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  1. I must be doing my backup different. I setup each workstation as a Retrospect client. In the Client properties, I go into the Volumes tab and change the “client sources” to selected volumes. Then I select the volumes I want backed up. My problem is I want to use one client in two different backup scripts. The first backup is a Proactive that I want to select four volumes in the client’s Volumes tab’s client sources. The second backup I want to backup only one volume in the client’s Volumes tab client sources.
  2. Is their anyway to change the settings on the Retrospect’s client from the server? I would like to set all my clients to notify them if they haven’t been backed up to 8 days instead of the default 7 days. Do I have to go to every computer and change the setting or can I push out an update?
  3. I’m a little confused. I have read the manual and I would like to create a Proactive backup of all our workstations. If I create a Proactive Backup script that runs all day on Tuesday and Wednesday, will Retrospect poll all the clients computers all day? I would like Retrospect to work so that if a person turns on their computer on Tuesday or Wednesday it will attempt to backup them up. What I’m afraid of is Retrospect will attempt to backup everyone’s computer once and then stop checking to see if they have turned on their computer because it backup one of the clients.
  4. I’m using Retrospect 6.5 Multi Server. I’m backing up several clients’ workstations to a backup catalog, which is a file, every week. Instead of recycling the file every five weeks and losing all my history on the fifth week, is their a way to have Retrospect automatically delete the files that are five weeks old? What I’m trying to do is have the fifth week delete automatically while keeping the four previous weeks worth of data.
  5. I am currently running Retrospect Server 5.6.132. I have purchased the upgrade to Multi Server 6.5. What is the process for upgrading? Do I just run the upgrade software and all my setting will be converted? Do I have up upgrade all the users clients? Is their any documentation that tells how to upgrade?
  6. I am using Retrospect 5.6 Server on my Windows 2000 server. I use Retrospect to backup our workstations too. The workstations are running Windows 2000 Professional and XP Professional. For the past two nights, the backups have been stopping and Retrospect has been logging an error, "holuXCallback: lookup() failed with error 11004”. The error is listed when Retrospect has tried to complete a normal backup of the server, and when it has tried to backup some workstations. Nothing has changed on the server (no policy changes, no new software, it has even been rebooted).
  7. jroth

    517 backup client is busy

    Okay, I install a new NIC in the computer and plug it into a different connect that was running off a differ hub. But it stall didn’t work. I plug my laptop into the original connection and it was able to and I was able to run a backup from it. I did log into the log and I noticed to error. This one was from the system log Event Type: Error Event Source: Service Control Manager Event Category: None Event ID: 7022 Date: 5/21/2004 Time: 2:12:42 PM User: N/A Computer: MADAMS3-2 Description: The Remote Access Auto Connection Manager service hung on starting. This one was from the application log Event Type: Warning Event Source: WinMgmt Event Category: None Event ID: 61 Date: 5/21/2004 Time: 2:12:43 PM User: N/A Computer: MADAMS3-2 Description: WMI ADAP was unable to process the PerfDisk performance library due to a time violation in the open function I tried to run the MSCONFIG, but I was never able to find the Services Tab.
  8. jroth

    517 backup client is busy

    I have uninstalled the client and tried the newest NIC drivers. I also tried the previous version of the NIC driver and the original NIC drivers too. I also went into the NIC properties > Advanced > Link Speed & Duplex and changed it from “Auto Detect” to “100Mbps/Full”. I’m still getting the error.
  9. jroth

    517 backup client is busy

    Nate, Have you had a chance to look at this issue any more?
  10. jroth

    517 backup client is busy

    I forgot to mention in my last reply that I am running Retrospect Server 5.6.132 and client version 5.6.112.
  11. jroth

    517 backup client is busy

    Nate, Thank you so much for the response. The client is running Windows Professional 2000 Service Pack 4. The server is running Windows Server 2000 Service Pack 4.
  12. I have a work station that keeps giving me a “-517 backup client is busy” error whenever I try to add a Volume to it or connect to it thought Retrospect Server. I tried o Rebooting the workstation. o Uninstalling the Retrospect Client and reinstalling it on the workstation. o Re-naming the workstation. o I have deleted the station out of Retrospect and re-add it But noting helps. Any suggestions?
  13. I have two questions about setting up my Backup Server. 1. I have my “Backup Server” destination storage type set to file. I looked at the size of the file and it has grown to 17 Gigs. It originally was only 5 Gigs. Is their anyway to compact the file or have it a recycle when the users do a backup? 2. I have two backup scripts. One that runs every Wednesday and the “Backup Server” script. I have each script going to separate destination files. Will having some computers in both scripts cause any conflict?
  14. jroth

    Backing Up a Volume Set

    When I said volume set, I meant subvolume. Also, the two subvolumes are located on a second computer. I have one script running all five days. In the script, I have a recycle execution scheduled once a week. Then another normal execution scheduled to run on the other four days.
  15. I am backing up my Windows 2000 server to a tape every day. I decided to add two volume sets, that are on a different server, to my daily backups. My problem is, when I go into the backup catalog to view it’s contents, the two volumes are only backed up when the tape is recycled. The normal backups are not backing up the volume sets. I am running the same script for the recycle and normal backup. How can I get the volume sets to backup with the normal backups?