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    Express Server 5.6 - Simple Backup?

    Using your suggestion - what happens if the customer forgets to change the tape one day? What will the program do?
  2. I've been fooling with Express Server 5.6 for a few weeks. I just want simple backups - a full backup each night Mon-Fri. If the customer forgets to put the tape in, I want to backup to overwrite the tape that's in the drive already from 2 backups ago. Is this scenario possible with this product? If so, how can I make it happen? Please Help!
  3. KV_Systems

    Win200 AD Restore

    I recently had a customer that where the Win2000 Server - Active Directory (residing on drive D: of the server) needed to be restored. They were running Retrospect Backup Server Edition v5.6.132. The Active Directory file NTDS.DIT did was not on the backup tapes. I did a full restore of drive D: anyway (in Directory Restore Mode)...which seemed to work...but the NTDS.DIT file was still not there. I ended up having to setup the AD from scratch. I can't find any information on your web site about Active Directory backup/restore. Is there something that I missed? (the customer did not have any manuals - and AD was not mentioned in the Help files either) Do you need the Open File Agent in order to backup the AD?