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  1. I've never used Automator either. I was hoping there might be someone reading this who has, and could give us a pointer or two.
  2. I'm converting from a PowerMac G5 running Leopard to an Intel Mac Mini running Mountain Lion. I use Retrospect v6 on the G5, and v10 on the mini. Wow! Has the human interface changed!!! It has taken some serious getting-used-to! I'm not sure that everything new is an improvement. One feature of v6 I used frequently was the ability to make what were called "run document"s. They were a file icon that could be double-clicked to start a retrospect script in a small progress window. I would do a lot of work, then when I was done, close all my documents and double-click the "Save Everything" run document. When it finished, I could shut down the Mac with confidence that I had a full backup of the work I has just done. Does such a thing exist in v10? Thanks for any help!
  3. I'm trying to back-up local files to a media-set on a filesystem mounted via static NFS from Linux server. This *should* be no different from backing-up local files to a USB disk. However… 1) When the NFS server is mounted statically (with an entry in /etc/fstab) it does not show up in the list of devices available to hold new members. Even browsing in the obvious places (e.g under "Macintosh HD" for the static mount point) 2) When the NFS server is mounted manually/dynamically (e.g. by using the "Go -> Connect to server" menu option in the Finder) the NFS volume shows up OK as its own volume -- no need to browse for it. I want to use a static mount (a line in /etc/fstab) because of the better control it gives me over the networking parameters and time-outs. What can I do to get access to the static-mounted NFS filesystems so I can use it as backup media ? Thanks!
  4. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the phrase "medium term"... What does that mean in terms of weeks, months, or years? Will run-documents be in the next micro-release? Or are we waiting for Retrospect for Mac v11 or v12. It's good to know that the UI window doesn't need to remain open while the script is running. Thanks for that! Have you thought about using applescript to make a double-clickable icon that fires up the UI, runs a particular script, and closes down the UI when it's done? I'm not an AppleScript expert, but I'll bet it could be done...
  5. Any idea how long we'll have to wait?