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  1. Background info... I recently bought a used firewire LaCie 9.4gig DVD-RAM external drive, and was hoping to use this with an upgraded Mac (mirrored door job), which I'm buying this week. Now this is all fine and dandy, but when it came to setting up the DVD-RAM drive with Retrospect (v5.1, OS X 10.3x), that's when the confusion set in. The custom config for the drive came up with the usual message about setting up this drive and using the media you INTEND to use as backups eg. "CD/DVD", however the next message asked for a CD-RW? Eh! I thought, this isn't right, the drive will only accept DVD-R or DVD-RAM (any type)! Anyhow, put CD-RW in drive, and as expected, 2 mins later it failed. So I put a DVD-RAM 9.4gig disk in, and 2 hrs later, Retrospect unexpectedly quit! Great!!! So it dawned on me, use DVD-R... I put a disk in the Lacie drive, and 15mins later, it was configured. What I don't understand is what's with the confusing messages telling you what to do? Why in hell didn't Retrospect ask for the correct disk type in the first place? And the help files wasn't any help what's so ever! Arrrggghh!
  2. I know this answer is a bit late in coming, but compressing files that are already compressed, eg. stuffit archives and some kinds of files will actually create bigger files, because the compressor is having to add some data to the file cos it's already compressed to the point where no more disk space can be saved. Have you tried putting certain files in separate folders, so that one can be compressed when backed up and the other (archives, MPEG movies etc.) won't be compressed when backed up. I'd avoid compressing these types of files: Quicktime movies, stuffit/zip/gzip archives, DMG disk images, highly compressed JPEG images - although lightly compressed JPGs can still space with Retrospect compression.
  3. I had a similar problem, with a drive that worked for a while then refused to work. The key thing here is to get rid of any old configuration rdl files, and then start a new backup set. This should allow you auto-configure the drive while doing your backup - don't configure the drive in the Tools tab window, it doesn't work.
  4. Sorry, I miss read what you wrote, let me try again... How are you backing up, a full backup and then as incrementals? Are the same files being backed up even if they haven't been modified? If yes to both: Suggest you do a new full backup, and write incrementals to that - that way Retrospect will keep a track of your files better. And keep to one OS when backing up, otherwise the whole lot will be backed up again!
  5. ComputerRock, Yes it's that simple for a file backup - just bin em. But you have to tell Retrospect to forget about that catalogue befor binning it, just so you don't cause any problems.
  6. Hi, You have a number of choices with regards to backup devices, but it all depends on how much data/files you wish to backup. The more you need to backup, the bigger the capacity backup device you need. CD-R/RW is good, but DVD-+R/RW is better - just remember that Retrospect has a compression option, use it whenever possible. But you'll have to research what drives are supported by Dantz's Retrospect program(s), see this link: http://www.dantz.com/en/support/compatibility_list_all.dtml As for FW hard disks, Lacie has firmware updates for it's drives, so I've seen on it's web site. A 'File backup set' is just that, a backup to a single file, without the need to automatically format and prepare disks for 'occupation' (uses the whole disk) by the Retrospect. Think of it like a Stuffit archive file. Retrospect will not ask for disks when restoring data, just the location of the file.
  7. Phew! Sorted it. After all that trouble configuring it, and hopefully for the last time, the FW DVD-RAM drive is now recognised in Retro Desktop 5.1, and I didn't have to do anything?! It just recognised it while setting up a new backup set and then proceeding to do a backup. I don't get it... so long as it works. Although I did test it on a newer Mac (Mirror Door G4, 1.25Ghz), perhaps the FW hardware & firmware is better than my old 350Mhz G4 Graphite. Oh well!
  8. Sorry, last question should have read: Do I have to use a special disk formatting program, if there is one? In addition to the first question: What disk should I use first, a DVD-R or a DVD-RAM disk, and does it matter? Also, should I custom configure the drive when I acturally start to do a backup [with the backup set setup to use 'removable' disks], or use the Device window before backing up? Someone please HEELLLLPPP!!!
  9. Try Dantz's full list of supported devices at: http://www.dantz.com/en/support/compatibility_list_all.dtml Having had a quick look, I only see a "Panasonic CW-8123 (Apple version)", theres seem to be no Matshita drives listed, but that's only because Matshita only produce the drives for other 3rd parties (Panasonic is one) and don't sell them directly. At least that's my take on it.
  10. ARRRGGHH! More problems... Now the 9.4gig drive is not being recognised, however I tried Retro 5.1 in OS 9 (not classic mode) and it works flawlessly. This is OK for doing a full backup, which I intend to use for backing up my data and system setup, to restore to the new Mac. Anyone been able to use a Matshita DVD-RAM (in a Lacie external unit) firewire drive with Retrospect 5.1 or 6.0 with the latest driver updates? Looks like I'm going to have to use the Mac's CD-RW drive until this is rectified by Dantz.
  11. Hi, I don't quite understand your problem. Are you saying that the backup will not backup modified files, at all, but only newly created files? If so, what does the error message say, if anything? Why not do the backup manually, for now, until you figure out what's gone wrong with your script. You may have to recreate your script again, from scratch. Also, it might be an idea to upgrade to v5.1 or v6.
  12. hi jpsmets, I know this is a bit late saying this, but you should be able to recover your backed up files, assuming you really have backed up as a normal full/incr backup to disks/tapes with Retrospect. Just go into the configure (or Restore window) window, and double click on your backup catalogue. Then (I'm doing this from memory mind you) click on add snapshot somewhere on there, and put in your disk/tape, and it'll show all snapshots to date. Click on the last known good snapshot, and use that one to restore your files. Of course if you did a Finder copy (backup), and overwrote the folder then you're stuck. You either need to use an unerase program (Norton Utilitlies v7-8) or the company you talked about. In which case ignore me.
  13. Oh, and one other thing... Since I configured it with a DVD-R disk, Retrospect will now accept DVD-RAM disks as backup media, using the Lacie drive. I don't get that!?
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    Recycle backup

    Oops! You're not using OS X, it's Windows. Well whatever the max. file size it can handle, then.
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    Recycle backup

    Hi, Answers in order of appearance: 1) Not necessarily delete the backup, but more like disregards what files (unflags them) it backed up previously, and starts from scratch again. 2) Nope. You're going to have to either erase everything on the drive; get another hard disk; or start backing it up to a file (not as a set), depending on the total amount of files you intend to backup - max. is 2 terabytes in OS X, I believe, in order to start another backup set. 3) Well, if it backed up everything you asked it to, then it doesn't matter to Retrospect how much space is left on the disk, cos it uses the entire drive as one backup device, with your currect backup method. Hope this answers most of your queries.