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  1. That's done it - I forgot about the overall preferences section. It was set to shut down, so I've changed it to exit, as I'm intending to get the backups done during the day rather than at night. I thought this might be the case, but I changed it anyway as I couldn't think of anywhere else that I could set it (at the time) … Thanks, once again, for all your help! :^)
  2. The backup worked on Monday - but unfortunately I forgot to change the script, so it did another recycle backup rather than a normal one. So I'll have to wait until Wednesday before seeing if it worked. As an aside, after backing up, the server shut itself down - even though the script is set to not shut down or sleep and, in the menu bar, it is set to stay in Retrospect. I can't see anywhere else that you can set the behaviour after the script has run. Can anyone offer any suggestions? When I originally scheduled it to run overnight, it was set to shut down, but I thought I'd changed this. I'm thinking it would be best to delete the script and start again from scratch?
  3. The Recycle backup worked; the next backup is scheduled for Monday, so I'll let it do a normal, scheduled backup then and see if it works. Assuming it does, I'll add clients one at a time and see how it goes, doing a recycle backup on the first try. (Obviously I'll also ditch AVG, upgrade the network drivers etc. on each client beforehand!) I really appreciate your help with this! :^)
  4. Nice one Scillonian. I'll give this a go now and see what happens!
  5. Thanks - good to know! I didn't at the time; I've checked this and the disk is fine. No errors reported. It's a 3TB drive, and has 2.43TB available. That's also good to know. Since I posted the above, I tried the backup again, and it once again hung on backup. However, I was able to successfully shut down retrospect, which means that - I presume - that AVG was partly responsible for the errors on the system. Kaspersky seems to be going OK at the moment. That said, it meant I was able to access the retrospect log to see exactly what the problem is. It had over 13,000 errors, and the following is a sample (they all seemed to be the same): - 01/11/2013 11:18:17: Copying OS (C:) Additional error information for Disk Backup Set member "1-Backup Set M-W-F", Can't write to file E:\Retrospect\Backup Set M-W-F\1-Backup Set M-W-F\AA000523.rdb, error -1023 ( already exists) Trouble writing: "1-Backup Set M-W-F" (3574288384), error -106 ( data overwrite attempt) - 01/11/2013 11:18:17: Verifying OS (C:) So it seems that Retrospect has somehow got confused and is trying to overwrite some files which it either shouldn't be trying to, or shouldn't be there. If necessary, I can start again with the backup (uninstall retrospect, forget all the catalog files, reformat the backup drives etc and start again from fresh) as it's never worked reliably from the start - as long as this error is something that can be fixed by starting afresh. However, I don't want to be still sorting this out in six months time, if it is likely to reoccur. Please can someone advise the best course of action?
  6. Hmm, it seems that there is more going on here than first meets the eye. Since the issues with the client backups, I've turned all of their schedules off. The thinking behind this is that I'd try to back up the server alone. If this is stable and works OK, I'll then know it's an issue with the backup of clients, then I can investigate that further. Unfortunately, when I checked the server whether it had backed up, it was saying that it was running - but it had just hung. So I first need to track down the issue on the server - there is something that is causing the backup to hang on the server itself, which could be having a knock-on effect on the client backups. I checked the windows event logs; there was a critical error that was related to the fact that, following the hang, I had to force shut down and restart the computer. There were other processes that had critical errors which I've prevented from starting at startup - just to try and eliminate them as causes - I've uninstalled AVG, purged the registry, etc. and installed Kaspersky (as I'd already downloaded a trial version). This has enabled me to exclude all instances of retrospect and other network processes related to it, to hopefully prevent it from scanning while backing items up. However, what has caused some disquiet was some errors have been reported by Retrospect which, following searches online, seem to be quite unique. This is what has been reported: "The description for Event ID 1 from source Retrospect cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer. If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event. The following information was included with the event: Trouble writing: "1-Backup Set M-W-F" (3574288384), error -106 ( data overwrite attempt) The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file" I've printed off (and will look into) a fix that someone has suggested regarding the 'resource type cannot be found' error which someone came across while attempting to restore from a backup set; but I can't see any occurrences where someone has come across this while backing up. However, I presume that this error is the cause of (or strongly related to) the hang. Can anyone shed some more light on these issues?
  7. Great, thanks Scillonian. I've downloaded the drivers and will try those as the first step. I think I'm also going to remove AVG and try another antivirus option, as some process is both hanging on to external drive (meaning I can't eject it without shutting down) and also the server just chunters away to itself without shutting down. I've looked into this, and it's likely that a process that's running is not quitting. There's not much running on the computer so that's going to be the first thing to try.
  8. I've looked in the event logs, and Retrospect reported the following errors, at various times, around the times that the backup failed: "Error -519 (Network communication failed) Are there any common causes for this sort of error?
