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  1. That's a little scary that the XP registry might not fully be restored. Is this a problem with Retrospect 5.6 as well?
  2. askay

    Is W2k SP4 a problem?

    The solution, at least for the moment, was a complete uninstall and reinstall of the executable. After that, an immediate backup to file of the system volume ran to completion. We'll see if the scheduled backup of the full network array runs as well -- that is, after I recreate the script<g>. (If it does, I won't clutter up this forum with an additional post.) For the moment, though, I'd caution anyone considering it to assume that installing W2k SP4 will hose Retrospect 5.6. Alan
  3. askay

    Is W2k SP4 a problem?

    Nope, reinstalling Restrospect 5.6 doesn't make any difference. If it's worth anything, the file name showing in the process box when the app hangs is IIS Metabase, but that may simply be the last file it copied. There are no problem entries in the log. Alan
  4. askay

    Is W2k SP4 a problem?

    Thanks, Nate. The retrorun.exe service is running (I should have noted in my original post that the system drive isn't the first one backed up, and Retro already had successfully created snapshots of other drives). An immediate backup of the system drive to a file encounters the same problem, hanging on "Building Snapshot... ." When I have a few minutes, I'm going to reload the executable on the chance that the service pack install munged one or another .dll. Alan
  5. This is another cry for help on Restrospect locking up while building a snapshot. I'm Running Retrospect 5.6 backing up to a SCSI DAT tape drive. My unattended backup hangs reporting that it's building a snapshot of the system drive after having backed up the files. The machine is running Win2k, and this previously working backup developed this problem immediately after installation of Service Pack 4. Retrospect is hung to the point that the "Stop" button won't terminate the backup; I had to kill the process to stop it. Any clues?
  6. askay

    ZoneAlarm Pro Hangs Backup

    I've just come up with a very similar problem, but in this instance with the free-download ZoneAlarm, not the paid Pro product. On the Win2k peer machine that's hosting Retrospect 5.6 Workgroup, the backup will stop while recording the snapshot after backing up the drive where the OS lives. Retrospect completely locks up, becomes unresponsive, and the only way out is to kill execution of the script. No error code is reported, and nothing shows in the log to indicate a problem. Turning off the ZoneAlarm autoload at boot-up and rebooting allows the backup to proceed. The same ZoneAlarm on client machines doesn't appear to impact the app. Given the pervasiveness of these two apps, this would appear to be a problem. Alan