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  1. I figured out how to get the Linux client running under FreeBSD's Linux emulation. I'm running FreeBSD-RELEASE 4.3. You'll need the Linux emulation environment; see the FreeBSD handbook for how to install it. Use linux_base-6 (from /usr/ports/emulation/) instead of linux_base as later versions of the package fail. Version 7 did not work for me. Create a Linux-formatted mtab file in /usr/compat/linux/etc/ based on /etc/fstab. I altered fstab to appear as a Linux mtab would; for example, I replaced references to ufs with ext2. I also removed filesystems I don't want to back up. This allows Retrospect to see the Linux filesystem FreeBSD creates for the Linux emulation layer; unfortunately, this does not include all the files on your machine -- it's mostly comprised of the /usr/compat/linux directory masquerading as /. We then need to expose the rest of the filesystem to Retrospect. It can see directories in / which have no corresponding directory in /usr/compat/linux, so I created an alternate mountpoint in / called /backup. Under /backup I created mountpoints for each directory in / (bin, etc, usr...). Next I used the null filesystem to mount the directories I want to back up on these new mountpoints. For example, mount_null -o ro /bin/ /backup/bin mounts /bin/ as /backup/bin. I repeated this for each directory in /backup. That's it... all files are visible in the preview window, and were downloaded by the backup server during a test backup I just ran. I'd like to see a recompiled FreeBSD client, but this isn't too bad... Matt
  2. I attempted to use the Linux client under the FreeBSD Linux emulation layer. I am almost successful; the Retrospect server can see the client. However, no volumes show up. Has anyone else attempted this? If so, in what configuration did you get it to work (which release of FreeBSD, Linux_base, etc.)? Aside from this: I'd like to see a semi-official FreeBSD version of the Retrospect client. Is this forthcoming? I assume not much more than a recompile is required... Matt