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  1. No go on the dual RDP sessions, still no interface. Mayoff, that doc seems to point out how to make an admin account to run retro. I'm already doing that, as it's running, but I can't get at the interface. It is running, though. It's set to run as "netops", just so I don't have to keep saying "username" or whatever. Anyway, Always run Retro as the following user is checked, with netops, password, and RETRO for the settings, respectively. Run Retro in the TS session is also selected. netops is a valid admin account on the box; my problem isn't getting it to run, it's finding it. Maybe it's the Startup options? Something odd, though I haven't read the manual on these settings since setup. Enable Launcher: on Automatically launch: on Show icon: on The other setting - the radio between Stay in, Exit, Log off, Restart, Shut Down was set to Exit, which sounds weird to me, like it's starting up then shutting down on boot.
  2. Yup, RDP, but I'm logging in as the user the process is running as, and I can't see the interface. There's 3 users on the box, tried all 3 to make sure. The retrospect.exe process is run as the account I'm trying to log in as, but I just noticed the retrorun.exe is a system account. Could that be the reason the interface isn't showing up?
  3. Hi, RS 7.6 under Win2k. When the box reboots, I have Retro set to start by itself, which it does, and that's fine. What I can't seem to get at this point, is a way to bring up the interface when it's already running. Clicking the Retrospect icon brings up the Monitor instead of the interface. I can kill the process and get things to start normally again, but that's hardly optimal. Any ideas?
  4. Perfect, thanks for the info!
  5. I have what's in the subject, and right now, we're running both DataProtector and Retrospect SServer 7.6 on a Windows box. DP uses an intermediary linux box as the library manager or something, which is connected direct to the MSL5000. What I want to do is just use Retrospect, and trash the house of cards that is DP - having two is redundant, and DP has rare moments of stability at best. I'll have more questions , but initially, it seems that RS can only connect to a directly attached tape library, rather than a networked one. Is this accurate? I couldn't see a way to add a tape library by IP.
  6. Seems accurate verbatim, but all I have to do is delete and re-add the sets, and everything works again. There's a definite disconnect happening somewhere, I was just hoping to find it, and curtail this (obviously inconvenient) behaviour. Hopefully someone has experienced this, or knows a way around it.
  7. 7.6.111 / Win 2k Pro We had a deadlined Windows update (via WSUS) last week, and on restarting, all the Statuses indicate "Source", and nothing will back up. I'm used to this by now, btu I'm hoping there's a way to fix the box. The only way I'm able to get it working again is by trashing the backup sets completely - deleting sets, then the disk locations - and recreating them. I imagine it's because Retrospect isn't shut down gracefully, but every time? I'm afraid to reboot the box now, for fear that it won't like the way it was shut down, and I'll have to recreate the sets again. Anyone familiar with this behaviour?
  8. Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone knew, that when I select Application Data as a special folder to be backed up, does Server 7.6x discriminate between traditional Windows OSes and Vista? Does Retrospect understand and use AppData as a valid folder under Vista? If so, does it back up everything located there? TIA
  9. Hi folks, RS Server 7.6.111 under Win2k SP4. I have one backup set, and one Proactive Backup instance, all set to use 3 execution units, but it has never used more than one at any given time, ever. Admittedly, it's making backups take a looong time. Any ideas as to how to force RS to use more units? TIA
  10. The latest 7.6 client and Vista. Anyone else get this? It's usually due to a program not being compatible with Vista. I really hope that's not the case.
  11. There must be a workaround, this can't be what they mean by Vista support on the product pages. The whole reason we /bought/ 7.5 was because it's the version that lets us back up Vista.
  12. Keep's popping up when it wants to back up, makes me switch to the purgatory desktop to see the deferral dialog. Anyone know a fix? Specifically: "A program can't display a message on your desktop."
  13. Awesome, all I needed, thanks!
  14. Hi, we're getting Vista (Business) rolled out in the office, but are still using Retrospect Server 6.5. Can I expect any explosions? I'd rather know before I mess with Vista the Delicate. TIA