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  1. The lack of timely support, or even a commitment to a timetable, has led our company to begin an earnest evaluation of alternative products. It's a shame because we have been loyal Retrospect customers for almost a full decade. Unless a miracle occurs and support for exchange 2010 is forthcoming in the next month or two I believe we will have switched to a competitive product for good. Frank
  2. My experience with the new Windows Server Backup (2008) it requires a dedicated volume as a target and once the volume is dedicated to the backup it is not visible in windows explorer. I have never tried backing one of these targets with Retrospect. I have not been able to make it visible in retrospect either. Has anyone tried this? Seems like it might just be simpler to not involve Retrospect at all for the exchange server and use Windows Server Backup.
  3. I am seeking to determine if Retrospect 7.7 Multiserver with the Exchange Agent supports backup and restores of Exchange 2010 and, if so, there are any important caveats. And if not, why not! Frank Kaul
  4. I would like to know about the Hyper-V support timetable as well. I would think anything short of a commitment to provide support in the near future would leave many prospective users no choice but to choose an alternative product.
  5. Hello, I am contemplating upgrading to Version 7.7 of the Multiserver Backup & Open File add-on. I need to know if this product supports the host based backup of Virtual Machines hosted by Microsoft Windows 2008 using Hyper-V. The information I have found so far only refers to VMWare Best, Frank
  6. Does the current version also support Windows 7? Should upgrading resolve my error messages?
  7. Hello, I have Retrospect Multi-Server Version 7.0 and have been using it to backup the host server and additional servers and desktop PCs as clients. Beginning with Windows Vista and Server 2008 we have been getting the following error when using open file backup on clients using these operating systems. Can't use Open File Backup option for VolumeName (C:) on ComputerName, error -1017 (insufficient permissions) Does anyone know how to set the permissions or other settings to resolve this error. Is this addressed in later versions of Retropspect? Best Regards, Frank Kaul
  8. While there may be no way for you to prevent these errors from being reported by the API you should really provide a mechanism for preventing them from being reported in the log. Call it crying wolf or decreasing the signal to noise ratio, it is not good to be complacent about "ignorable errors". All those errors in the backup make it inherently less likely that a busy operator will recognize a real problem when it occurs and that is a significant flaw. I doubt it would be necessary to change how security information is backed up. Perhaps you could program your log routine not to log a -1020 (or -1017 or -1101) error as a backup error if it refers to an excluded item. At least don't log it as an error, call it something else and help us focus on things that are important. Best Regards, Frank
  9. When I configure a new workstation for a user I turn of the "no backup / backup completed" notification. However I use an imaging tool to deploy a standard workstation. The default for a new user is apparently not affected by my configuration changes. How can I make this change in a way that it will be reflected in the default user profile. It seems I should be able to copy a configuration file or insert a registry setting into the default user settings. I do not believe I can interactively logon to the "default" profile to make this change. Where is this configuration information stored? Best, Frank Kaul
  10. I have noted that the incremental backup/log files created by the exchange agent are all the same size (about 5 MB). Is this by design? Certainly the amount of data generated varies each day. Frank Kaul
  11. Now that I am running Exchange Agent I would like to exclude the exchsrvr\MDBDATA folder from my daily backups to prevent sharing violation errors being flagged by Retrospect Backup (Workgroup). Is this safe to do or are there additional files stored there that are not addressed by the Exchange agent? Frank Kaul