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  1. Although I've done it successfully many times before, I can no longer get an immediate backup to finish. Here's what I'm using: Mac blue &white G3 running OS 9.2.2 Retrospect Express 4.2 with driver update 1.9 backing up to CD RW (Yamaha CRW6416) connected via SCSI (Advansys card) Here's what happens: 1st Try - I sit and feed the CD burner discs while it backs up almost 5G of information. After finishing with 7 CDs, it asks for CD 1 again. I put it in and it's identified at the correct CD. CD 2 works fine too. CD 3 isn't recognized. Retrospect says it's an erased CD. I tell Retrospect to skip to the next. CD 4 is okay. CD 5&6 aren't recognized either. CD 7 is. During this CD swapping, I go to the Device Status window and the Yamaha burner is listed as a visible device. I then try to restore something from the backup set and insert the CD it asks for. It's not recognized. 2nd Try - Although two different types of CDs were used the first time, I suspected it could just be bad media, so I try all 5Gs of info again. Seven new CDs later, I begin refeeding CDs again. This time the first CD is not recognized. I simply click the stop button and look for answers to my questions in any Retrospect literature I can get my hands on. 3rd Try - The problem could be with some of the extensions I turned off during earlier troubleshooting of different software. I restart with just the Mac OS base extensions and anything else needed for the appropriate hardware and software. This time I backup only half my hard drive. Four CDs later it asks for CD 1 again. I insert the CD and it's not recognized. The CD burner is still recognized in the device status window. I stop the backup and try to restore. When asked for the correct CD I insert it and it is still not recognized. The main difference between these attempts to backup and earlier successful backups is I upgraded from OS 8.6 to 9.2.2. Any suggestions?