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  1. Hello, Dantz Tech Support? Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Regards, Bill
  2. Can anyone from Dantz help? What am I doing wrong? I am trying to backup to DVD-RAM disks using my PowerMac G4's internal drive. Things had been going well until the backup data exceeded one 4.7GB disk. I have tried formatting them using Special>Erase Disk & Drive Setup. I have tried both Standard & Extended format. I am also already aware of the Universal issue, so I did steer clear of that. But Retrospect keeps erasing the disks & changing the format. Disks that I format Extended are changed to Standard after Retrospect erases them. 2 of my disks are already completely fried because Retrospect crapped-out after taking 3 hours to backup to one disk. The disks are ruined. Can anyone from Dantz tech support or anyone with experience provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to setup for backup to more than one DVD-RAM disk? I have wasted literally days trying different scenarios, but all I have accomplished is killing 2 DVD-RAM disks, which I cannot afford to continue to experiment with. Help! Bill
  3. Well, you could apply a label to a folder or folders that always contain the files you want to backup. For example, apply a HOT label to those folders, making sure that this label is not applied anywhere else. Then using Easyscript, create a script that backs up only folders with the HOT label. This could be automated to happen daily at a particular time. Very easy to do. Bill
  4. 206 error is always only on the second disk Disk 1 always goes fine (no matter what disk is used in this position) Even if I rename Disk 1 to Disk 2 & vice versa, it is always the second disk that gets the 206 error I use Special>Erase Disk to format since no special software for formatting the DVD-RAM disks was included with the computer. This method of formatting has worked fine in general & with Retro Expr since I've had the computer. I have tried standard & extended formatting I think you were onto something when you said that the media needs to be mounted on the desktop prior to backup. I found the same recommendation in the knowledge base. But then how does one backup more than 5GB data to DVD-RAM? Bill
  5. Hi Mayoff. This is an internal 4.7/9.4gb DVD-RAM that came stock in the Mac. Retrospect Expr has worked perfectly for over a year when all data fit on a single 4.7gb disk. Now that the data exceeds the disk capacity here's what happens: - the backup session goes normally on disk 1 - disk 1 fills & Retrospect asks for another disk - disk 2 appears to work for a few moments & is ejected with a 206 error - every disk tried resulted in the same error - disks that fail as disk 2 work perfectly as disk 1, so it is NOT the disks - all disks work normally otherwise - I have tried formatting the disks in Standard & Extended format & both resulted the same Bill
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes, you are correct, it does erase, not initialize. However, I'm referring to multiple disks. The first DVD-RAM disk goes fine. It is the 2nd disk Retrospect asks for because the data exceeds the 4.7GB capacity of the DVD-RAM disk that is the problem. Both disks are formatted the same & named "1-*" & "2-*" respectively, but the 2nd disk is ejected every time with a -206 error. I've tried several disks in the #2 spot & all result the same. Everything has worked fine until recently when the HD data exceeded the capacity of one DVD-RAM. Bill
  7. Hi Bruce. Even if you have a relatively simple setup, it's no fun reinstalling your system & applications from scratch after having a catastrophic HD crash. While I have found HDs to be extremely reliable, they are not infallible. You play the odds when you don't backup everything, as I have found out. I recently upgraded to a PowerMac G4 with an internal DVD-RAM drive. I use Retrospect Express to backup automatically to a 4.7GB DVD-RAM disk. You can use EasyScript to create a script that automatically backs up your data. You can configure it to write to CD, removable media or tape, & specify what contents on your HD to backup. I still backup completed projects to removable media, but not while in progress. I use Retrospect to regularly backup everything.
  8. I would like to backup my data, which exceeds the capacity of one 4.7GB DVD-RAM disk, to multiple DVD-RAM disks. I have been able to successfully backup to only one disk. Once the first disk is full, Retrospect Express asks for another disk, which it then tries & fails to initialize. I'm running Mac OS 9.2.2 on a G4 450DP 30 & 60GB internal HDs 1.5GB RAM I read that removable media needs to be mounted on the desktop first in order for Retrospect Express to recognize it. If that's the case, then how does one backup to multiple removable media?