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  1. lejzer

    Files do not compare

    Yesterday i downloaded Retrospect 7.6 that should have fixed the compare bug. After running our nightly backup i can only say that the bug remains.. Same files doesn't compare.. Anyone seeing the same problem?
  2. lejzer

    Files do not compare

    Ah, that's great news! How long would it take before a beta goes to stable release? I usually don't install betas on production-servers. Thanks in advance
  3. lejzer

    Files do not compare

    Mayoff, I'm seeing the same behaviour on our 7.5 MultiServer, and especially picture files. Is there a working patch out for this problem or should i try the MD5 workaround?
  4. Problem solved! I read another post in the forum about deleting config75.dat and see if it imported the settings from config65.dat, and so it did. Case closed!
  5. Hi, Just upgraded to 7.5 from 6.5, after reboot all my settings, scripts are gone. What is going on here. Before installing i read that it should preserve everything when upgrading. How can i get this back? Thanks in advance
  6. Followup: I managed to restore the DC after 4 tries in total. This time i used Retrospect 7.5 Trial, and not 6.5 that i'm licensed for. Don't know why it worked this time, but the most important is that it worked. I'm a little worried though that it didn't worked out as it should the first couple of times. I did nothing special this time beside using the newest version of Retrospect . Almost everything got up and running as it should, just some minor permission issues to get the iis up and running. / Martin
  7. Mayoff, I'm doing a restore right now. This time i downloaded Retrospect 7.x trial to do the restore. During the restore i got a windows warning message saying something like this: Windows file protection: Some files were replaced. To keep the system stable you need to put in Win2k SP4 CD to replace the files. I ignored the message though. Never seen this message before.
  8. Mayoff, I've not tried to restore from a prior snapshot. I tried the latest snapshot from the backup all 3 times. The properties from the snapshots looks valid, indicates that the system state, AD etc is backed up. / Martin
  9. Mayoff, Thanks for your reply. After restore and booting in Directory Services Restore Mode, i can see a retrospect window with checkboxes where it says restoring metadata etc. It completes very fast, in a few seconds. Isn't that kind to fast? Next reboot in DS Restore Mode the windows doesn't appear. Can i manually redo this option again? I've tried to restore my DC from the backup 3 times, with no success. Since it takes a while to install a fresh copy and then restore from backup, i really want to make sure it will work this time. I read the MS article, but i thought retrospect should do it's job for me, that's why i use it. It seems like i can't trust retrospect to restore my backups. FYI: I hade to revert to my old disks to get the DC up and running again. The problem is that one of the disks is about to fail (scratching sounds). I can't localize wich disk is making the sound. That's why i changed all disks and tried to restore it on new fresh disks. HELP!
  10. Hi! I had some problems with one of the drives on my win2k server DC. I replaced all disks and installed a fresh copy with win2k server. Did a full restore of the drive. After reboot i pushed F8 and selected "Directory Services Restore Mode" When it finished i was able to login to windows and retrospect restored further. After next reboot i get the following just before the login prompt: "Directory Services could not start because of the following error: A transaction recover failed. Error Status: 0xc0000227. Please click OK to shutdown this system and reboot into Directory Services Restore Mode, check the event log for more detailed information." Tried the Directory Services restore mode again, without luck. I can't login after this, i can only choose ok and the server reboots with the same error message. What can i do to solve this issue? I'm using Retrospect Multi Server 6.5 Thanks in advance! Edit: The server has 2 partitions (C: and D:). AD was located in a folder on D: drive. Can this error have something to do with this? If i boot into safemode i can see that there's a folder named AD created on the D-drive after restore.
  11. I just want to inform others in this matter. I just got confirmed from EMC that Exchange 2003 is supported by the Exchangeserver Agent-Addon v6.5. This is the one i use. / Martin
  12. Waltr, Thank you. Seems like it's not supported in 6.5, but i'll contact emc just to be sure. Thanks alot. / Martin
  13. Hi, We're about to upgrade our existing Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003. I wonder if Retrospect 6.5 Multi supports Exchange 2003? Thanks in advance. / Martin
  14. lejzer

    Restore Win2k DC with AD

    Hi Foster, Thanks. I tried a full restore (not Disaster Recovery) on a winxp machine, and before restore, i reformatted the drive with a bigger c: drive to see if it worked. And it did. Now I've ordered four new disks for my win2k DC, hope it will be as easy to get it up and running from the backup, as it was with my xp-machine. Thank you. / Martin
  15. lejzer

    Restore Win2k DC with AD

    Hi Foster, Thank you. Exactly the articles i was looking for! One question though, Today i have 2 partitions (C: and D:). My C: partition is on 8GB, which is way to small. If i install new drives, can i partition the C: to 20GB and still do a successful restore, or do it need to be EXACTLY the same size as before? Thanks in advance Martin