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    Unknown Windows OS 305

    I have a similar problem as <master> above. I am running the "Duplicate" function from a Windows Server 2008 file server to a Windows 2012 Storage Server. I am on Retrospect 8.2.0(177) running on a dedicated Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit box with 32GB RAM. I am doing the "Duplicate" function to clone my file server in preparation to transition to the 2012 Storage Server. I am also trying to duplicate the file permissions between the servers to avoid the tedious process of checking each folder for permissions.
  2. I am having an issue with a registration dialog box popping up on one of my Retrospect 7.7 servers. This server is running version 7.7.208 (64-bit), with the version (64-bit) Driver update and Hot Fix. The registration screen blocks the actions of the scripts and causes problems with backups. Any workaround?
  3. akatsuyama

    Retrospect 7.5 Released

    Any mention of Windows Server 2003 R2, 64-bit support with the Retrospect 7.5 client?
  4. akatsuyama

    Retrospect 7.5 Released

    I am creating a new Retrospect 7.5 server on an new Dell 2950, w/1TB HDD, and 8GB memory. Can I run the Retrospect server under Windows 2003 R2 and 64-bit OS?
  5. I am running a Dell 2850 3.6GHz Xeon processor with 2GB RAM, Windows Server 2003 SP1 Standard Edition with 33 GB on my "C" drive and 425 GB on my "D" drive. When I first upgraded to 7.5 I ran in to all kinds of problems. My throughput going to a SATA drive dropped from 2-3000 MB/min down to 200 MB/min and my network performance dropped from 1200 to 40 using a 7.5 client on a 7.5 backup server that is duplicating Retrospect files over a Gigabit network. The SATA backup problem turned out to be a Windows Registry problem that occurred with large backup files: http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/kb/article.asp?aid=7950&n=6&s= entitled: "Backup program is unsuccessful when you back up a large system volume. For my Gigabit file transfer problem I reverted back to the 7.0112 client and got back up to 1200 MBytes/min. I haven't tried the latest 7.5 client yet.
  6. I work for a company that has to do Sarbanes-Oxley Reporting and we need to have a less cumbersome method of outputting the Retrospect Operations Log. The Backup Report comes out as a parsed .UTX file that can be imported into Excel or a flat file database easily, however the Operations Log is a mess that is huge and not easily parsed into something usable. I would like to see the Operations Log have a format similar to the Backup Report in found in version 7.0. I've owned the Windows version from version 5.0 and I've accumulated data on computers that are no longer on my backup clients list showing up on the Backup Report, as well as data from 2005 that should have been purged from my clients database. There should be a utility to clean up the database rather than as EMC Tech Support suggested, rebuild my client database from scratch.
  7. akatsuyama

    Backing up to multiple hard drives

    What you need to do is to "Duplicate" a volume versus doing a "Backup", which is creating a file. "Duplicate" keeps your individual items loose.
  8. I have a similar situation. I am using a 400GB SATA 7200RPM drive connected to a RocketRAID 1820A PCI-X card that gives me a 2.5GB/min data transfer rate. I have two SATA drives one of which I use to exchange with a remote restoration server and the other drive backs up my IDE RAID 5 server drives. I would use a two bay system (Granite Digital or WiebeTech) for your removable drives and have individual scripts point to your MWF and TThSat drives respectively. BTW, SATA data transfers are far faster than USB2 and Firewire 400/800 when using Retrospect.
  9. As far as I am aware, I set the preferences for "Send e-mail for failure and media requests" only. No other progam should be sending any e-mail notification.
  10. I've been testing Retrospect 7.0 and have a complaint about e-mail notifications on backup failures. I now get three notices for every failure, as opposed to one error message in version 6.5. Message 1: Script: John Doe Script Date: 10/13/2005 Can't access volume Users on John Doe’s PowerBook G4 17", error -530 (backup client not found) Message 2: Script: John Doe Script Date: 10/13/2005 Script "John Doe Script" incomplete Message 3: From Retrospect: Script "John Doe Script" failed during automatic execution, error -530 (backup client not found). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details.
  11. akatsuyama

    Slow backups - what's happening?

    Just curious, do you have anti-virus software running on your Retrospect server?
  12. I am currently using the Windows Multi Server 6.5 and I have a mix of Mac clients who are on Tiger (10.4.2) and Panther (10.3.9). Previously, it was my understanding that the 6.0.109 client should be used for the Panther clients and 6.0.110 should be used for Tiger only. With the release of the 7.1.107 Mac client the notice at the Dantz download site indicates that it is Mac OS 10.1 and higher, but doesn't mentiion backup server compatibility. Is this release compatible with Windows Multi Server 6.5 and 7.0?
  13. I am testing Retrospect 7.0 Multiserver. I am using a removable hard drive (SATA) to transport compressed backup files that contain the user's "Document and Settings" folder and are password protected, not encrypted. I am trying to create restore scripts that restore these files back into another Retrospect 7.0 server that will double as a Windows Terminal Server 2003. In manual mode, I am able to run a script that prompts me for a password to the backup file, but in the automated script mode there is no provision for storing the backup file's password for automatic execution. Am I missing something?
  14. akatsuyama

    Retrospect 7 for Windows Released

    Is the 7.0 Windows Client compatible with the 6.5 server and vice versa? We are testing the 7.0 server prior to cut over.
  15. Anyone out there using a utility program to compare restores with a User's folders to see that "everything" is copied over by Retrospect. I have an audit coming up and this is hot topic.