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  1. iso buster was able to see the files, and i was able to export them, but Retrospect is not able to restore from the .iso files. any hints on getting this to work? thanks jason
  2. hi, thanks for the quick reply. i can visibly see the lines on the discs. the computer can't see the discs. it thinks they are blank. i've tried the discs on 2 macs and 1 pc with the same result. the discs look fine. no warpage. sometimes the room might have gotten a little warm, but all the other backups in the box are fine. i didn't use retrospect to create those backups. any other thoughts? thanks j
  3. Hi. So after 8+ years, I am coming back to the backups I made using Retrospect Express 5 on Mac. I backed up to DVD-R. I put the discs in my OSX computer, and the computer said the discs were BLANK. This is obviously not true. There is definitely data on these discs. You can see it. So, I went back to the original computer that i did the Retrospect Express 5 archives on. It is a 733 G4 tower that I still use for my Sonic Solutions mastering, running OS 9.1(maybe 9.2). Retrospect Express 5 is still installed on the machine, and the archive sets for the DVDs I have are even still there. But, when I put a DVD in the drive, the computer tells me the discs are BLANK. help! thanks, jason
  4. My setup - Retrospect 5.0.238, G4 733, OS 9.1, Superdrive 103. Mac gives me - error 100 (device rejected command) / trouble writing media, when I try to backup to DVD-R. CD-R works just fine. Is there a recommended brand of DVD-R that everyone is using successfully? I really want to avoid using 55 CD-R's. Thanks!