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    W2K3 Server reboots during backup

    Quote: Just skipping the files during backup fixes the symptoms, but not the cause. Did you check all sectors with CHKDSK? What happens if you try to copy the files in question to another hard drive? (not using Retrospect, of course). Fixes the symptoms, but not the cause.....agreed. Chkdsk.....yes. Haven't tried to copy...I'll wait until I can afford a reboot. Google seems to point to this folder being related to a java install and recommends a java update. I'll try this later to see if it helps.
  2. vksmjones

    W2K3 Server reboots during backup

    Quote: Quote: problem caused by a device driver. Any ideas? Update the device driver. All of them, in fact. And don't trust Windows Update, go to the vendor's site. Run CHKDSK. This only happens when running a Retrospect backup, so I was hoping someone had seen this before. I don't know which device driver it's complaining about and if it's a valid error. I did all of the windows's updates and ran chkdsk. Since it is rebooting at the exact same spot in the backup each time, I was hoping to just skip the folders that it is choking on. I have created a selector to skip the hsperfdata_system folders to see if that helps.
  3. I have one Windows 2003 Standard server that reboots every time I back it up with Retrospect. The backup gets to a folder in my \windows\temp folder called hsperfdata_system, says "can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation), Trouble reading files, error -519 (network communication failed). This is when the W2K3 file server reboots with a stop error: 0x000000f4 (0x00000003, 0x8a4822b0, 0x8a482414, 0x80965a86) - problem caused by a device driver. Any ideas?
  4. vksmjones

    MultiServer 7.5.370 upgrade

    Bump....to find out if EMC is found a solution to this problem. I see that 7.5.370 is still the latest update available, so I guess not.
  5. vksmjones

    MultiServer 7.5.370 upgrade

    When uninstalling the current version and reinstalling the older version, will all of our settings/configuration stay in place? or do we need to copy that off somewhere before downgrading? Thanks, Van
  6. vksmjones

    MultiServer 7.5.370 upgrade

    I am also having this exact same problem. A backup script that backs up 2 win nt 4 servers stalls at 'preparing to execute'. When I go to the console of these computers, I see 'pcpds.exe, the precoedure entry point convertstringsecuritydescriptortosecuritydescriptorw could not be located in the dynamic link library advapi32.dll'. It will never progress past this point AND no other jobs will run no matter what library or backup set is specified. I have to end the retrospect task to get it going again. Retro has been a real pain in the caboose lately.
  7. vksmjones

    Very Slow Client Performance

    Have you checked your speed / duplex settings between the Poweredge server and your network switch? Are you getting errors on the switch port the server is plugged into?
  8. I would like to get a good idea of what kind of performance other Retrospect users are getting. Please include your MB/min, your backup device and what speed lan you are on (10, 100, 1000). According to Retro, I'm getting between 200 and 300 MB/Min on a 100Mbps lan backing up to a Quantum PX502 with LTO3 tape drives. I'm moving to a GB segment this week, so hopefully I will have faster numbers soon. Thanks
  9. Is there a way to tell which physical tapes my data resides on? For instance, I need to be able to pull tapes out of my rotation that contain my Exchange server backups from Wednesday. It's easy to tell which tapes are in that backup set, but I am unable to tell which tapes hold Wednesday morning's Exchange backup.
  10. vksmjones

    Ability to rename libraries

    I am still unable to rename my libraries. Wouldn't this be a simple feature to add?
  11. About a year ago I talked my boss into replacing Backup Exec with Retrospect. There was a CONSIDERABLE cost savings by switching and I decided I could deal with the extra rules that have to be complied with to run a 2 library, 4 tape system on Retro. I have restored a few files here and there since then and have not been let down yet. This week we lost an entire array on a Linux server which included 11 years of historical data that was now only on the Retrospect tapes. I was nervous about restoring that much data without issue, but Retrospect came through like a champ. So for all of the complaints that you hear in the forums, this time I'm going to sing your praises. Thanks. Retrospect was a great investment.
  12. I have a backup job now "Building Catalog File". Above the status bar, it says "Resynchronizing (this may take a while)...". What is actually happening while it's resynchronizing? and how long will it take? Do I need to cancel and recycle the set so I can get on with my life?
  13. Example: I have a tape named 2-Week1-4 that is part of a set that has just been recycled. The tape icon is grayed out once the recycle is complete. When it is time for Retrospect to use this tape, it doesn't. I think it is skipping this tape and using an erased tape. This makes me run out of tapes before the end of the week and I have to erase the tape before Retro will use it. I'm on v7.5.251.
  14. Thanks All-temp. Your solution worked for me, but Dantz, these mailboxes should display automatically since the username/login associated with this Exchange database is already saved in Retrospect.
  15. I just upgraded to v7.5 and I see that the mailboxes now show in the list under the server name, Exchange Mailboxes. The problem is that not all of the mailboxes are in the list and like Mark said, I see no way to add the ones that are missing.