6.1.107 client installer that was released on the 10/12, restarted the machine again and then tried running the backup from my backup computer (running Retrospect 6.1.126). It still failed with a message "network communication failed" after trying the backup a couple of times, restarting 10.4.2 Server, and trying to back it up again - same message again. Interestingly, if I use Retrospect 6.0.204 to run the backup instead of Retrospect 6.1.126 - everything works fine and it backs up the OS X Tiger clients (including the troublesome 10.4.2 Server) and Panther clients that are all running version 6.1.107 of the client. It kind of has me scratching my head why only 10.4.2 Server doesn't want to backup, but as long as the older version still works and it has for months, i'm fine with that. I checked the Console on 10.4.2 Server and pasted the following message it gave when it had the "network communication failed" message: Oct 14 09:59:45 fileserver crashdump[739]: retropds.23 crashed Oct 14 09:59:45 fileserver crashdump[739]: crash report written to: /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/retropds.23.crash.log Host Name: fileserver Date/Time: 2005-10-14 09:59:43.894 -0700 OS Version: 10.4.2 (Build 8C47) Report Version: 3 Command: retropds.23 Path: /Applications/Retrospect Client.app/Contents/Resources/retropds.23 Parent: pitond [155] Version: 6.1.107 (6.1.107) PID: 658 Thread: 0 Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0x0a000008 Thread 0 Crashed: 0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90006b34 szone_free + 2792 1 libSystem.B.dylib 0x900f5970 acl_free + 16 2 retropds.23 0x0000a028 aclGetNodeAcl + 440 (aclutil.c:328) 3 retropds.23 0x0000a2d8 AclGetData + 196 (aclutil.c:432) 4 retropds.23 0x00004184 volAclSpec + 104 (rfsvol.c:69) 5 retropds.23 0x00004504 volGetExtendedData + 128 (rfsvol.c:191) 6 retropds.23 0x00004000 TransMain + 344 (retropds.c:161) 7 retropds.23 0x0001113c ServMain + 464 (servicelib.c:458) 8 retropds.23 0x00003758 _start + 392 (crt.c:267) 9 dyld 0x8fe01048 _dyld_start + 60 Thread 0 crashed with PPC Thread State 64: srr0: 0x0000000090006b34 srr1: 0x000000000200f030 vrsave: 0x0000000000000000 cr: 0x44000442 xer: 0x0000000020000004 lr: 0x0000000090007144 ctr: 0x0000000090013860 r0: 0x0000000090007144 r1: 0x00000000bfffed00 r2: 0x0000000001800004 r3: 0x000000000000000d r4: 0x0000000000000000 r5: 0x0000000000000004 r6: 0x0000000080808080 r7: 0x0000000000000003 r8: 0x0000000036353800 r9: 0x00000000bfffebc4 r10: 0x0000000000000000 r11: 0x00000000a0006510 r12: 0x0000000090013860 r13: 0x0000000000000000 r14: 0x0000000000000000 r15: 0x0000000000000000 r16: 0x0000000000000000 r17: 0x0000000000000400 r18: 0x0000000000000041 r19: 0x0000000000000000 r20: 0x000000000000003f r21: 0x000000000200007e r22: 0x0000000002000082 r23: 0x0000000001808200 r24: 0x0000000000000002 r25: 0x0000000000000001 r26: 0x0000000001807e00 r27: 0x0000000001800000 r28: 0x0000000000000002 r29: 0x0000000000000000 r30: 0x000000000a000000 r31: 0x000000009000605c Binary Images Description: 0x1000 - 0x1afff retropds.23 /Applications/Retrospect Client.app/Contents/Resources/retropds.23 0x8fe00000 - 0x8fe51fff dyld 43.1 /usr/lib/dyld 0x90000000 - 0x901a6fff libSystem.B.dylib /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib 0x901fe000 - 0x90202fff libmathCommon.A.dylib /usr/lib/system/libmathCommon.A.dylib 0x90728000 - 0x90801fff com.apple.CoreFoundation 6.4.3 (368.12) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreFoundation.framework/Versions/A/CoreFoundation 0x9084a000 - 0x9084afff com.apple.CoreServices 10.4 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/CoreServices 0x9084c000 - 0x9094efff libicucore.A.dylib /usr/lib/libicucore.A.dylib 0x909a8000 - 0x90a2cfff libobjc.A.dylib /usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib 0x90a56000 - 0x90acafff com.apple.framework.IOKit 1.4 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/IOKit.framework/Versions/A/IOKit 0x90ae4000 - 0x90af6fff libauto.dylib /usr/lib/libauto.dylib 0x90afd000 - 0x90dc2fff com.apple.CoreServices.CarbonCore 10.4.1 (611.1) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CarbonCore.framework/Versions/A/CarbonCore 0x90e25000 - 0x90ea5fff com.apple.CoreServices.OSServices 4.0 (4.0.0) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/OSServices.framework/Versions/A/OSServices 0x90eef000 - 0x90f2ffff com.apple.CFNetwork 