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  1. Hmm, I recently upgraded my Onstream DI-30 to a newer ADR2-60. I foolishly assumed it was supported. It works but peformance was extremely disappointing compared to Tapeware XE that came with it. I paid for Retrospect, so I prefer to use that. How long does qualification take with hardware from supported vendors? I noticed the "customise a driver" option does not work for tape drives.
  2. darrick

    norton errors

    This file is a work file for the Performance Data Counter. It means, while the backup was running, the system decided to run some performance tests.
  3. darrick

    10 day rotation

    Nope. you could rotate whatever you like. For 1 complete and the rest incrementals, you'd just use 1 backup set. On each 1st of the month you will recycle, then normal backup to the current tape(s) until the next 1st. You could also reverse it and recycle on the last day of the month.
  4. darrick

    10 day rotation

    You have 2 backup sets: A & B. Week 1 uses A then Week 2 uses B, and they alternate between themselves every week. I take it you made a Monday through Friday schedule for set A. If you set the interval to 2, it will ask for the tape set every 2 weeks. Setup a schedule for backup set B the same way except change the starting date for 1 day after backup set A completes.
  5. Your comment was accurate. I meant week. Doing it the Retrospect way 8 tapes can be rotated offsite in case of a site disaster. The way you wanted. The Monday through Thursday tapes would have to be close by for backups. We send our tape copies offsite to a secure data storage vault site each week. I know open and changed files get me going too. Glad I could help.
  6. You may want to look at the archive script then use the selector section for date selections and exclusions.
  7. Your way would require many backup sets and would limit offsite disaster storage benefits, since the previous days tape would need to be on hand in case of a restore. Since your goal is a full month of retention, I'd go with 5 backup sets for 5 weeks of coverage. You'd do a "recycle" on Fridays and then a "normal" each of the other days. In the script scheduler, you set the interval to 5 for each set, so it is only asked for each 5 weeks. The same tape could stay in the drive until Friday unless others are needed due to capacity limits. You could also set the option to "skip to the next member in the tape set" and put a new tape in on Monday. That would append all the normal backup data on that tape. You'd then have a Full complete tape each Friday along with it's companion tape of all changed data from Monday through Thursday. This would require as little as 5 tapes depending on capacity unless you wanted to divide the Normal and Recyle data.
  8. What you are trying do can be setup in 1 script with the 4 backup sets: SetA thru SetD. It appears that on Fridays you are recycling the backup sets then running a complete. Monday -> Thursday, you are appending (Normal backup) to the same Set tape. The next week, a new Set is used following the same procedures as the first week. This continues for 4 weeks before you reuse the original first tape set. If all this is correct then: Create a new non-EasyScript script, choose day of the week option, check Friday, choose backup SetA as input, put a 4 in intervals, choose recycle then fill in the rest of the data for date & time and when you want this to start. When done, I think it takes you to the backup options area to setup what you want to backup and where to. There is a schedule tab press it and it will let you ADD to your schedule. Follow the same process as before, but choose the days Monday thru Thursday, Normal backup, interval 4. This will append to the previous backup for 4 days. Be sure the start time for this is after Fridays recycle or that data will be recycled on Friday. You keep adding events to the schedule menu using the same plan as before but starting 1, 2 and 3 weeks from the first backup set using the other 3 backup sets. If scripts were stored outside the config file I could send you a setup schedule since it takes like 5 minutes to do this.
  9. Thanks, that seems to have fixed that problem.
  10. I'll report tomorrow since it kicks off at midnight while I'm at work. The preferences are in default mode except the cleaning alert was set to 60 hours, but it was working fine before the required critical update.
  11. darrick

    Unix Clients

    We need some Unix backup clients for Linux, Hp-Ux and others.
  12. Followed the directions to the letter, with no change in the situation. The options where Unattended operation, Log Errors and Quit when done.
  13. The files: image.idx, image.dat and image.bak are files used by Nortons Image.exe program.
  14. You may be correct that this might be the problem, but the article in question was for all versions on WinNT server (all flavors). I did not see a possible fix for Win2000 Professional.
  15. I also tested the Shutdown and Restart options under Control while scripts were running in unattended mode. They do not work either.