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  1. Hi Guys, As shown below I too experienced this mysterious error, but its now gone ... + Retrospect version 7.0.326 Launched at 31/10/2005 8:56 PM in user account ialchemy\administrator + Retrospect Update, version Exit at 31/10/2005 10:02 PM TVxBlockRunTimeLinking: LockUnlockCd not available! + Retrospect version 7.0.326 Automatically launched at 1/11/2005 2:00 AM in user account ialchemy\administrator + Retrospect Update, version + Normal backup using Proactive at 1/11/2005 2:00 AM (Execution unit 1) To Backup Set Windows SBS [001]... - 1/11/2005 2:00:44 AM: Copying Local Disk (C:) 1/11/2005 2:21:10 AM: Snapshot stored, 206.1 MB 1/11/2005 2:22:35 AM: Comparing Local Disk (C:) 1/11/2005 2:39:08 AM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 6538 files, 3.9 GB Performance: 258.1 MB/minute (267.7 copy, 249.1 compare) Duration: 00:38:18 (00:07:35 idle/loading/preparing) Exit at 1/11/2005 9:09 AM + Retrospect version 7.0.326 Launched at 1/11/2005 9:20 AM in user account ialchemy\administrator + Retrospect Update, version Exit at 1/11/2005 9:22 AM The host is a HP Proliant ML110 running Server 2003 configured with a CDROM and VXA Tape ... all was well. Recently I upgraded a HP DC7600 workstation from a Combo drive to a DL DVD burner and decided to put the combo drive into the server. I didn't plan to burn CDs with Retrospect but felt it might be useful none the less. The combo drive is a TSSTcorp TS-H492A and came bundled with Retrospect 7.0 Express. Interestingly Retrospect 7.0 Multi-Server refuses to support it out of the box which means I'll have to configure it myself. I didn't try Retrospect 7.0 Express with it. Anyway, I had installed Roxio DigitalMedia Plus v7.2 and that seems to coincide with the error message appearing. I've subsequently removed the Roxio software and reinstalled it minus the Audio and DVD components as all I need is the ability to burn data and image CDs and now the error message is no longer appearing.
  2. mmcleary

    W2K Restore Failure

    Neither work. Much less stress to simply accept that its Windows and not meant to be easy. I guess its a good opportunity to rebuild the system and reinstall all the apps.
  3. mmcleary

    Linux client and Multicast

    Hi, I always modify /etc/rc.d/init.d/rcl to start the client as a daemon with a specific IP address as I originally encountered problems when two NICs were active. I can routinely reproduce this problem by simply changing the gateway address on the my Linux machines such that its on the secondary interface while the client is on the primary interface. It would appear that the linux clients directs its multicast responses to the NIC in the gateways subnet. Locating a client by subnet broadcast or direct IP works fine. I've only really noticed this issue as Retrospect Desktop for MacOS v5.1 only supports discovery by multicast and I was baffled by the fact that Retrospect Server for Windows could see my linux machines, but my Mac couldn't. Cheers, Malcolm
  4. Hi Guys, I'm having a problem "discovering" Linux clients via the Multicast method. I can find then with a subnet broadcast and via direct IP Address. I'm having this problem with both Retrospect for Windows and Retrospect for MacOS. I'm not having this problem with MacOS or Windows clients. I'm only having this problem with Linux machines which have 2 NICs. More to the point I'm only having this problem on Linux machines which have the Retrospect client bound to one NIC when the "gateway" is on the subnet associated with the second NIC (i.e. the Linux machine itself is the gateway for the LAN and its gateway is on its secondary NIC). The Linux machine is running ipchains, but restrictive rules are only set up for the "exposed" secondary NIC. It would appear that the Restrospect client is sending its response to the multicast to the NIC identified as being the one with the gateway rather than the NIC which received the multicast (i.e. the primary NIC). Is this normal behaviour? Is it a Linux or Retrospect client problem? Cheers, Malcolm
  5. mmcleary

    Retrospect 5.1 and Linux Clients

    Hi, From additional trials it appears that the Retrospect Linux client does not respond to multicast when the Linux machine has two NICs with the client bound to one interface while the gateway is on the second interface. Hence the scenario which does not work (for multicast discovery) is when the Linux machine is the network gateway for the LAN with Retrospect bound to the primary NIC and the "internet" is connected to the second NIC. Cheers, Malcolm
  6. mmcleary

