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    I am building a new system which will include paired hdd's for a RAID0 configuration. For backup I would like to add a third hdd drive which I would like to do on the fly backup of the striped drives; I will contain my data on one or two partitions. I am unclear if Retrospect Pro can do this or if it can only be scheduled for frequent backups. Also, does the amount of space needed for the backup equal the amount of space being backed up or is the info compressed? Is the information basically an image of the drives being backed up or are files individuallly backed up? Any advice would be appreciated. Basically, I am looking to do the equivalent of RAID0+1, recognizing that there is no mirrored drive to immediately substitute for a failed drive and that I would have to take a little time to rebuild a failed drive, should that happen. Also, I would like to know if this version could be used to backup the other computers on my home network. Thanks Ken K