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    10.2 Update Problem

    bdunagan: as requested, I opened a support ticket and attached the assert_log.utx file, referencing this forum thread. Although the problem appears to have been solved using Mayoff's recommendations, please let me know what you find out. Thanks!
  2. PASTJohn

    10.2 Update Problem

    No crash reporter log for Retrospect in the OS X console. Yes, to assert_log.utx file. Stopped engine, removed the config80.dat and config80.bak files, restarted the engine, config80 files recreated, opened Retrospect app, reentered Serial Number, and appears to be stable and working (except, of course, there are no (zero) Activities, Past Backups, Scripts, or Media Sets anymore). Guess than means I have to start over with the backups - not that big of a deal, unless you have another suggestion to get the old ones back and working. Also, FYI, although I had the problem described above after updating to 10.2, it still performed a backup last night as normal.
  3. PASTJohn

    10.2 Update Problem

    Tried using the suggested uninstall script and reinstalling 10.2 suggestion - did not work. Then tried the second suggestion (although I don't groom) - did not the work. Still having the same problem. Here's the reading from the console (which keeps repeating when I have the Retrospect app open) 7/11/13 10:37:39.724 AM Retrospect[26581]: [ENGINE] connected to '' (, 7/11/13 10:37:39.837 AM Retrospect[26581]: Server::updateBackupSetsCache exception: MacRequestor::Request: connection closed by remote endpoint 7/11/13 10:37:39.838 AM Retrospect[26581]: Server::updateSetsChangeCounter exception: MacRequestor::Request: connection already closed 7/11/13 10:37:39.837 AM com.apple.launchd[1]: (com.retrospect.retroengine[26677]) Exited with code: 255 7/11/13 10:37:39.839 AM Retrospect[26581]: Server::updateScriptsCache exception: MacRequestor::Request: connection already closed 7/11/13 10:37:39.839 AM Retrospect[26581]: Server::updateScriptsChangeCounter exception: MacRequestor::Request: connection already closed 7/11/13 10:37:45.711 AM Retrospect[26581]: connectViaQueue: exception "MacTCPconnection::Connect: connect() failed with error 61: Connection refused" connecting to
  4. I just updated to 10.2 from the previous 10.x version and now the localhost keeps (somewhat rapidly) connecting and disconnecting. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!