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  1. Hi waltr, thanks for the info. don't think that is the problem as the physical drives are in a 2TB Raid 5 subsystem. Do you know if there is a size limit on the drives that can be backed up? I did not experience any problems backing with the 2TB XRaid on our OSX cluster. thanks jeff
  2. Howdy all, We have 4 netware 6.5 servers that we would like to backup using retrospect. on three of these servers, the client works fine with not a problem. On the last server though... the client loads, and you can connect, but when you try to view volumes the error can't track volumes, error -1010 (api request bad) Anyone have an idea on where to start looking. All servers are supposed to be patched the same and we have not found any different versions of smdr.nlm or tsafs.nls on the 4th server. We have client 1.00.140 installed on the netware 6.5 servers. Thanks Jeff