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  1. Removing RDU.rpx did not help me. Still no CD image. Thanks anyways
  2. Bronco

    7.5 Pro Not making cd image for restore disc

    The work around removing the RDU.rpx file did not work for me.
  3. Bronco

    7.5 Pro Not making cd image for restore disc

    It still does not work for me and apparently others. You asked for info which I gave you but never heard back Topic# 24776. Also, would you comment on the workaround for this problem by Post# 103420 int Topic# 24776. Anytime frame to fix this?
  4. I guess i'll have to wait longer before using any updates form Retro. Just like Microsoft. Now, does Retro people believe this, I do. and How long will it take for them to fix it. Or can they give us a workaround
  5. I upgraded from Win2000 to WinXP with a Microsoft CD that included SP2. Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254 (Service Pack 2) I have used the txtsetup.sif located on C:\winnt\i386 and also tried txtsetup.sif on the CD. They are both the same. 8/4/04 7:00AM It worked on a Disaster rec disc file=Restore Cdrv.iso done on 3/5/07. That was on my SET "C" I have used Retro since version 5. Installed Retro 7.5 on 6/30/06. I run the upgrades, drivers usually 2-4 weeks after they notify me that they are available. When I went to my SET "D" is when I first noticed the problem. I started my SET "D" on 10/7/07
  6. I just did a new set and got: + Executing Prepare for Disaster Recovery at 2/18/2008 2:01 PM From Backup Set Set E-R-v7_5, Snapshot Cdrv (C:) 2/17/2008 6:20 PM To CD-ROM image file Restore Cdrv(2-18-08).iso... File "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINNT\Application Data\Retrospect\RtrExec.dir\Exec\State\rtcdll.dll": cannot write, error -1132 (file creation error on destination volume) Can't continue execution, error -1101 (file/directory not found) Can't continue execution, error -1101 (file/directory not found) exd2Begin: Coundn't create custom txtsetup file: error -1101 (file/directory not found). 2/18/2008 2:07:45 PM: Execution incomplete
  7. I have the problem with 7.5.508 and Hot fix,drivers update
  8. I'm having the same problem as Davinci9. Same error messages. Is EMC doing anything about this???
  9. It sounds like a file permission problem on one of the computers
  10. I run W2k. Given Retro 5.6 runs and the CD is still in the drive. Opening up a new 'mycomputer' explorer, it goes fast until it gets to my drive G: which is the Plextor. Then it hangs there for a minute and then finishes. It appears that W2k can't figure out what G: is or its status and then times out and continues. If I eject the CD, 'mycomputer comes up fast' Is there anything that can be done to let W2k know to ignore this disc? Program, reg settings,????
  11. Retro v5.6 Retro is set up to run at 3am by retro schedule If another user other that administrator happens to leave the machine on while they are still logged on as 'User' (non-admin) at 3am Retro starts but is now running with limited permissions. I would like Retro to check who's logged on before it runs and if its NOT the Admin account then DO NOT run?
  12. If the machine (W2K) is left on the users log on instead of administrator then Retro cannot get to some of the files that should be backed up because the user does not have permissions. Is there a way for Retro to check if the Administrator is logged on and if not then don't run? I use the unattended schedule in Retro. The retrorun service is set for the ./Administrator but that does not help. Also, what is the Rthlpsve.exe service for? Thanks
  13. Yes they are mainly 1020 errors. But the point is WHY does Retro report these on files that I have listed as EXCLUDED? Retro should just skip these files and not waste its time or mine checking permissions. I then have to check these useless errors? Am I missing something here??
  14. Why does retro issue error messages about permissions or busy or sharing when I have excluded these files from being backed up? It seems such a waste of resources and time to even look at permissions, etc when I don't want them backed up. It also takes my time to review the errors in case there is a real problem. Is there any way around this?