  9. I'd not considered the switch to be a problem; we've got two of them in the building, and they seemed (to me, at least) to be fairly reliable. There isn't vast amounts of network traffic going through it, and surely that wouldn't account for only about 20MB copying and then hanging - as the network itself doesn't drop out? They are in a well-ventilated area and are warm, but not hot, to the touch. There have been occasions where the backup has worked successfully, and copied over gigabytes of data without issue; the network traffic on those occasions is no more or less than on the occasions where it's not worked. I think the issue is exacerbated by the fact it is happening randomly, without any sort of logic or repeatability. One day it won't work; the next time it will. If I'd been able to find the cause of the hanging, it would make things a lot easier! However, I appreciate your comments, and I've another switched hub (the same model, unfortunately) which I can try to see if it's limited to the one hub. We are talking about getting one switch for the whole building, but until that happens, there's very little I can do about it … Thanks, I'll have a look at the manual and check this out. The way I've set it up did seem a bit of a clunky way, but it's the only way I could see of doing it at the time. I've had a look at this, and Windows 7 is insisting that the drivers are up to date, but I'm having trouble tracking the exact model of ethernet controller, and Windows only reports it as Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet. It's integrated into a Dell motherboard. I've looked at the device ID (1691) but broadcom's site doesn't refer to it at all. I don't know how I can find out the exact part number of the controller, to see if there are any newer drivers I can use?
  10. Thanks Daniels, We're currently using the free AVG 2014 edition. I was wondering if this was the cause of the problem, as it also seemed to be erroring after the 2014 upgrade went through. I know for a fact that it caused a backup on the server itself to fail as it was running a full scan; however, I've set some exclusions on retrospect, so I thought this would rule it out …? I was thinking of trying Kaspersky just to rule out AVG - are there any reported issues between that and retrospect?
  11. Thanks very much Scillonian, In answer to your question: It's a switch - SOHO (i.e. unmanaged). D-Link DGS-1008D. Thanks for this. I'll give it a try and see what happens. There are two drives; one for the M/W/F scripts and one for the T/T scripts. The thinking behind this was that one drive would be in the fireproof safe while the other drive is backing up. However, I couldn't see any way of doing this on a single script - recycling the backup script happened on a weekly basis rather than a daily one, and didn't seem to be any way of changing it.
  12. I'm really struggling to get Retrospect 8.5 set up and backing up reliably - any help gratefully received! I used to use Retrospect many years ago on both Mac and windows, and found it very reliable. However, after installing it on the PCs at work, it hasn't worked once correctly or reliably - and I don't know why … It is backing up a small Windows-based network (one 'server' PC - but running a desktop OS - and 5 client PCs). All are running Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64bit), using Intel Sandy-Bridge based Quad-Core i5s (apart from the 'Server' PC which is a Quad-Core i7), and are connected to the same Gigabit ethernet hub, running at full-duplex speeds. The 'Server' PC runs the full Retrospect Professional (8.5) software, and all the others are using the Retrospect Client software. All computers back up to a 3TB external hard drive connected via eSATA to the 'Server' PC. I have set up two lots of identical backup scripts, each backing up to a different drive - one for Monday / Wednesday / Friday, and one for Tuesday / Thursday. The server hosts the data files for our Sage accounts and Act! database. All other computers connect to that computer for their data. All computers are running AVG antivirus 2014. Originally, I did a staged introduction of backups, starting with the server. These seemed to go well, and completed without errors. The problems seemed to start (though I can't exactly put my finger on things) when I started adding clients into the mix. I set them all up identically, and yet they sometimes hang (after copying over a nominal amount of data, like 20MB say). Clicking 'Stop …' in either Retrospect itself, or in the Client software, does nothing. Only a restart will fix the issue. I should point out at this stage that the computer itself doesn't hang or crash - only the Retrospect software and backup. I initially thought that this was due to it trying to copy open files; so I started restarting the computers at the end of the day, and leaving them to backup overnight - but this sometimes worked, sometimes not. Also, most days, if there has been a problem with a backup, then the server won't shut down or restart. Once, all the backups completed successfully, but the server wouldn't shut down. I came in the next morning to find the 'Shutting down' screen on. After force restarting the computer, and checking the retrospect log, it seems that it had been trying to shut down for 6 and a half hours. The computers are running Microsoft SQL server; it is used by our database software (Act!) to talk to Sage; however, as the data on both Sage and Act! is backed up by the server, we have not purchased (and feel we don't need to purchase) the SQL backup option. I thought it might be the antivirus; but the issue still occurs despite adding an exception rule for all the retrospect software. I'm starting to suspect that the problem is with the software itself … Please can anyone give me any pointers? Any help gratefully received!