10.4.2 (80) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CFNetwork.framework/Versions/A/CFNetwork 0x90f44000 - 0x90f5cfff com.apple.WebServices 1.1.2 (1.1.0) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/WebServicesCore.framework/Versions/A/WebServicesCore 0x90f6c000 - 0x90feafff com.apple.SearchKit 1.0.3 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/SearchKit.framework/Versions/A/SearchKit 0x9102f000 - 0x91056fff com.apple.Metadata 1.1 (121.6) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Metadata.framework/Versions/A/Metadata 0x91066000 - 0x91074fff libz.1.dylib /usr/lib/libz.1.dylib 0x91077000 - 0x91239fff com.apple.security 4.0.1 (223) /System/Library/Frameworks/Security.framework/Versions/A/Security 0x9133b000 - 0x91344fff com.apple.DiskArbitration 2.1 /System/Library/Frameworks/DiskArbitration.framework/Versions/A/DiskArbitration 0x9134b000 - 0x91372fff com.apple.SystemConfiguration 1.8.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/SystemConfiguration.framework/Versions/A/SystemConfiguration
  2. I am trying to backup the /usr/local/mysql/data/ directory on a local os x 10.3.9 computer. everything backs up fine however because the owner of the data directory is the mysql user, Retrospect is unable to read that folder and thus can't backup the files. I think it would work if I log in as the root account and run Retrospect that way but I'd rather not do that. Does anybody know how I can get around this? If I run Retrospect on another computer and connect to the mysql/data directory through retrospect client it will work.
  3. Since reinstalling the OS on the Tiger Server it ran fine yesterday, then crashed early this morning. I had not installed any Retrospect software on the machine this time so that rules out Retrospect as a cause of the crashes. I've checked the console log and this is the only bit of meaningful info I've found: Aug 1 09:18:56 fileserver named[300]: starting BIND 9.2.2 -f Aug 1 09:18:57 fileserver named[300]: command channel listening on Aug 1 20:02:48 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: exited abnormally: Bus error Aug 1 20:02:48 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: 9 more failures without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal Aug 1 20:20:23 fileserver DirectoryService[39]: NetInfo connection failed for server Anyways, since this is not a Retrospect issue I'll stop hogging Dantz's bandwidth with this.
  4. Yeah, I'm accessing the Tiger Server through Retrospect Client. The backup server with 10.3.9 is using Retrospect 6.0.204 with driver update 6.4.102. It also has the ATTO scsi card installed in it. If I take the Tiger Server out of the backup script Retrospect on the backup server still crashes, and it's crashing at the same spot - while trying to backup some mysql databases - so it looks like that is an unrelated issue to Tiger, probably something related to permissions on the 10.3.9 backup server. Retrospect always ran best using the version of 6.0 that came on the CD so I think I'll revert back to that version instead of the latest non-tiger download available from Dantz's website. The Tiger Server is having a very tough time working as it should. Since reinstalling the snow/fuzz is gone but it boots up with half of the icons not showing and trying to launch programs fails. This morning, shortly after restarting the server, it came up with the following kernel panic message: "BACKTRACE TERMINATED - UNALIGNED FRAME ADDRESS 0xFC14F347" Running the Disk Utility from the 10.4 Server install disc finds no problems on either hard drive in the system, Techtool's surface scan checked out OK too. I've done all the standard tricks - zap PRAM, reset cuda chip, reset mobo... nothing works. I thought the pram battery may be toasted but the voltmeter showed 3.6v. Last week when I formatted and completely reinstalled the installation of the system software it didn't appear to have any issue until I installed Retrospect Client 6.0.212 on this computer (Tiger Server). The problems appeared shortly after that but I also installed the 10.4.2 update at the same time, so this time I have reinstalled the system software from scratch and I'm going to refrain from installing the Retrospect Client and see if the machine can remain stable. If my problems occur after installing the 10.4.2 update then I'll have a better idea where my issue lies.
