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  1. Fast Catalog Rebuild is turned on by default with all Disk Backup Sets. We don't have an option to turn it off/on because it is always enabled. Fast catalog rebuild was not removed from the product.
  2. Mayoff

    Retrospect 15.5 Released

    We have released the new Retrospect 15.5 version, which is a free update to all users of Retrospect 15. You can view the Macintosh and Windows release notes at: https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/documentation
  3. Wha is an "august Documentation Committee"? Sounds like fake news, if you ask me.
  4. If you have access to the .rdb files, then you can perform a catalog rebuild from that media and then perform a restore.
  5. Please upgrade to 15.1.1 to fix this issue.
  6. To be clear, tapes do not have .rdb files. The screenshot shows .rbc files, which are catalog files. Catalog files are indexes of backup data. To access the actual backups you need access to the original backup media. If you were writing to disk, then you should have disks with .rdb data files. To rebuild the catalog from .rdb files or from a tape, you can start with these directions: After the catalog rebuild from the original backup media, you can attempt a restore.
  7. maxhowarth please contact support directly for test version requests. That is the best way to reach us in situations like this.
  8. Mayoff

    Retrospect 15.1 Released

    We have released Retrospect 15.1 which includes multiple bug fixes and better support for Windows 10. We have also added some new features for grooming and Email backups. http://www.retrospect.com/updates Release notes at: https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/documentation
  9. Searching for "file name" vs "folder name" are very different things in Retrospect. The last screenshot shows an Enclosed folder name containing Matt Smith, not a file name containing Matt Smith.
  10. CherylB, I have removed the link you posted to this thread. This is not an official product release and we don't really want the link posted to the forum. We need to know which customers are running this version. If other users need this release, please contact support directly.
  11. If you are getting this error, please contact support. We have a bug fix available for version 15.0 users.
  12. Mayoff

    Retrospect 15 Now Available

    We have released Retrospect 15 for Mac and Windows today. You can read details at: https://www.retrospect.com/en/products/latest_2018
  13. Mayoff

    only scan specific folders

    > I intend to post it in every new thread that appears in this forum David, if you decide to keep posting the above document to every thread, it is going to be deleted. It isn't appropriate to spam the forum with repeated content.
  14. The VWMare add-on doesn't support current versions of VMWare and we are no longer selling this add-on unless someone absolutely needs to use it. This old add-on is discontinued. If you would like Virtual Machine support, please look into purchasing Retrospect Virtual which is a complete solution for virtual environments.
  15. Mayoff

    Forum Upgraded

    We completed the first phase of the forum upgrade. We will add the skins and formatting over the next few days. If you see any major issues, please let us know.