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  1. To Whitneydigital, To answer your last question: Yes Retrospect 5.1 (not v5.0, at least, not very well) will run under OS X, and latest version of Panther - I've been using it in Panther for the last 1-2 years! Your best course of action is to use Retrospect v5.1 for v5 backups, if you're having problems restoring, that seems to be the best logical step.
  2. I have the same problem. I haven't tried this yet, but you could try rebooting your Mac, and put it into Safe Mode by pressing and holding the Shift key while it boots up. Hopefully this will allow you to successfully bin the file. If not, check the file's permissions, and reset it to your User Account, the try to bin it.
  3. OOOOHHHH! Well blow me down. Never even thought of that approach before. At the moment Retro v6 seems to be behaving itself, but I'll make a note of your suggestion, incase this happens again. Thanks for that idea Natew.
  4. I just don't get the Config Device proceedure at all!! After a long time trying to get Retro Desktop v6.0.204 with driver v6.1.102 (got the v6.2 driver, not installed yet), to use my firewire Lacie DVD-RAM/-R drive, and FAILING 99% of the time to get it to recognise that there is a disk in the drive when I want to do a test backup. I've now got it to work now, by accident, of all things!! The Config Device was doing it's thing to recognise the drive, and only got as far as 'checking media...' something or other, and then the beachball of death came over it. So I force quite Retrospect Desktop, and checked in the HD:Library/Preferences/Retrospect/ and low and behold theres now a device01.rdi file there. So I thought, hell why not try a test backup again, and see what happens. It's backing up to a DVD-RAM 9.4gig disk??!! GREAT, I thought. Now the real test is to see if it'll span it accross 2 disks. I suppose my point is that I thought there was an entire read disk, blank disk, and finalise RDI file proceedure, to go through before a proper configuration was done!? Well if it works, that's fine by me.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out, but I always use 'removable disk' when creating a backup set, and I always use DVD-RAM. Trouble is that Retrospect 6 didn't initially recognise any DVD-RAM disks when in the drive, even when trying to get it to back some test data up!? Perhaps in previous tests, I didn't have 'removable disk' selected when creating a backup catalogue file. I've noticed that Retrospect 6 now has 'CD/DVD' as the default type selected, I may have got caught out once or twice. I do hope it's sorted now, so I can start using v6 for my next round of full backups.
  6. It says on Dantz's how to config web page that it takes upto 200 minutes to configure a drive! So I wouldn't wait any longer than 3.5 hrs to configure the drive. Cancel the operation after this time has elapsed. Oh, by the way, I highly recommend that you delete the RDI file that Retrospect creates for any unsupported drives. This is located in HD:Library/Preferences/Retrospect/ - as described in this web page on how to configure a device: http://kb.dantz.com/al/12/1/1023.html Then reconfigure the drive again from scratch, hopefully it'll work this time round. The list of compatible drives is on this page, sorry: http://www.dantz.com/en/support/compatibility_list_all.dtml
  7. Thanks for explaining the 'nuances' of device support, Natew.
  8. I agree, it seems a totally unnecessary hassle to have compatibility issues of this kind, when the OS can do it for you. Escpecially for common drives such as DVD-+R/RW, CD-R/RW burners and mountable disks and hard disks. However only Dantz can answer your question with the whole truth.
  9. Also, try this... There is a guide to using the Config (Retro Mac v5.1) window on Dantz's site: http://kb.dantz.com/al/12/1/1023.html I should imagine that the v5.1 Config screen is pretty much identical to v6.0x.
  10. I know this aint gonna be much use to you, but you could try using a different drive that is 100% compatible with Retrospect - Dantz does have a compatibility listing on their web site... http://www.dantz.com/en/support/compatibility_list_all.dtml There is also a guide to using the Config (Retro Mac v5.1) window on Dantz's site: http://kb.dantz.com/al/12/1/1023.html Don't know if that is much help to you, but that's my 2cents worth!
  11. Just a little observation, Retrospects's config process takes a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time to do it's thing! I suggest you wait for at least 2hrs before returning to the computer again. If it's a DVD disk your wanting to use, it may take upwards of 3hrs, but no more than 3.5hrs to complete it's task. So, be patient with it.
  12. You certainly can't use the DVD-R disk anymore, Retrospect writes over the entire disk, to get the info it needs to write to that device. Not sure if it is any use, but keep it for reconfiguring purposes if need be - I have a hunch that it may be a helluva lot faster next time, if you stick this disk in next time. But I'm not sure of that just yet, I'm going to try it on my DVD drive soon.
  13. Q: What version/name of Retrospect are you trying to use? If it's a version that is still half classic OS 9 coded, then that is part of the application that is trying to access CarbonLib. Not sure of what action you can take to rectify this problem with 100% success, but I do have 3 suggestions: 1) Reinstall the 10.3.8 OS update, to see if it will replace any damaged files. 2) Uninstall Retrospect (with uninstall option, if poss) and reboot. Then reinstall Retrospect. 3) Reinstall MacOS X.