  5. I used to have a sole server for backing up over the network, it was running OS X 10.3.9 with Retrospect 6.0.?? (I can't remember which specific version it ran) and it would backup the entire network (including the 10.1.4 server) flawlessly every night. Initially I wanted to run Retrospect on the 10.1.4 server itself but I could never get the ATTO drivers for my UL4S SCSI card to work properly, it would consistently cause a kernel panic so that was the reason for setting up the independent machine for doing only backups. I would've loved to keep 10.1.4 server but it had a problem with inheriting permissions on AFP shares, something that Apple fixed in 10.2.4 server (I think that was the release where they fixed it). This was causing a big problem, especially with OS X-based computers on the network putting files/folders into the nested folders on the File Server's sharepoint. We purchased 10.4 Server Unlimited for the file server and it installed great, everything migrated over properly from the older OS too, it was very slick and I followed the included Migration guide to a tee. The permissions issue was present in 10.4.0 and 10.4.1, something that left a sour taste after shelling out $1K for a program that was supposed to have this permissions issue fixed (it worked in Panther Server but broke again in the early releases of Tiger). Now the permissions issue is fixed and the server was working great. I now have the SCSI card and Retrospect 6.0.204 installed on the standalone backup server and have set it up to backup the network computers and servers (including the 10.4.2 File Server). It's very weird, the 10.3.9 "backup server" will complete the backup of the File Server's drive but then Retrospect crashes on that machine after backing up about a half of a dozen computers over the network. This morning the File Server was crashed again (as well as Retrospect on the backup server), and the crazy thing is that when this happens the screen on the 10.4.2 File Server shows little specks of black (almost like snow or fuzz) randomly on windows and menubars... shortly after that it goes to a kernel panic. Even after restarting the computer it is now randomly crashing and exhibiting that issue. I've consulted Apple's knowledge base and service manuals on the computer and searched for any signs of this problem (the machine is a dual 1 Ghz quicksilver 2002 model G4 tower) and Apple's knowledge base had no mention of this problem. Thinking that it may be a hardware issue/failure that appears to have been conveniently well-timed with the software upgrades I've removed and reinstalled the CPU module looking for bent pins and found none, I've cleaned the machine, I've replaced the RAM with 1 GB of brand new and known good RAM (that ram works fine in another G4 tower that also uses PC133 SDRAM), I've replaced the video card with a known good Radeon 9000 Pro from a MDD G4 tower, I've even completely uninstalled, formatted the OS drive, and reinstalled OS X Server 10.4.2 yet this issue still persists. Just now I've completely removed everything Retrospect related from the File Server's hard drive to attempt to rule out that Retrospect is the problem. Tonight I'll be running a full surface scan of the hard drive to make sure that it isn't dying (it is a Maxtor 250GB that has been under heavy use pretty much consistently for the past year and a half so it would not surprise me if the drive is dying). Other than that I am almost at a dead end. Short of reverting to 10.1.4 Server, and now I'm not sure if that will even solve things. All of the hardware checks out OK on TechTool Pro, the only test I have not done is the surface scan of the drives because of the time involved. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
  6. There is only one solution to our problems - either dump Tiger or dump Retrospect and find a replacement backup solution. I've given up on Apple and Dantz, it's been two months and things are working no better then the end of May when I first set all of this up. Neither Apple nor Dantz seem to be capable of fixing these incompatibilities and my company can't keep going without a complete and stable backup solution - which neither Apple nor Dantz are capable of providing at this time. Adios EMC Dantz.
