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  1. I think so two. But how could the program scan the whole LTO?
  2. Yes, it only asks for other tapes. Name of the set is LTO040, than it asks for LTO040-1. That one does'nt exist, then for LTO040-2 that one does it's 77GB (about). Than for LTO040-3 from here it does'nt exist. However, when i made the backup i printed the content log, that shows that there're more file on the tape.
  3. Yes it asks for another tape (sorry). But still it doesn't scan the complete tape. Is there a way it could find all the data on the disk?
  4. It asks for an other set. But it does'nt find one.
  5. Hello, after working year with success with Retrospect and LTO systems. I'm running in to a problem at the moment. I need to restore some data from a tape, but Retrospect does'nt see the complete index on the tape. When I rebuild the catalogfile it only does about 77 GB of the 500+GB's it has on it. Is there a way, I can completely rebuild the file, so I can restore the data? Kind regards, Martijn van Moock