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  1. Problem solved (I think). This time I tried a different wall jack, and waited longer after loading the NIC driver. Not sure which of those did the trick, but this time it found a good DHCP address. Now let's hope they restore works ok.
  2. I'm trying to use the 7.7 Disaster Recovery CD to restore a hosed XP machine from my backup server. The CD boots fine, but when I go to "Restore as a Client" it lists the IP address as When this machine was working it always got it's IP address from a DHCP server, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be able to do that now. Reading through old posts it looked like with the 7.6 Disaster Recovery there was a way to edit the recovery CD and define a static IP address. But I can't find any of the same files on the 7.7 CD (not surprising). Any way to use a static IP with the 7.7 CD? Or thoughts as to why the machine can't get an IP address from the DHCP server? It's a Dell Dimension 440, circa 2002, with a CNET PRO200WL PCI NIC. Thanks, Rob
  3. Those marketing folks. Always getting my hopes up. :tongue2:
  4. Does any one know if Single Server 7.7 will work with W95 clients? I have been unable to get SS 7.6 to work with my W95 machines and am hoping that 7.7 might. The literature for 7.7 says it supports W95, but so did the 7.6 literature. Thanks, Rob
  5. I'm trying to do a disaster recovery on an XP computer, using Single Server 7.6. I made the recovery CD, booted the computer with it, installed windows and am at the part where I'm trying to do a full restore from the server. It seems to restore fine, but at the end fails with an error -1301 "Can't continue with client disaster recovery" in the operations log. It's happened twice now with the restore. I can't find anything about that error # anywhere. Any ideas, thoughts, things to try? Thanks, Rob
  6. marchem

    Windows 95 client

    That's a bummer for those of us who still have to use W95, but I understand completely. I guess I can do a file backup by sharing the W95 drive with another client and getting a backup that way. No disaster recovery, however. At least they're refunding my money for the service incident
  7. marchem

    Windows 95 client

    I found a copy of the 7.0.107 client. It does install without the password error, but I still get "Client failed speed test error -1 (unknown)" when I refresh from the server. Interestingly, the server does see the client, and lets me add it to the client database. I also installed the 7.0.107 client on an XP machine and it works fine. So maybe the problem is with the 7.5 server and W95. I guess we'll see if it gets fixed, or W95 support gets dropped (it's only 13 years old). Thanks, Rob
  8. marchem

    Windows 95 client

    I installed a fresh version of W95 on an old machine I've got and I see the same behavior, so it's not some other software on the W95 machine. At this point I don't know if the W95 machines were running 6.5.136 or 6.5.140 client software. Given that I can't now install 6.5.140 I'm inclined to think it mush have been 6.5.136. So I'm also thinking that the 6.5.140, 7.0, and 7.5 clients were never tested on W95. I guess EMS should stop saying their 7.5 server software supports W95 :teeth:
  9. marchem

    Windows 95 client

    Yes, both of them are doing it. I may try to find an old machine and do a fresh W95 installation and see if it also has a problem.
  10. Is anyone backing up a Windows 95 client using client software > 6.5.136 on the W95 machine and Server 7.5 on the Server? I need to upgrade becasue the 6.5.136 client does not work with Server 7.5 (which I have to use because of Vista). Just for fun I installed the Server 7.5 on an XP box, and it also did not work with the W95 client (I get a "Client Speed test failed, error -1 unknown" error when refreshing the client). If I try to do a fresh install of either the 6.5.140 or 7.0.112 clients I get an error message when I try to enter a password "The password you entered is less than 4 characters. Please try again.", no matter how many characters I use. If I fresh install 7.5.xxx I get an error message when I reboot "The RETROCLIENT.exe file is linked to missing export ADVAPI32.dll:SetNamedSecurity InfoW." and the client does not run. If I try to upgrade from 6.5.136 to 6.5.140 or 7.0.112 I get an error message at the end of the installation "The Retrospect client is already running" and the client is not upgraded. I opened a service ticket with EMC, but they have been unable to help so far. This makes me think that either my W95 machines are real oddballs, or the clients were never tested with W95, and no one else has tried this yet. Very odd. The W95 machines have all the required TCP patches, BTW. Rob
  11. Still having this problem. All my W95 machines are unable to be backed up. It seems like once I install the 7.5 client upgrade there's no way out. After that the 5.6 and 6.0 clinets get the 540 error. The 6.5 and 7.0 clients won't install because you can't enter a password. The 7.5 client gives the "missing export ADVAPI32.DLL:SetNamedSecurityInfoW" error. I'm guessing that the 7.5 client must have left some DLL's or something in the windows directory that's messing up the 5.6-7.0 clients. I'm sure someone else must have run into this. Hopefully I'm not the only person running server 7.5 and backing up W95 clients?? Rob
  12. Sorry for the cross post (also in Server forum). I'm hoping someone in the Client forum may have some ideas. I'm having problems with my W95 clients now that I upgraded to Server 7.5. When I install the 7.5.116 client software on a W95 machine I get an error message after reboot: ""The RETROCLIENT.EXE file is linked to missing export ADVAPI32.DLL:SetNamedSecurityInfoW.". If I uninstall the 7.5.116 client and install either the 5.6 or 6.0 client I am able to add the W95 client to the server, but when I "refresh" the client at the server I get the error "Client speed test failed, error -540 (trouble creating service)." I have seen that this can be caused by a missing Winsock 2.0, but the W95 client does have Winsock 2.0 installed. If I uninstall the 5.6 or 6.0 client and install the 6.5 client it tells me when I enter the client password (during the install) "The password you entered must be at least 4 characters in length". it says this no matter what I enter for a password. So at this point I am unable to install a client on my W95 machines that will work with Server 7.5. I would downgrade to Server 6.5 (which worked fine before), except I need Vista support. I can't dump W95 because I have several analytical instruments that won't run on anything newer. Thanks Rob
  13. I uninstall whatever version is there, reboot, and install the 6.5 client. When I get to the part where it asks for a password I get the error message no matter what I put in for a password, 4, 6 8, 10, 25 characters. Alpha or numeric or mixed makes no difference. If I put in two different passwords it says they are not the same, so it's at least looking at them. I've been good about rebooting after making any changes. Luckily W95 reboots fast, much faster than my XP desktop.
  14. If I uninstall the client software, then try to install the 6.5 client I am unable to enter a password during the installation process. It says "The password you entered must be at least 4 characters in length" no matter what I enter for a password. Rob
  15. I don't know if this will help, but here's more information: If I install client 5.6 the server sees the client, but refreshing results in the 540 error. If I either upgrade to client 6.0, or remove 5.6 and install 6.0 I get the same results. If I upgrade from either 5.6 or 6.0 to 6.5 I get a message "Restrospect client already running" at the end of the upgrade. If I try to open the client nothing happens. Upgrading to 7.0 does the same thing ("Retrospect client already running" at end of installation, and client does not open). If I remove 6.0 and install either 6.5 or 7.0 I am unable to enter a password. No matter what I enter it says "The password you entered must be at least 4 characters in length". It does recognize if the two passwords are not the same. If I install 7.5 I get the error message "The RETROCLIENT.EXE file is linked to missing export ADVAPI32.DLL:SetNamedSecurityInfoW." So at this point the only clients I can even get running on my W95 machines are 5.6 and 6.0, neither of which seem to work with Server 7.5. I'm wondering if the series of installs, uninstalls I've done has left some dll's behind that are causing problems. I would use my backup to restore the system, but..... right, I don't have a backup!! Rob