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  1. I have Solaris 8 system with retrospect client installed. I am getting an error message: Retrospect [nnnn]: OpenJavaMessage: exec1() failed on error 2 nnnn appears to be the message number count. 2888 was the last one that appeared when I looked at screen recently This message repeats continuously and appears on the 'boot-up' console (not the GUI 'console')
  2. I am having trouble backingup to tape. When I first installed and used Retrospect 6.0 Multiserver the backup speed to the tape was in the 100MB/min range. When I try to backup a system (whether through the 100mb network or the backup server itself) it starts out in the 4MB/min range and slows down to about .6MB/min. Instead of what used to take less than an hour to backup now show a estimated completion time of over one day! Nothing has been changed on the backup server. I have system restore turned off. I have my anti-virus software turned off. No applications are running other than Retrospect.