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    Slow backup

    I have 5 IDE drives on my computer--Two 60 gb Maxtor hard drives, one 100 mb Iomega zip drive, one Seagate Travan tape backup, and one CD-ROM. All of these devices are on separate IDE cables except the CD-ROM and the Seagate Travan tape backup, which share a cable. The CD-ROM is the master drive and the Seagate Travan tape backup is the slave. I've got a feeling, the CD-ROM and the Seagate Travan tape backup should not share a cable. If that is the case, should I then configure my Iomega drive and my CD-ROM drive to share an IDE cable, and if so, which should be configured as the master?
  2. delaney

    Slow backup

    I have a Seagate Travan ATAPI IDE internal tap drive. I am running Windows XP on a Pentium III motherboard with 512 mb ram and a 60 gb hard drive. My backups are incredibly long--up to 7 hours to back up 15 gb of data. Of course this time includes Verify. What can I do to speed up my backups?
  3. I have a Seagate Travan tape drive, and am using Retrospect Express 5.6.132. I am running Windows XP Pro. My computer has 512 megs of memory and an 80 gig Maxtor hard drive. When I insert a new Travan 20gb tape in my Seagate drive and go to Configure and click Devices, my Seagate Travan tape drive is displayed but it is reported as "Empty." The Status is displayed as Media Failure. I have tried several tapes and get the same results with them all. Can you offer me any solutions?
  4. I am a new user to Retrospect Backup 6.0. I did a backup, then deleted several folders, and restored selected folders. To my surprise, Retrospect restored the files to a foder named "Backup Set A." What gives here? Every other piece of backup software I have ever used allowed me to backup to the original directories. Is that not possible in Retrospect? If not, what do you do--restore to a directory named for your backup set and then copy the files manually into the proper folders? If so, isn't this a bit primitive for a piece of software that calls itself "Professional for Windows"? Can anyone give me some help in how is the best way to restore selected files?