  7. actually, the 10.4 update is still not ready for primetime, maybe Tiger will finally be a decent operating system in another 3-6 months? not just 10.4.2 server is still buggy, but even the regular 10.4 is buggy - other computers in the office that are running 10.4.2 are having strange issues with programs malfunctioning, that don't occur with the same program and version on a different computer running 10.3.9. or maybe i'm SOL until dantz releases the fully 100% compatible version of retrospect? retrospect completed the entire backup, then this morning the server reset. and just this afternoon it reset again for no apparent reason (and a backup was not running). the console reads: Jul 21 07:10:20 fileserver /Applications/Retrospect 6.0/Retrospect/Contents/MacOS/RetroRunSL.app/Contents/MacOS/RetroRunSL: kCGErrorFailure : CGSInternalCopyCurrentSessionDictionary : Didn't get a dictionary. (XML parser error: Encountered unexpected character j on line 4 Old-style plist parser error: Malformed data byte group at line 1; invalid hex ) Jul 21 07:10:37 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: exited abnormally: Segmentation fault Jul 21 07:10:37 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: 9 more failures without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal Jul 21 07:10:38 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: exited abnormally: Bus error Jul 21 07:10:38 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: respawning too quickly! throttling Jul 21 07:10:38 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: 8 more failures without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal Jul 21 07:10:38 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: will restart in 10 seconds Jul 21 07:10:38 fileserver crashdump[15332]: servermgrd crashed Jul 21 07:10:39 fileserver crashdump[15334]: distnoted crashed Jul 21 07:10:40 fileserver crashdump[15336]: crashdump crashed Jul 21 07:10:49 fileserver crashdump[15339]: crashdump crashed Jul 21 07:10:50 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: exited abnormally: Segmentation fault Jul 21 07:10:50 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: respawning too quickly! throttling Jul 21 07:10:50 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: 7 more failures without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal Jul 21 07:10:50 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: will restart in 10 seconds Jul 21 07:11:00 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: exited abnormally: Segmentation fault Jul 21 07:11:00 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: respawning too quickly! throttling Jul 21 07:11:00 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: 6 more failures without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal Jul 21 07:11:00 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: will restart in 10 seconds Jul 21 07:11:00 fileserver crashdump[15342]: servermgrd crashed Jul 21 07:11:01 fileserver crashdump[15343]: crashdump crashed Jul 21 07:11:10 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: exited abnormally: Segmentation fault Jul 21 07:11:10 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: respawning too quickly! throttling Jul 21 07:11:10 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: 5 more failures without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal Jul 21 07:11:10 fileserver launchd: com.apple.servermgrd: will restart in 10 seconds Jul 21 07:11:10 fileserver crashdump[15346]: servermgrd crashed Jul 21 07:11:11 fileserver crashdump[15348]: crashdump crashed Jul 21 07:11:22 fileserver /Applications/Retrospect 6.0/Retrospect/Contents E`bOR*etroRunSL.app/Contents/MacOS/RetroRunSL: kCGErrorFailure : CGSInternalCop8 Does anybody have any ideas? I'd appreciate it, thanks.
  8. Yesterday I installed the 10.4.2 server update, and last night Retrospect finished with a complete backup - no errors. Apple has also fixed a nasty permissions inheritance issue with earlier versions of Tiger and Tiger server. With this latest update I think OS X 10.4 is finally ready for prime-time. Thanks to Apple and Dantz for listening.
  9. I am having constant problems with Retrospect 6.0.212 since upgrading to Tiger Server 10.4. This software, tiger and retrospect, is presently utter garbage. I really hope us paying customers don't have to wait until the end of the summer for these people to finally fix the bugs in the programs that we have paid hundreds of dollars for! Sorry to forum readers if I sound heated but I have about had it with this crap, if Apple or Dantz is reading this - TAKE NOTE!!!!! My server is using Tiger and the latest "tiger compatible" version of Retrospect, along with the latest driver update. I have an ATTO UL4S card, the computer is a dual processor 1ghz quicksilver 2002 model. I have updated to the latest driver for Tiger from ATTO's website, version 3.4. That got rid of the elem.c errors I was having during backups but now Retrospect is just crashing completely and giving no error message, and the Console has no record of it (that's amazing!). I've already done the other fixes that have been suggested such as the spotlight exclusion (I've even completely disabled Spotlight via the command line to get around this crap, no such luck to my problems). As suggested I've gone into the ATTO config tool and turned off command queuing and dropped the sync rate to 40 DT. We'll see if this works but I have no faith that it will. Apple and Dantz both, but especially Apple, are causing me to lose my hair!!!!!!!!!! bastards.
  10. actually, i commented too soon. i just ran the backup again and got the error "assertion check at elem.c-821". I haven't clicked Quit yet because i'm also running AFP on this server, currently have users logged into open shares, and everytime I've clicked that button in the past i'm greeted by an immediate kernel panic. this was on a completely different file this time, so I still don't think i'm any closer then i have been. do i need to make a selector omitting *files* named .Spotlight-V100? the dantz kb article only said to omit *folders* named .Spotlight-V100. my gut is still telling me that stoplight is the issue. thank goodness i didn't reenable it!
