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  1. I am using a 400 MHz iMac SE DV, with OS 9.2.2. I just bought a LaCie 52x24x52x CD-RW drive to do backups with Retrospect Express 5, after seeing on your website that it is supported. Along with the drive, I bought some Memorex 24x media, and I cannot back up with it; Retrospect Express hangs or aborts every time, with Type 206 errors (bad media). This happens whether I back up with compression or without compression. I tried several discs, with the same result. Then, I tried a backup with Sony 10x media that I had left over from an older drive, and it worked fine, even with compression, although it took longer with the slower media. Obviously, Memorex 24x CD-RW media is incompatible with Retrospect Express, the LaCie drive, or both. If I want to use 24x media to take advantage of the drive's speed, which 24x CD-RW media do you recommend for use with Retrospect Express 5 and the LaCie 52x24x52x drive? Obviously, there must be one or more brands out there that work, for you to have certified the drive. The only brand of 24x CD-RW media that I have found other than Memorex is Verbatim DataLife. Thanks in advance for your prompt response.
  2. I have a LaCie 32x10x40 U&I CD-RW drive, which I'm using with a 400MHz iMac, OS 9.2.2. I just upgraded to Retrospect Express 5.0, and downloaded the latest driver update. However, my drive doesn't work with Express; it fails right away when trying to write data to the CD during a backup. I have tried both TDK and Sony High-Speed CD-RW discs with the same results. Going down the "Configure -> Devices -> Device Status" path yields the following information: Vendor: LaCie Product: CDBP-321040A Version: 2.40 Driver: LaCie CD-RW (5.01) I see from your device compatibility list that the 16x10x40 U&I drive is qualified; what about the 32x10x40? Is there a definitive decision on whether this drive is supported by Retrospect Express, or will be supported? I have been waiting for a while for this drive to be qualified. Up until now, I have been using the workaround of breaking up my hard drive into subvolumes and doing a file backup of each subvolume to the hard drive while inside Retrospect Express, and then writing the resulting files to CD using Toast after leaving Retrospect Express, but this is getting old, and is very time-consuming. Besides, as the files grow, ultimately they get too big to fit on a CD. I want to know if I have to go buy another drive if I want to do incremental backups inside Retrospect Express. If your answer is that this drive is NOT supported, then please answer another question: I see from your list that the LaCie D2 52x24x52 CD-RW drive IS supported. Is this the drive that is currently being sold by MacConnection (Item No. 403997) and others? Does this drive work reliably within Retrospect Express, doing incremental backups to CD-RW? Please confirm -- I don't want to spend the money on another drive, only to learn after I hook it up that it is unsupported. Thank you very much in advance for your prompt response.
  3. I have an iMac DV SE, 400 MHz, with 128MB RAM, running OS 9.2.1. Up until now, I have been backing up with Retrospect Express 4.3 to an Iomega 250 MB USB Zip drive with no problems. Since a few days ago, the computer hangs up in the middle of a recycle backup operation. Normally, during a backup, the green access light on the Zip drive is lit, since it is being accessed continuously. Now, at varying points in the backup, the access light goes out, and within seconds, the drive head deselects, leaving Retrospect Express hanging. Trying to stop the program by clicking the Stop button doesn’t work, as the program remains hung up. Doing a Force Quit by pressing Command-Option-Escape does stop the program, but then either choosing Restart from the Special menu or trying to eject the Zip disk freezes the computer, requiring a hard reset. This doesn’t always happen at the same time during the backup, but the end result is always the same. Doing a backup to a Mac file on the hard drive works fine, with all extensions enabled. Using Conflict Catcher 8.1, I restarted the system with all extensions disabled except for the two required for Retrospect Express, and with everything unplugged from the computer except for the keyboard, mouse, and Zip drive. Same result. I also tried this with the latest version of Retrospect Express, 4.3C, and with the new Driver Update 2.5 from Dantz, with the same result. Zip disks inserted in the drive always mount on the desktop, and the backup operation always proceeds normally at least part-way, before the hangup occurs, so this does not appear to be the “click of death” syndrome that has been widely reported. It also does not appear to be cable or USB-port-related. Has anyone seen this before? I suspect that it is the Zip drive and not Retrospect Express, but I wanted to get some input from other users before I spend the money on a CD-RW drive. Thanks for your help.