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  1. If I look at the copy log it says that the copy completed. At the same time however and right underneath that log entry is says that the copy failed and their is a popup on the desktop: 0xc7ff1004 error returned from an ESE function call, the database copy failed. Any ideas out there?
  2. Alright, I'm going by the book. Correct version of Exchange and all that. I've tried copying to network drives and local disks as well (all with enough room) and at some point in the copy it fails. This is a trial version of Retrospect and the exchange agent. If this is how the real product performs... and I won't post here but I've already started receiving the 102 communication errors as well (that I was reading about in other posts) Any thoughts out there about getting beyoned this failure so I can make a disaster recovery disk of the whole server and see how that goes? Thanks