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  1. We're using VMWare ESX server, which is basically a Red Hat Linux installation, modified by VMWare. Could we safely run the Dantz Linus client on this setup?
  2. Hello all, I'm having some trouble with my nightly backup scripts, and I'm hoping someone here can shed some light for me. Before I get into the problem, here is our setup: Retrospect Multiserver 6.5 Roughly 15 Windows Server Clients 1 SQL 2000 server 1 Exchange Server We change our backup tapes daily, and every night is a recycle backup. As I check the operations log for our backup server, it will find the client, find the volumes, but then say no files need to be copied, build a snapshot, and move on to the next one. It does this for every client, database and all. Now I know files are changing daily, and I even truned off the matching option, but that didn't help. Is there something I am missing? Thanks!!!
  3. ckapusta

    Roff.sys Bluescreen in RS 6.5

    Yes, in fact that's how we solved the problem. We booted into Safe Mode, renamed roff.sys, then the system would boot. We then renamed roff.sys to its normal self, and removed Open File Backup.
  4. ckapusta

    Roff.sys Bluescreen in RS 6.5

    I apologise that I cannot give you the exact error. The Computer is as follows: Compaq Proliant ML530 G2 2 3.0GHz Xeon Processors Windows 2000 Advanced Server Service Pack 3 6GB Ram 4 Channel Compaq RAID Card Channel 1: 2 36GB discs RAID 1 (System) Channel 2: 4 150GB discs RAIR 10 (data) MISC Software: Symantec Antivirus Corp Ed 8.0, PC Anywhere 10.0, Windows Terminal Server This is a Financial System Running an Informix Database with the Munis Financial System Installed. Thanks so much!!
  5. ckapusta

    Roff.sys Bluescreen in RS 6.5

    Thanks for the prompt respose!! No other backup software was ever installed on that computer. We started with Retrospect 6.0, got a blue screen upon reboot, and then just used it without open file backup installed. When the 6.5 disc came, we uninstalled 6.0, then installed 6.5 from scratch, and again we received a blue screen.
  6. Hello all, We just upgraded to Retrospect Multi-Server version 6.5 with all the bells and whistles. We have a Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP3 with 6GB ram and 2 Xeon processors we wanted to make our backup server. When we tried to install Retrospect, we received a blue screen on reboot, claiming roff.sys caused this error. We had the same problem under 6.0 and were hoping the upgrade would solve this. Does anyone know of any Memory or processor limitations in roff.sys, or how we can solve this? Thanks!!
  7. I would like to backup a client through a firewall, and I was wondering what ports I need to open to allow this? Thanks, Chris