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  1. Since the Backup Operator Group has full READ priveleges, Retro should back up OK as long as it only tries to write to folders/files that the logged in user already has full rights to. You'd have to logon with admin rights to do a restore outside the BOG member's area, though.
  2. martinhenze

    Skip a client during backup job

    Hi Mikee, There is a script setting under Options:Client Execution called Speed Threshold that allows you to enter a minimum throughput value. If backup performance falls below this value for a particular client, Retrospect will move on to the next one. The default is zero, which allows a preoccupied client to stop the whole show. I set it to 20 or 30 as a matter of course. (The PC that's sitting at 99% CPU usage -- is it running one of those 3D screensavers?) Martin
  3. Amy, Amy, Amy, This is the same canned copout you've used several times before in other threads. I guess this means you're giving up on us (sorry John for calling you Mike earlier!). If what you're trying to say is that the Pioneer DCR-111 combo drives Apple puts in these flat panel iMacs really don't work with Retrospect, then Dantz should take it off the hardware list. No sense in John and myself (let alone all those who haven't tried it yet yet) banging our heads :banghead: against this wall any longer. I think there is a real problem here with how Retrospect handles this failure, whatever may be causing it. As John so well described, 1) there is no error message given, 2) retro doesn't really freeze -- it just waits forever, 3) it gets as far as marking the disk as 'Packet Media 1', thereby ruining it for any other use. I have also attempted to get it to work under OSX 10.2.3 with no success. With so many of these FP iMacs out there, I think it behooves Dantz to find a solution.
  4. Amy, I have downloaded the latest drivers (3.4.103). I have tried using several brands of CD-Rs: Fujifilm 700/80 (no speed marked; I routinely burn them at 32X on an EZQUEST Boa), Verbatim 1-16X, Verbatim 1-24X (the ones that come with new Macs), Princo 2-48X, Taiyo Yuden Silver 16X, and Princo 24X CD-RWs. Absolutely no difference -- Retrospect goes comatose with all of them; Disk Burner has no problem with any of them. Quite honestly, I think we're barking up the wrong tree here. Tell me, has anyone at Dantz (or anywhere else) ever successfully backed up an FP iMac with a Combo drive to CD-Rs using RE 5?? If so, what brand did they use? This is probably the most popular Mac; Retrospect is the most popular backup software for the Mac; CD-Rs are a very popular backup medium. The only thing 'unusual' here is that both Mike and I are running MacOS 9.2 -- a system Dantz developers are probably more familiar with than OSX. Have you run this by them yet? Maybe they need to take another crack at the Pioneer RCD-111 (which, although on the supported hardware list, wasn't mentioned in either of the two driver updates you had us download). Seems to me it's time to stop grasping at straws and burning coasters. Please, kick this one back to the engineers!
  5. Your point about 'ejecting' the HD after the copy is a valid one, although it only happens when a session happens to fill a drive and moves on to the next -- not all that often considering I'm using 120gb drives. And actually, both the drawbacks you mention are due to Retrospect's behavior -- not to any inherent shortcomings of FW-HDs themselves. Given the advantage in speed, reliability, resistance to environmental contamination, and now bang-for-buck that HDs offer, it's about time Dantz reconsidered this strategy. Frankly, I don't bother verifying my HD backups, so the 'eject when done' problem doesn't present a problem. After all, the data wasn't verified when it got written to the server in the first place -- why bother verifying a backup to an identical medium? I've found modern HDs to be infinitely more reliable than traditional 'removable' media -- they're completely impervious to most of the contaminants and hazards that plague tape, MO, Syquest, Zip, Jaz, CD-R & DVD-R. Right now I can buy 120gb IBM Deskstar bare drives for under $100. FW cases are available for about $60. That works out to be less than $1.50/gig -- competitive with 'high-speed' tape and twice as fast! Cost per HD gig is dropping like a rock. A year from now, you'd be insane to back up to anything else!
  6. Hmmmm. AmyC, I'm a bit puzzled, and I hope I haven't left myself open to some unforeseen catastrophe, but I've been backing up to Firewire HDs by telling Retrospect that they are removable. This seems to be much more flexible than doing a File backup to them since the Backup Set can span multiple drives instead of being limited to the capacity of just one. I've been using two stacks of three 120gb Firewire drives to back up a 240gb server and a dozen graphics workstations for several months now. It's fast (400-500 mb/min over 100bt) and (so far) reliable. The cost per gig is roughly equal to VXA tape, and compared to tape, HD restores are almost instantaneous. Why is it that Dantz only recommends doing a File Backup Set or a Duplicate to Firewire (or USB) HDs when treating them as removables is so much more convenient? Have I missed some dire warning? Have I put the whole department at risk? You really seem to know your stuff, so now you've got me worried!
  7. I'm guessing that, for the most part, you aren't planning to use the superdrive for anything but backups. If this is the case, you may want to try turning off the Apple CD/DVD Driver in Extension Manager. I haven't tried this, but it should keep the OS from noticing the DVD, and I'm pretty sure Retrospect won't miss the Apple Driver. Good luck!
  8. I'm running an identical configuration (iMac 15" flatpanel, OS9.2.2, RE 5.238) and having exactly the same troubles as John. I now have a dozen coasters named "Packet Data 1". I've tried several brands of CD-Rs and CD-RWs, all with the same results. Like John, I've installed every update and progressively slimmed the extensons down to the bare minumum (further, even). I even tried letting the MacOS prepare the CD first and attempted a File backup to it, but RE wouldn't let me write to that, either. I finally punted and resorted to a straight Finder copy to a Disk Burner volume. I've used (and loved) Retrospect since I ran v1 on an Mac SE 30 back in the mid-80s. I've used it to back up literally thousands of gigs from dozens of Macs, PCs and even *nix servers. This is the first time I've been completely stimied! HELP!!!! (I've been on hold waiting for technical support for over 90 minutes, now. Looks like Dantz would do well to hire a few more support folks .........................................)