    Retrospect 5.1 and Linux Clients

    Hi, Perhaps I should outline the environment I was testing in. Currently I'm running a W2K box as a "Backup Server". It backs up 2 Linux machines, a MacOS X Server, a MacOS 9.2 iBook, a MacOS X iBook and 3 older MacOS desktops. All is well. I installed Retrospect 5.1 on the MacOS X iBook and it could "discover" everything except the Linux machines, but it could see them once they were added to the client database by entering their IP addresses. This afternoon I installed Retrospect 5.1 at two client sites. The first site produced the same experience as I have in my LAN. The second site worked as advertised. The question is what is different. I've had a think about what is different between my environments and I've reconfigured one of my Linux machines to replicate the working configuration I encountered. What I've found is that the working machine had one active NIC ... the machines I can't "discover" have both NICs active and are acting as network gateways. When I set up my Windows Backup Server my Linux machines were just on the LAN and used only one of their NICs ... hence they could be "discovered". I dare say that if I instructed Retrospect for Windows to forget these Linux clients it wouldn't discover them either. So whats the deal with the Linux client and 2 NICs? I have FileMaker Server running on these machines and FileMaker Pro can "discover" the server and list the served files. Without doing anything special, FileMaker Server is only available on the primary NIC. This would indicate that the problem is the client or at least how it deals with responding to the discover process when the machine has two NICs. I do have ipchains active on these Linux machines, but all the restrictive rules are for the secondary "exposed" NIC ... the only rule for the primary NIC allows all traffic. Cheers, Malcolm
  7. Linuxformac-ML-28542-ML- This has been moved to the new Linux client section
  8. on 15/7/03 3:10 PM, Robin Mayoff wrote: > This exciting new version adds many new features including a bootable > Disaster Recovery CD and support for Red Hat "Linux" versions 6.2, 7.1, > 7.2, 7.3, and 8. I've been using the Windows version to backup my Linux machines (Cobalt Qube3s to be precise) and its been working great. Now that the Mac version supports the Linux client I've downloaded an evaluation version to give it a bash. Installation of 5.1 went well, but it will not see my Linux machines although my Windows (Backup Server) can see them. Currently my Linux machines are running client 6.0.143 and 6.5.105. As I requested a Desktop licence I can't add the client by IP. Not to be defeated I obtained a Server evaluation key but it still can't "see" my Linux machines on the network. At least now I can add them by IP. Any suggestions as to what the problem is? Having added them my Linux clients by IP I've upgraded by Qube3s to client version 6.5.108 but they still don't "appear" when I attempt to add clients. I was using Retrospect 5.0, but I've been able to reproduce the same situation on a clean machine. Cheers, Malcolm
  9. Yes it is possible to use a non Multi-Server version of Retrospect with the Linux Client ... all you need is a suitable Licence Code. Unfortunately Dantz doesn't appear to be selling the Linux Client Licence Codes separately. Sure would be nice to be able to backup my SOHO Linux Server, without having to go as far as the Multi-Server version.
  10. Hi Guys, I have a working W2K system which needs a bigger disk. No problem ... I'll just make a full backup, do a Disaster Recovery CD, drop in the new disk and do a restore. Should be simple ... its not happening! The backup went ok, the DR CD appears to work fine, the restore comes up with an error that there wasn't a removeable storage manager to restore, but otherwise completes. When I restart the machine, it prompts for a password and then complains that my system does not have a paging file, or the paging file is too small. After dismissing the dialog I get the password screen again ... hence I can't get back in. I tried using a W2K install CD to "repair" the situation, but it complains that there isn't anywhere to put a page file. The W2K installer on the DR CD does not have any problems doing its thing. I've come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the backupset I'm trying to restore. Currently I've put the original disk back so the machine is operational, but it concerns me that I'd be stuffed if I was doing a real Disaster Recovery. The machine was running Retrospect 5.6.127. I have an identical machine off site running Retrospect 6.0 so I've tried doing a live restore over a fresh W2K install, but get the same results. Any suggestions as to what went wrong and if the backupset can be restored successfully? Cheers, Malcolm
  11. Thanks. Don't you just hate it when the answer is documented .... I simply failed to read the readme. Still it would appear to be a bit of a problem having to login as root to save access info so Retrospect can mount volumes and perform unattended backups when the machine is not logged in. Having said that it is working now.
  12. Can Retrospect 5.0.236 running on MacOS X automount Appleshare Volumes? I wish to have Retrospect autolaunch and perform backups of Appleshare Volumes even when the MacOS X workstation is NOT logged in. It appears to me that when Retrospect Autolaunches it is running as a different user to the one who set it up or in fact is logged in. Retrospect for Windows has a similar "problem", but its possible to set the username and password to be used by Retrospect when the Retrospect Launcher service does its thing. Does the MacOS X version have a similar configuration capability? Further, is there a way to stop Retrospect actually displaying all its windows behind the "login screen"? IMHO, when the workstation is logged out, Retrospect should run as a completely faceless background process. Why don't I install a client on my AppleShare Server? I have, but Retrospect for MacOS does not support the Linux Client. If I want to backup my Appleshare Volumes I'm forced to mount them. Its starting to look like I can only use Retrospect for MacOS X to do local backups and for all other backup requirements I should use Retrospect 6.0 for Windows. Thats possibly not a bad things as I'd rather use my Mac and performing backups is probably a good job for a PC. Having said that ... Retrospect for MacOS X should be able to do what I'm asking it to do.
  13. mmcleary

    Linux Client and ipchains

    Hi Guys, Looks like I need to start the client as follows ... /usr/local/dantz/client/retroclient -ip x.x.x.x -daemon to get it to bind to a specific IP of a NIC. The default condition is to bind to all IPs, but that is not working on my machines. All I need to do now is modify the start up process so that it always binds to the IP on eth0. Cheers, Malcolm
  14. mmcleary

    Linux Client and ipchains

    Hi Guys, I've got the client going again, but the solution is not good. My Linux server has two NICs, but I've only been using eth0. When I was setting up ipchains I activated eth1 by assigning it an IP address. Now by deactivating eth1 and stopping and starting the Retrospect client all is well again. I only want the client to work on eth0, but when both NICs are active it appears to be visible on eth0 but it doesn't work. How do I force the client to only work on my primary NIC? Cheers, Malcolm
  15. Hi Guys, The Linux client on my server appears to be running ... it appears on the network, but Retrospect won't connect to it. It was working fine yesterday morning then last night I set up a firewall configuration with ipchains and now its not happening. ipchains was already install ... just not configured so I really haven't installed anything. My rules only impact on my external interface so Retrospect shouldn't be affected ... but it is. Even if I turn off my firewall rules, Retrospect is not happy. Anyone experienced a compatibility issue between the Retrospect Linux client and ipchains? Cheers, Malcolm