  11. Hi, I have a ATTO UL4S using the latest driver available from their site (the driver doesn't mention Tiger-compatibility, only Panther-compatible, but so far it appears to be working fine). I didn't change any settings on the scsi card or the backup drive (Sony AIT-3 tape library). I actually got a backup to run completely last night with no problems, the backup was failing everytime on a corrupted html doc nested deep within the server. Removing that file did the trick, no more errors. I don't know if the backup would still work with spotlight re-enabled, based on my experience with stoplight i'm not too inclined to try on this server. maybe stoplight will work properly six months down the road with 10.4.5 or something like that.
  12. Hi, I have a G4 MDD running Tiger Server 10.4.1 and Retrospect 6.0.212 with driver update 6.4.102. Since updating my file server from server 10.1.4 to server 10.4.1 I have been unable to successfully back the drive up by any means. When I had the backup drive and Retrospect software installed on another G4 with Panther it would begin to crash Retrospect about halfway through backing up the share. It would always crash with a bad_access or exception error. So I moved Retrospect to the 10.4.1 server (different machine now), hooked the AIT3 backup library to this file server, and I have tried many times to back the drive up locally but no dice, every time about halfway through I get the error: "Trouble in Retrospect: Internal consistency check failed: Assertion check at "tree.c-3444" Then after clicking the Quit button Retrospect half hangs trying to close, if I do a force-quit of Retrospect I am greeted by an immediate kernel panic. Now, here is what I've done to address this issue: As suggested on these forums I have created a selector in Retrospect to exclude all .Spotlight-V100 files. I have also completely disabled Spotlight via the command, I have removed the spotlight indexes and have modified the etc/hostconfig file to keep Stoplight from starting up. ... None of these solutions have helped. Apparently Server 10.4.1 has a bug that does not let you add folders or disks to the Privacy tab of Spotlight preferences, just more stuff on Tiger that doesn't work as advertised (especially the Server version). Anyways, completely disabling Spotlight should alleviate the need to fiddle with that privacy tab anyways. I am unable to find any help from Apple or Dantz on this issue, does anybody on this forum know of any other workaround I might try? Reverting the server to mac os x server 10.1 instead of 10.4 is not an option and I don't have time to wait for Dantz or Apple to release better versions of their software. Thanks, Ben
  13. hi, i have a 1.25ghz powermac g4 tower (it came preinstalled with os 10.3 and os 9.2.2) and we run retrospect 4.3c on the os 9.2.2 boot side along with appleshare 6.3. this computer is my main file/backup server. we used to have this setup on a 400mhz power mac g4 running os 9.2.2 and it was flawless for years, since moving everything over to the new machine retrospect always hard locks the computer when scanning large folders on computers over the network. everything on the os 9 side (extensions, control panels) is identical to how it was configured on the older computer. for example, my web server is the same 1.25ghz model as the file/backup server and it contains some large folders (websites). when scanning these in retrospect for the backup script it will lock up the file server. i thought this could be something to do with appleshare...but...i have a 250gb storage drive on my file server and when i go to backup some of the folders on it (large folders) retrospect also crashes, this is when its trying to backup files on a local drive. my destination devices are one DDS4 hp drive and one sony AIT drive, both connected through their own independent scsi pci cards, this is exactly how it was configured/installed on the older 400mhz machine. can anybody help me? i have retrospect 5.0 for mac os9 but will this resolve my issue? has anybody else BTDT? i wish os x 10.3 server wasn't so expensive, then i could install retrospect 6.0 and i bet it would all work flawlessly. thanks in advance, b
  14. we have retrospect for mac and we run 5 different tapes (one for each day of the work week) and we are having to eject and insert tapes through the "devices" button of the program. Is there a way retrospect will automatically scan (perhaps at a certain time) to find out what tape is inserted? the reason this is a problem is where our server is located at we are not always able to access it every day and it's not a bad thing to have another employee go and insert and remove a tape but to have them have to do it through the program and physically use the server is a whole different problem and we wish to avoid it. i know retrospect must be able to do this for me, please tell me it does. thanks. ben