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    Is Error -1115 proactive error?

    Hi Nate Sorry to report that "Don't compress Catalog File information" and "Fast Catalog Rebuild" are selected. Can you think of any other reason it would not actually start writing to the tape? I would like to understand if it's possible it did not start writing tape, knowing the catalog space was too small. It's definately a wonderful and remarkable feature. I am running v6.5.350 A typical log segment: START -12/22/2005 12:54:42 PM: Copying Drive C (C:) on pbascale2 12/22/2005 12:54:42 PM Connected to pbascale2 Not enough disk space for the Catalog File (short by about 3,549 K) 12/22/2005 1:00:24 PM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 496 files, 1.8 GB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration 00:05:41 (00:05:36 idle/loading/preparing) END Thanks, Henry Christle
  2. hchristle

    Is Error -1115 proactive error?

    Hi Nate Sorry to report that "Don't compress Catalog File information" and "Fast Catalog Rebuild" are selected. Can you think of any other reason it would not actually start writing to the tape? A typical log segment: -12/22/2005 12:54:42 PM: Copying Drive C (C:) on pbascale2 12/22/2005 12:54:42 PM Connected to pbascale2 Not enough disk space for the Catalog File
  3. Error -1115 occured over the weekend on all (2) backup sets, on approximately 100 clients. In fact the disk which contains the catalogs was out of of space. I took the following action: 1. make space on the disk 2. reboot server and reindex the media autoloader 3. examine sessions and confiremd that the last sessions were consistent with the last backups prior to error -1115. 4. ran a trial manual backup on both catalogs and both ran WITHOUT requiring I reindex the catalog files. This really amazed me. I expected the catalogs would be out of sync becuase data was writtent to tape, but the catalog could not be written! Is it possible that Retrospect first checked for space to write the catalog, before writing the tape? It's pretty smart if it does. Please explain the above to me, Thanks Henry Christle
  4. Since we upgraded our Retrospect Backup Client machines to WXP SP2 OS, and the Domain Controller to W2003 Server, clients are being backed up over the internet, and VPN. Retrsopect ignored Retrospect 6.5.356 VPN, or otherwise remote clients on W2K OS, and only backuped up clients on the local network. WXP Pro SP2 Firewall has the port 497 exception for Retrospect. However the problem is independant if the MS Firewall is on or off. We don't VPN or internet clients recognized by Retrospect, it consumes too much bandwith, and is slower, and faster local network backups do not run while the server is copying slow remote users. How can make remote users invisible to the Retrospect Server. Thank You Henry Christle
  5. Backups do not run, if Windows Firewall is on, although Retrospect Client desktop display window indicates the backups did run. Can you provide Windows Firewall configuration detials to permit Retrsopect 6.5.336 MultiServer and 6.5.132 clients to backup when the firewall is on? Thanks for any assistance. Henry Christle
  6. "Enabled" but not executing, becuase the time there is nothing scheduled during the Sunday Script time, will the Automatic Script Execution commence, eventhough Proactive Backup is Enabled? Thank you Henry Christle
  7. Nate, Will a seperate Retrospect/Exchange license be required to run a test exchange server? Or can we temporarily move the current Retrospect license from live server, to the test server and back to the live server w/o loosing our configuration? We attempted this and had a problem, wich we attributed to removing the license from the active server. Thanks, Henry
  8. Running Retrospect 6.5.350 on W2K SP4 we are backing up the Exchange InfoStore. I would like validate the backup copy, and our recovery process, and need some guidance of doing this. It appears normal operational limits will only restore the Exchange DB over the running server, which is simply unacceptable. What is needed is a way to validate the backup and restore process without overwriting the running server. I'd appreciate any insite on doing this. Thanks, Henry Christle
  9. hchristle

    Selectors for Only Drive C and D

    When I select "Include Drive Letter is C:" and "Include Drive Letter is D:", of course C and D are copied. However, this does not exclude other drives. for example Drive A:. Is there a way to select Drive C and D, with the exclusion of all others? One combersome way is to "exclude" every imaginable drive specifically, IE, drive E, Drive F, ... Drive Z etc. This would be 24 exclusion statements. We do have a nice backup kit for Remote users. Using Retrospect Pro 6.5.350, and a 80G USB2 drive, we have a rugged, useful backup tool. the target is encrypted, and can be remotely installed by remote users, using CD where we have packaged the configuration which automates the backup set configurastion, encryption etc.
  10. hchristle

    Selectors for Only Drive C and D

    We are deploying our first lot of 30 units remote backup kits, using Retrospect Pro 6.5.350. and a 80G USB2 target HDD. We automated and packaged the the tool so field personel can install and run the standard backup script, by a "full" or "incremental" shortcut. We are getting good reports from field beta testers. We have one last detail. We want selectors to only permit the backing up of the client C and and D drives if D is present. We don't any other drive copied, whether it be regardless interface. We don't want CD, Network, USB and any other possible drive copied. I need a better solution than simply excluding each indidual drive. Is there a way to Include Everything is the drive letter is C or D? Thanks for you help Henry Christle
  11. Hello, Retrosect 6.530 and 5.6 Express on W2K all latest updates, will not recognize SimpleTech SimpleDrive on USB 2.0 Interface. Windows Explorer and MS Backup see the drive. ASPI is current and alive. However the Device\Enviroment is set for NT Passthrough, and it's been unchecked in "secret". Is there a way to force ASPI mode? I would like to use Retrospect Express or similar Dantz product as a backup application for Remote Wintel Laptops, used by our traveling staff. Does Dantz still offer a product for local backups? Thanks for your reply. Henry Christle
  12. hchristle

    Please Say YES>>

    I'm looking for a Retrospect Backup Application for Remote WinTel Clients. Maybe like Express. Someting laptops in the filed can use to backup to a USB2 Drive, like SimpleDrive. Do you make something? thanks, Henry Christle
  13. hchristle

    Open File Backup Error 1012

    Nate, I was able to find and download roff.sys, searching for roff.sys on google, and found RMayoff's posting and attachment. It appears that client 6.5.136, just released does not install roff.sys either. I am now able to start testing open file backup.. thanks for your help. Henry Christle
  14. hchristle

    Open File Backup Error 1012

    Hi, Backup drive format is NTFS, it has two partitons, I've attempted ROFF on each partition. I have noticed the client system32 has no "roff.sys" file. when I attempt to browse: http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/download.php?Number=3D29600 I get the response: You do not have access to this download Will roff.sys solve my problem? Thanks, henry
  15. hchristle

    How many clients do you backup?

    I backup 180 Windows clients daily, on 3 servers. The best server, DLT1 autoloader, 3GHZ Server with 2 GB RAM backups 100 units. 2 VXA autoloaders and smaller servers backup 80 units. --henry christle