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  1. Hi folks-- What I've got: One G4 with 10.1 & 9.2 and one G4 with 9.2. An external firewire hard drive. Retrospect Express. What I want to do: I want to use the drive as a back-up device. I'd like to just make an exact copy of the hard drive contents from my desktop machines. What happens: If I try to copy in the finder (in OSX or OS9) I get a message saying that some files can't/won't be copied. In OS9, I can't drag an older copy of the back-up to the trash and delete it because "some items are locked." If I use Retrospect to make an "exact duplicate", it will first delete the older file but the result doesn't show the same number of files as the original in the Get/Show Info windows. This happens in OSX, OS9, and when booted up from a CD or a partition on the external drive. I'd like to just drag-and-drop in order to make an exact duplicate as a back-up. Is that possible? What am I doing wrong? Thanks-- Adam