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    Retrospect Suddenly Slows My Pc

    I looked at what you suggested Shmoozy but didn't feel confident enough to do what you suggested. I re-installed Retrospect 7 briefly and booted into safe mode and then tried to figure out the restore procedure. The backup I would have restored from is on an external drive and booting into safe mode does not show that drive under "my computer". The backup on my 2nd. internal drive contains a "windows" file which I backed up in safe mode when the first glitch occurred. Not sure why the "C" drive "windows" file contains 10.64 GB, 57,399 files and 9642 folders while the copy on the "D" drive is 13.4 GB, 60,784 files and 10,235 folders. Then I couldn't determine which of the old retrospect catalogues to use as they were outdated and I wasn't certain which one I should try to re-create. To make a long story short it was beyond my technical expertise coupled with my fears that I might end up crashing the "C" drive and no longer have a computer to use. I opted to just back off and hope that Roxio might come up with a fix for the glitch but won't hold my breath. Sad after all these years of getting comfortable with Retrospect. For the time being Easus has just released their v.3 and that will have to do. I thank you very much for all your time and trouble but I think we are obviously in different tech. leagues and I best leave well enough alone. regards, mwdcanuck
  2. jellyreagan

    Retrospect Suddenly Slows My Pc

    Good Morning Shmoozy: I may try what you have suggested but I have a couple of questions. When I restore the old "windows" folder from a previous backup what else might I be altering? My windows file has roughly 9600 folders and 57,000 files is it possible I might foul up some other software in the process? Assuming I do the restore and retrospect starts working properly again how do I prevent my MS updates from corrupting retrospect in the future when MS automatically updates my computer software? The other thing I do not understand is that when I install retrospect back onto my computer it no longer requests the usual code numbers that allow the software to install. It just seems to install completely on it's own or am I missing something? Maybe "Mayoff" might comment in this regard. Thanks, mwdcanuck
  3. jellyreagan

    Retrospect Suddenly Slows My Pc

    Thanks again Shmoozy: My computer skills are somewhat limited and out of frustration I had already uninstalled Retrospect and I hesitate doing another install but may consider it. I had previously run retrospect in safe mode as a work around and it worked just fine as long as I was backing up to my second internal drive which was great. Unfortunately it would not allow me to backup to my external drive as it was not recognized in safe mode. As for attempting to restore my Windows folder this is miles over my head so I will pass on that one. For now I will just work with Easus Todo backup freeware and hope that Roxio will post a fix the what currently ails the retrospect software. Your help is much appreciated. best regards, mwdcanuck
  4. jellyreagan

    Retrospect Suddenly Slows My Pc

    Thanks for your response Schmoozy. I suspect you are right. I have used retrospect for years and liked it very much when it was owned by Dantz and there support was good. I have frequently had problems with Roxio and finally quit using them a few years back as their support and software glitches were so bad. I think we are wasting our time waiting for help from them and I have switched to another software although I would have preferred to continue using Retrospect. I was surprised when there was no comment from "Mayoff" as he was the go to man when Dantz had the software. I suspect he is not allowed to comment as my version of Retrospect is possibly is not a current version. Companies like this often die a slow death as word gets around. thanks again, mwdcanuck
  5. I have been using Retrospect for what seems like ten years, starting with Express, then v.6 and onto Pro 7.0.301. I have never completely understood it but used it weekly to incrementally backup and duplicate my C drive to another internal drive and an external drive. I have never updated beyond the original 7.0.301 and still use it with windows XP. Last week everything changed - when I started Retrospect it now takes several minutes to load and causes all my other software to run in slow motion. The short of it is I can no longer use the Retrospect and suspect it might have have corrupted or be in conflict with other software on my computer. I have attempted to both repair and remove retrospect by using the original disk and from the control panel. Nothing seems to work. When I re-install it never asks me for my original key code so I suspect it has never fully removed itself when I do an uninstall. At times I have seen an error message - Retrospect unable to load UNIXVOL.RPX - error 63 (bad program extension). At the moment my only work around has been to boot in safe mode and for some reason Retrospect seems to work fine and allows me to duplicate to my internal drive but not to my external drive. I have not tried backups in safe mode. I have also done a system restore going back more than a week but this did not help. Need help badly.
  6. jellyreagan

    Device recognition problem

    I'm running XP Pro and Retrospect 6. I have a Maxtor 5000 external drive for backup connected by USB. I can go to my computer and see my Maxtor drive and the two partitions I have made on it using partition magic v.8. One partition is FAT32 and the other NTFS. From windows explorer or My Computer I can access the old backups on the Maxtor. At the moment I wish to delete (erase) all my old backup on the NTFS partition of my Maxtor external. I use Retrospect/configure/devices/environment but for some reason Retrospect will not list my Maxtor as a recognized drive. It shows my two internal hard drives, my DVD Rom, my CDRW and my media card reader but never my Maxtor External. I believe that I have the most current drivers from both Dantz and Retrospect but am not 100% certain. Why does Retrospect refuse to recognize the Maxtor and how do I rectify the problem?
  7. jellyreagan

    Error while building Disaster Recovery Image File

    Quote: AmyJ said: When building the ISO Image for a Windows 9x/ME Disaster Recovery, Retrospect may attempt to include individual files from the root of your startup disk. If the total amount of data (files from startup volume root plus the Windows Directory) is greater then 600 MB, you may receive an ISO Image Size too larger error. To avoid this problem, try moving non essential files to a new directory or volume. As an example, if your disk contains the gobackio.bin file from "GoBack", the ISO image may become too large. The above was a solution posted by Amy several months ago after I posted a message saying that I was receiving an error message while attempting to Prepare for Disaster Recovery. Unfortunately her explanation goes far beyond my understanding of computers and so I am still having the same problem when attempting to Prepare for Disaster Recovery. Perhaps I can clarify the problem a little more and someone might be able to help me with a more simplified response. The error occurs when "Retrospect is attempting to create a CD-R image file in C:\My Documents\Restore DriveC.iso. This appears to be a default location selected by the Retrospect software. The software then indicates it is "scanning C" and selects approx 5600 files totalling approx. 724mb. I have no idea what files it is selecting to make the CD-R image file or why it has chosen to put the file in My Documents. Before it is able to complete the process it stops the process with the "error message" "ISO image size to large". I have difficulty understanding where to look for the said files and how to identify "non essential files" or how to move them to another directory as suggested in Amy's note above. Need more help badly - thanks.
  8. I have recently completed my 1st. full backup of 13GB to an external hardrive. I am now attempting to use the Wizard to Build my Disaster Recovery CD-R Image File. At first it seems to be functioning O.K. and copies numerous files for 10 to 15 minutes. I then get a message saying that it has encountered errors and refers me to the "log". Notation in the log as follows "MapError: unknown Windows error 0. > ISO image size too big, can't continue. What do I do now? I am using Win98se and Retro Pro 6.
  9. I recently purchased a Maxtor 5000DV External drive that came with Retrospect Express OED V.5.6.132. Before using the drive and Express I was considering using my Partition Magic ver.8 to partition the drive. Will the partitioning create any problems for Express or any other problems I should be aware of before partitioning?