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  1. Not in front of the interface right now, but I found that when rebuilding from the removable media, external hard drive media sets in my case, would not show up in "needs media" in the activities window, in the drives list under the optical drives, until I cancel out and go to the disk media tab and hit refresh, that causes them to show up in the list, then when I go back to activities, select the needs media icon again and now the drives appear. So the trick is to go back and refresh in the drive media section. Otherwise one might think the mounted drives with media sets are not available, but they really are. I've rebuilt about 20 TB this week. One trick, use an eSata RAID box and just load as many volumes in the backup set as you can. Run it overnight.
  2. I have a back up set for a two year period. We create videos, so lots of data in very large sizes. For 2009-2011, there are perhaps 4TB in the storage set spanned on 4 Hard Drives. These were scripted back ups, so many snap shots. We may restore 500GB from one folder, one per month...when a client wants to make a change to an old project for instance. So, I have perhaps 20-30 hard drives going back many years. I would be a challenge to move that much data. I may indeed get an old mac system with V6.x just for these old backups, if I can't do this without it taking weeks of conversion. (even to re-catalog 4TB is a pain). One breakthrough, I went back to "removable media" media set type and the external hard drives appeared! (I did edit the retro.ini file in Application Support not sure if that's why) So I was able to select "Removable Media" as the type, the Hard Drives are now llisted below the optical drives, I added disk 1 and it's now showing "Busy". We'll see what happens with the rest of the spanned hard drives when the first 1TB gets re-cataloged.
  3. I have about 6 years of Back Up Sets on removable hard drives. These sets span several external hard drives and were created in version 6.X with OS 10.6.8 and previous OS. They all work fine. But I updated to Mountain Lion and need access to these back ups - as I have learned that Retrospect V6 will not run in Mountain Lion. With Retrospect 10.2 on OS 10.8 I am unable to rebuild these sets as instructed in the manual. I select the Media Sets tab, add a new disc based Media Set. Click "Rebuild". This brings up a dialog with "Add Member" button. I click that and a window with the discs appear. Have 3 hard drives mounted with the V6 back up set and this show up as 1 -Disc BU, 2 -Disc BU, 3 -Disc BU. If I select any one of these and click "Next" a blank dialog appears with "Select Disk Media Set Member:" Nothing appears here so I assume it does not find any usable "Disk Media Sets Members" on the back up set on the hard drive. I don't understand what is wrong. Looking at the hard drives contents, I see a "Retrospect Data" file on each one from the V6 back up. I thought perhaps I chose the wrong type of Media Set - perhaps these were "removable", but selecting that type of Media Set and "rebuild", just shows the optical drives DVD and Blu-Ray. Any other ideas on how I can get these Back Up Sets into V10.2? Should I downgrade to a previous version of Retrospect that will rebuild V6 spans? Thanks