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  1. I'm trying to get my tape drive (Quantum 4000) to be recognized. I'm running Mac OS 9.2. Mac 733 w/ DVD-R/CD-RW drive. I have installed all of the upgrades to retrospect (4.3A) and I still cannot get the drive to work. The drive shows up in the ID but has a "No driver" error. The knowledge base suggests finding the ADK and updating it. I can only find the ADK updater, and when I run it the updater can't find any original ADK. I have installed the RDU 2.5 also. Didn't work before I installed it and it still doesn't work. Several months back I installed this drive on the same Mac, but running OS 8.5. it worked just fine then. The DVD-R/CD-RW drive shows up with a .sdapStubDrvr. I have also tried setting my extension to the minimum set with only the extensions needed for the drive and retrospect. I have also re-secured the connection both in the back of the mac and the drive. Any help is appreciated.