  14. Yeh! By creating a new backup set. Once you've set the name of that backup, that's it, it's set in stone from now on, especially when you've started to backup to that set. Suggest that when you get to a convenient point in your backups, that you start a new set.
  15. For one thing, don't store your only copy of the catalogue on the network volume, copy it to your hard disk along with the Retrospect program, then 'relink' the catalogue file to this new location (via Configure/Backup Sets pane). Only copy it to the network when it has been updated, and also copy to another disk for safe keeping. I believe there is a setting for notifying you of certain events happening, just visit Retro's preferences pane.
  16. I believe the limitation is on the Windows side, not the Mac side. Not sure what the filesize limit is for Windows boxes, but I think you've circumvented your own system. Retrospect 6 does indeed have a much bigger filesize feature, but only if you backup to a device connected to the Mac, eg. a DVD-R drive. Unfortunately you're backing up to a Windows box, so this is a problem on the PC side, since you're using a Windows formatted disk. If you really have to backup to a PC, buy a Windows version of Retrospect, or buy a drive for the Mac, and backup to that instead.
  17. You could use lables on folders to prevent it from backing up those cache files - there is an option in Retrospect 6 to do this.
  18. I think that Retrospect saves a device config file somewhere on your hard disk, but not sure where exactly - I'm not at my own Mac at the moment. But what you can do, is to move the currect config file out of it's location, and put on the desktop or something. Then run Retrospect 6, and start the manual config routine again. This time you'll be starting from scratch, and this often helps Retro locate and configure new or unknown drives successfully. Give it a whirl - although you should be very patient with the Config process, it takes absolutely ages to config DVD drives. It took 1-2 hours with my drive - I think it was doing a type of low-level format on the entire disk, I presume to discover it's total capacity, and drive characteristics!
  19. How many Macs do you have? Sounds like you have a lot. I see no reason why not, if you're a small company with only a few Macs. Unfortunately the one main down side to the Mac Mini is that they only have 80gig hard disk in them as standard, and are not upgradable. Why not go for network storage device/server instead, eg. Xserve, they usually have massive storage capacity (terrabytes), more than enough for most people. And may save you money in the long term - one of them being: don't have to upgrade them regularly.
  20. Since I have answered my own questions in 2 previous threads, I'll ask these questions... What does one do with a configuration test disk (DVD-R)? Are they of any use, any more?
  21. Let me explain the differences between a disk & file backup. Retrospect uses two types of backup which leaves a file(s) on a removable disk, this can lead to some confusion. When doing a 'removable disk backup set', Retrospect will span the backup over several disks, which then leaves a file on it that takes up 99.9% of the disk space, and is often called 'Retrospect file'. Also, the disk now takes on the name of backup set with a number appended to the front of it. While a 'file backup set' is an archive file that does NOT span over a number of disks, and does not need a separate catalogue file. That's the main difference, just make certain that this file will fit on a disk, if you wish to copy it off your hard disk. Since you have used zip disks, it is a 'removable disk backup set', because you have a backup that spans many zip disks. It is not a file backup set. Yes, hard disks may be very convenient for backups, they are however, succeptable to file deletions and disk erasure caused by head crashes and user error. A more secure way to backup is with removable disks, eg. CD-R/RW, DVD-+R/RW or DVD-RAM (4.7gig per side, and is mountable) which is what I use. I think you're best bet is to install a new MacOS onto a partitioned hard disk, if you have to reformat the drive anyway, then install Retrospect and then restore your data. I hope I haven't confused you too much.
  22. Thanks for the answer natew. I figured this'd be the case, however one other question comes to mind... Should I keep it for later use, incase the config file gets deleted or something? I seems like a waste of a disk, to just bin it afterwards.
  23. The problem: Retrospect 5.1.177 and latest version of 6.0.2xx (downloaded it yesterday) will not recognise DVD-RAM 4.7gig disks in the Configure window, it just takes 2+ hours to TRY and configure, and then quits unexpectedly. Unfortunately this is a non-supported drive, according to the full list. I have a G4 350mhz, OS X 10.3.5, using a FW Panasonic/Matshita DVD-RAM/DVD-R external drive. Don't have the exact model no, but will supply when I get home. The drive works ncorrectly in the Finder. Questions: How do I custom configure this drive to use DVD-RAM disks (already HFS+ formatted with Disk Utility)? Do I know to use another disk formatting program?
  24. Good news... It's working now (fingers crossed), as in, I can use DVD-RAM 9.4Gig disks as my primary backup media. The thing is, I didn't do a thing to get it to work!! I hope to god it stays that way when I start using Retrospect Desktop 6 (just bought the upgrade), instead of v5.1.