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  1. Found out you need to upgrade clients to v12 as well for Instant Scan to continue to function. After doing this, things seem pretty much back to normal. - John
  2. Since upgrading to v12, the Idle/Loading/Preparing time for our script executions has skyrocketed from around 2 minutes for each backup to 20 minutes or more. Anyone else seeing this behavior? - John
  3. cjd - Where did you specifically go to delete the Past Activities? My Config80.dat file is hundreds of MB as well. Thanks for any help! - John
  4. Have you submitted a bug report, info, etc. to Retrospect? I did but haven't heard any results back yet. - John
  5. Does the new update do anything to address this issue? Thanks!
  6. OK, well, I ran the logging, etc. with 11.0, and it looks like it's actually idling at 50% processor usage. I attached the console log and Activity Monitor screenshot to the ticket. I waited to upgrade/downgrade to 11.5 in case this info already provides enough to go on. Let me know if you need the 11.5 info as well.
  7. I downgraded to 11. Will have to re-upgrade to do this. What's the best way to get the log to you? Note I do have a case open with support - #00032417 - but they haven't asked for this info. Thanks! - John
  8. Seeing the same problem here. Initial launch of the console takes forever to sync past backups, etc. Can we downgrade to v11.0 by just reinstalling over 11.5? Any ETA for a fix of 11.5? - John
  9. johnmay

    Waiting for media error

    Media Sets->Choose your media set-->Members->Click the Pencil Icon to edit and rechoose your location.
  10. johnmay

    Waiting for media error

    Actually, this occurs for us when using direct attached storage (internal drives, in fact). To fix, I found I just had to repoint the media set member, no need to do any catalog rebuilds, etc.
  11. johnmay

    Waiting for media error

    But I made no changes to disk permissions or anything between the backups working and not working. The fact these steps fixed the problem also point to an issue with Retrospect, not file permissions: 1. Media Sets->Choose your media set-->Members->Click the Pencil Icon to edit and rechoose your locatino. 2. Click your media set again. 3. Click repair. For me this took like 5 seconds to run at most, even on large backups(500gb+). 4. Once that is finished click verify. Let the verify finish. Obviously this may take a while depending on the size of your backup and speed of your network. Some of mine took multiple days. 5. BACKUP!! WOOOHOOO - John
  12. Will Retrospect 11 work with version 10.x clients? - John
  13. johnmay

    Waiting for media error

    BTW, are you using "disk" or "file" type media sets? We're using "disk" here, and I'm wondering if they're buggy.
  14. johnmay

    Waiting for media error

    We've had the same thing happen here multiple times. The only way to fix has been to rebuild the media set. Retrospect support has been no assistance so far. Anyone else seen this and/or found an easier way to fix? Very frustrating! - John